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  • Why do you keep ignoring me when you go in the fucking chat room? I'M GETING FUCKING TIRED OF IT!
    i'd love to play your Yoda!

    can you add me PSN: RTD_ATL

    see ya!
    hi, i want another yoda vs hilde match:) We will play soon my internet is broke right now. I didnt know you where a memeber here i just randomly seen your name just now :) Nice aprentice and yoda btw.
    i think with co-leader privlages you can accept, reject, or make team challenges. feel free to make or accept what you want. Im available to play anytime after 6:00pm california time on anyday. so when making those. keep that in mind. You will be the first person I would hit up to play on a team match. if being co-leader doesnt give you those privledges then let me know and ill make you a regular leader!!

    also, i dont accept any challenges that have bans of ANY kind in them. i wouldnt bring up yoda at all unless someone asks
    lulz. Your Yoda is pretty impressive, certainly way better than mine. I kept falling for for your A+B, B+K frame trap thing.
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