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  • Hi Tiamat, i would like to face your knightmare sometime soon if thats ok with you. Im on holiday at the mom but ill be back by friday. what time are you normally online? I live in manchester england by the way.
    yeah good games. funny thing is I lost a match with Raph to Yoda yesterday too lol. I wanna try maxi vs Yoda XD
    GGs !!!
    Your NM is still God Tier >_<

    Didn't get to see you use ur Algol... thought i could've learned a few... =\
    Sorry about Yoda if he was annoying xD
    I only have mod powers in the Algol and Nightmare Soul Arenas so I cannot delete the topic. Just post in the topic asking for it to be closed and a mod will see it soon I'm sure.
    Hello Tiamat. Can you help me by deleting a thread which i wanted to make a poll?
    I failed to do so the first time and made a second that worked.
    It's about the while landing moves and in the offline section. Thanks in advance.
    hi tiamat i am tha nightmare master on tha ps3 i think u play xbox is ur fight all offline cause my fight fights are all online atm when i get a stick for my xbox im comi to look for u so i can be #1 on xbox 2
    Tiamat I would like to thank you for your metric ton of Zappa combos on Dustloop but because you never go there I will thank you here.
    yo, I hate the 10 character limit on this site, but now it's on CF as well lol
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