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  • lol thats funny... wull i got ahold of the dude im playn.. finally!! ill b gettn it done later 2day
    oh really... lol thats bad ass... the guy im playing still hasnt contacted me bak... wut do u think i should do??
    oh no way... who'd u play... i sent my guy a message but he hasnt contacted me bak... hopefully he gets bak 2 me soon
    yea i signed up like 2 weeks ago but i havent played for like 2 weeks lol... i need some practice 4 sure... i feel rusty
    haha yea srry 4 leaving. u played mitsu correct? yea i had jus left ranked and i didnt want to fite ANY mitsus or kiliks at the moment . but yea hit me up, id gladly take u on now.
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