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  • Aight that's what's up, I'll do that. Yea me too, I'll start with the lag abuse moves when I realize my opponent does it for the wins and not for the lulz. I was dumb enough to fall the different account gimmick for my FT10 loss against him. Sharpskill, Iv y-lickings, Teflon, and Lovely31 are the four I know about so far. Well I'll see ya when I see ya.
    Yea get use to that man, he did it to me for 3 months straight (first in rank, then the Invites that Greekmami tried to hit him up with) till Kittencutie invited him to a room and he didn't know I was in there. When he finally won 2 matches that's when he asked for our FT10 and I won it 10-5. He's gonna keep dodging you, (and send me a private message after he sees this comment) so all I can tell you is join some random person's room and hope that he stays long enough in the room. Even if he does that, he's prolly not gonna pick Iv y as an attempt to sandbag lol. But then he can't dodge your FT10 and make excuses for why he hasn't joined in.

    I only have the game right now and not my own ps3 yet so my times are completly random. I'll send you a friend invite when I got the chance to play online again, I've wanted to see ya Mitsu for awhile.
    Good shit coming from you Xephukai. Me being another one of the few better players that came from online because it's the only chance I get to play the best I respect what you trying to achieve. When I fully get back on the scene be ready for our FT10's aight, cause you one of the few I've had the opportunity to play. Peace.

    I'd like to play u wud our connection be ok if i live in UK? If ure from the US then nvm ill get a 3
    I'm glad i kicked ya ass in that FT10 you will always be a little scrub to me you think since you strong arm a couple of these weak 8way players you got some clout. lol My baby good wit me and she always will. you got a problem come at me so i can kick ya ass again you know what it's hitting for already. lol
    lol i kno... im getting my internet connected on friday but im at my dads 2day so they got internet here... ive been playing offline tho
    I could use some real Mitsu practice (because all the common mitsus I usually fought, were lame).
    I think I've ran into you a couple times and seen how you move.
    However, you most likely destroyed my Yoshi. lol.
    Shall we play? PSN is ArcadiaZero.


    :sc1yos1:P.S. Beware of Pocky Yoshimitsu.:sc1yos1:
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