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  • gg's yesterday. I thought i recongnized your name. didnt mena to leave all of a sudden like that. had to go back to work. thanx for kicking my ass.....lol
    I wouldn't consider banning the cupcakes, but that icing is obviously broken =)
    From what I'm told there is a lot of rly fun things to do right there ! Restaurants and all that, and the beach woo
    u crazy bitch i aint say nothin bitch

    you have to come to my new place sometime lady... it's gonna be funnnnnnn
    yo, at least one of you WC hotties needs to move to the EC. WC can't keep hoarding you all! You and Naomi should draw straws, I'll come pick up the winner <3 (bring a coat Itss cooollldd out here)
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