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  • Its been a while, but I'm back. I'm stacked like a brick house. I hope you are doing well in SoCal.
    Hi Naomi. How are you? RyRy, ariez, and everybody else want me to play this "Call of Duties" game or whatever but I'm having a reeeeally tough time getting into it. I just can't find anything in the game to keep me interested! Could you please please PLEEEASE try and talk with someone at Activision about putting in a character that's as cool as KI LIK??? I think that would do the trick. I have money if that's an issue. Cheers!

    P.S. - I cut my hair. I feel dumb.
    Hey Naomi, it's Superman ;) miss yah, how's everything going? do you still have myspace or facebook? If so add me, keep in touch and ttyl.
    It was glad meet you in Evo. I'm sorry about My Misunderstanding in EVo. :)
    Have a nice day, and I hope meet you someday.
    We cut back until we're satisfied! The trip was definitely a burn out but Evo made it all worth while. Plus I came out ahead in the casinos. See you soon.
    I haven't been playing at all...been working like a slave to get a car. x_X
    But thanks! Sorry we couldn't get some games in on Evo,but I should be able to go to tournaments here in SoCal now. :)
    Hope to see ya around!
    great seeing you again at evo. It was great times hanging out and chillin. You and Link are very easy to talk to, thx ^^
    Hey... turns out that i wont be at evo... had some money issues happen... anyways... enjoy the time. see yas
    Squeezing between 4 large dudes to avoid paying a $12.00 parking fee sounds like a great idea to me. good games, I didn't expect to be taken out that early but since it was by an awesome girl gamer I guess I don't mind. (just be ready for next year! :P)
    Hi :)

    Yes i'll be there, i'll arrive in NYC the 12th July and i'll go Evo and Nats. So i can visit NYC, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Denver, play and meet a lot of persons. If you go in one of these places, so we can play some matches !

    See ya !
    LOL ok... No problem with that... lol just dont get mad at me when i am drinking the real stuff...LOL
    Hey Naomi. It is a go. I will be at Evo so the drinks i owe you are set when you let me know what you like to
    yeah, it's all good. i see you have ultimate faith with X and you've gotten better. that's good. there are times when I think of playing her and sometimes I even get inspired by watching others do well with her. I don't know we will see.
    how are things with you? are you still playing?
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