1. Wyde

    Geralt's Combo Spellbook 2nd Edition (Pastebin+Dropbox links)

    As of version 2.0.0 of this game, Geralt's has new Lethal Hit conditions for the following moves: :6::(6)::B::B: - Triggers after hitting an opponent with 3 signs :1::B: - Triggers after hitting an opponent with 4 signs :3::B: - Triggers after hitting an opponent with 5 signs Because of this...
  2. Corbeau

    Geralt Beginner's Guide

    For some time I've wished for a guide that offered basic game plans for each character with a short set of moves to focus on learning. The written guide for SC5 actually did a good job of this, making it much easier to start playing new characters, but I've not found any similar resource for...

    Let´s be real.. Reversal Edge SUCKS

    If anyone did NOT notice that until now, then just watch these 2 gameplay videos: Only one RE at the beginning, the rest without: Compared to CONSTANT RE usage: This feature is for beginners, like Namco already mentioned. BUT it takes SO much more away... The beauty and fluidity of the...
  4. FenrisZero

    Face Me, If You Dare! Geralt Match-Ups

    _____________________________________ Grøh: _____________________________________ Ivy: _____________________________________ Kilik: _____________________________________ Mitsurugi: _____________________________________ Nightmare: _____________________________________ Sophitia...
  5. FenrisZero

    The Puffins Theater; Geralt Video Directory

    Post all your Geralt videos here, whether they be Combo videos or just fun fan made videos. Without further ado; New E3 Gamelplay
  6. FenrisZero

    You Must've Had A Death Wish; Geralt Punishment

    Place holder until we get the final build's frame data.
  7. FenrisZero

    Geralt General Discussion / Tricks of the Trade

    So what makes a Witcher? Discuss below!
  8. FenrisZero

    Lilac & Gooseberries; Geralt Combos

    Natural Combos AA - 24 BB - 28 6BB - 34 6B(B) > 66BB - 67 1AB - 67 CE - 93 3B > 6AB - 51 6BB - 50 6B+K - 50 if Opp. is in SC 44BB - 84 6B(B) - 61 CE - 88 4(B) > 66BB > 66BB - 67 1AA - 68 B+K BT B+KB - 76 4KK - 30 66AA - 30 66AK - 35 66BB - 44 33B > 66BB - 42 6B(B) 66BB...