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  • hey, i read your message on kura's profile.
    unfortunatly, kura had to go to the army since 12th Nov. and will be gone for about one and a half year. so he won't be able to make it.
    That wasn't me SU honestly i haven't even played SC in a few days there's a few players who use WP1B online but i'm not living XXLegend. I haven't played the game since tuesday.
    aye, i see you pre registrred for NECX, how you going? i REFUSE to miss this 1 besides if i have money issues, im tryna secure a spot now, lemme know wassup please, ( pre reged to blazblue? huh? lol u gon start playin it now ) but ya, please get at me on this. o and watup wit t6 and blazblue teamz, wanna team up?
    Wish we could've played against eachother a bit more at Nats ~ but was totally cool meeting ya, who knows, maybe there'll be a next time =)
    Heh yea but that bracket helped u out, it helped u prove without a doubt u a beast lol, Thugish >< ur poison it seems tho, o well keep training 4 amy lol, and wasup with u and blazblue? not gon pick it up, o i got 2nd in my 1st blaz tourney last sunday too, and y the unsurenesd bout jaxels,im sure u wouldn't mind tryna make a bit of extra cash tilk u get ya job
    Hey Omar !!
    Everything was okay for me, I'm in france and it feels good to be at home ! Thank you again for having picked me up to the airport, otherwise it would have been so difficult for me with my baggages so heaaavyy :)
    Glad to have talked to you for a long time before i left !! ;)

    See you !
    Soooo wat type of asshole am I waiting this long to give u props lol, GOOD SHIT SON!!!! XD , u still gon be @ dem jaxel monthlies? GOOD SHIT once again , u put that work in, now that u got money GET A PS3 !! lol
    Something Unique you had some of the toughest matches at Nationals. Good job man. I HATE AMY and HILDE!!! Jesse
    Coil is great. People didn't like it at first (and most still dont like it) but over the course of last 6 months I found that this stance has SO MANY possibilities that it is not even funny (CS/SS, all lows, basically you can do every move direct from coil) but from what I seen, no one uses the potential it actually offers... I guess its "overwhelming" ;p btw im gonna reply to your messages when I get some free time. It takes ages for me to write so much in english, sorry lol
    Sorry for writing here, but I didnt want to continue offtopic in Evo thread: I don't see Ivy in top 5. She was the best in the game in 1.02 but now, she's below top imo. The more you know about Ivy, the more obvious it becomes. She has a lot of disadvantages. I agree with her SG damage though. It's very good, but her godly step is just a myth. It is extremely good but only in one stance (Coil) while in Whip she has one of the worst sidestep/backstep in the game and in Sword it's only average... you can't play Ivy in Coil only :P
    Amy is quite steppable. General rule is her distance moves are weak to

    8wr right and her close range moves are weak to 8wr left.6BB - 8wr left or 1p 7_8_93B - 8wr right or 1p 7_8_9 (3B barely tracks 8WR left, though, and the follow up low tracks both directions)
    8WRA+B - 8wr right or 1p 1_2_366A - 8wr right or 1p 1_2_333B - 8wr left or 1p 7_8_9

    not sure wat u can do with this besides put it in your memory for now but it could help eh
    Oh yea since this was ya last 1, GGs N all that, it was fun chilling wit ya and whatnot, good luck with ya school and @ nats XD, Maybe we'll meet up again somewhere , like tekken Nats or FR , lol 1 of these places im sure
    Hmm i can see what you mean, that kilik played hells wild but was still puttin in work, u play much safer so alot of hits that the kilik was hit by my not've hit u, plus seems he cant see 2A that well
    yo, yous a me lolz. just in two different ways my nig. thanks for coming to our tournament. it was fun as fuck. we most def have to kick it again. by the way...FUCK HILDE!!! LMFAO!!! yha kilik is on point son. it's too good. but you helped me lv up. and i thank you for that. til next time..."thug hug" lolz
    wassup man,i used to play you in ranked match,you got one of the top kilik's out here what happend to you?
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