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This is pretty much all speculation from watching footage but here are more poorly arranged notes

66A? - has igni extension
66BB? - NC, definitely has some tracking built in
3K/6K? - Has a hold version, seems like a decent poke
44A? - Horizontal high with throat slit AT, seems to do a ton of damage on CH
Normals have a lot of range
A+B seems hella fast
This character has raaaaange
4A? -TJ horizontal mid with range and an aGI lol
66A igni clearly has a combo afterwards, he can spend 1/4 of a bar to buff Igni
Low sweep that looks similar to raph 11K
1A? into Aard - not NC, Aard + on block? This low doesn't look reactable
22BB? Has a huge stun on hit, looks like you might able to combo it into 3B
Has a unique throw from soul charge
Yrden is an auto GI, slows time on your opponent if it parries giving a free combo
Gets AAAA from soul charge


[05] Battler
I agree on the range , his 2a, 2b, 3b, and aa are going to be good poke options.

Damage seems good.

Speed looks mediocre.

Curious to see what kind of punish game he has.
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If 6B?, litttle pommel tap, into Ingi is a punish I think his punish game will be fine.

But on that note; Is Igni punishable on hit? If so, how bad will it be on block? I think we will be using Igni in combos with Quen and Aard being our stance mixup.

Have we seen and of his Lethal Hits?

Also I just want to point out his 3B has range, TCs, and moves him forward making combos easier to land when he hits with it.