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  1. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    [CrazyYoshimitsu] 11:38 am: I have a fucking gamer as my gf.
    [Demarcus] 11:39 am: Krit
    [Demarcus] 11:39 am: it's fireroses
    [CrazyYoshimitsu] 11:39 am: nah fireroses you noob.
    [CrazyYoshimitsu] 11:40 am: I like girl.
  2. Impending_Doom66

    Impending_Doom66 [09] Warrior

    Overnight Flashchat is bad

    [-Manta-] 6:13 am: i wanna talk about something offensive
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:13 am: dumb >_>
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:13 am: gays should be killed manta
    [-Manta-] 6:13 am: how about talking about....
    [-Manta-] 6:13 am: GAWD
    [-Manta-] 6:13 am: same topic ~
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:13 am: GAWD!?!?!?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:13 am: I love GAWD
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:13 am: So what do we do about bisexuals?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:14 am: Do we cut their legs off?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:14 am: but not really
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:14 am: drizz
    [-Manta-] 6:14 am: I instead warship the Flying Spaghetti Monster
    [-Manta-] 6:14 am: you can't disprove his existence
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:14 am: I meant this dumbass girl on home looking for a GF
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:14 am: Manta OMG yes
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:14 am: BEST SITE EVER
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:14 am: ...wut?
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:14 am: I can't preorder SF
    [-Manta-] 6:14 am: so he is the one true creator of the universe... his noodle book is the true way of pastafarians.. . praise be to he. . . rAmen . ..
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:15 am: fucking site won't take my card and I can't workout why
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:15 am: As in...a real GF?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:15 am: Damn, that'
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:15 am: did you click my link manta
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:15 am: yes drizz
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:15 am: is weird.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:15 am: real women?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:15 am: I messed with her too
    [-Manta-] 6:15 am: i've become somewhat an angry atheist atm
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:15 am: and she was like I have pictures to prove I'm a girl
    [-Manta-] 6:15 am: i dont think i clicked the link ; can ya send again?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:15 am: Manta are you a premium member
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:15 am: Don't tell me she gave you them...
    [-Manta-] 6:16 am: i'm a mod on the V forums, I doubt that gives premium benefits
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:16 am: no drizz I asked her did she think I was really a girl and then laughed at her
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:16 am: we should create an atheist club
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:16 am: Idiot.
    [-Manta-] 6:16 am: bwahaha
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:16 am: You're supposed to get the pics first...
    [-Manta-] 6:16 am: well, Christianity is dying, Islam is growing . . . at an alarming rate
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:17 am: Then you fuck with her mind some more.
    [-Manta-] 6:17 am: but so is atheism ; agnostics ;
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:17 am: she was so but hurt that she ran around saying I'm not really a gir;
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:17 am: Lol.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:17 am: did she have short cropped hair and dungarees?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:17 am: Islam isn't growng that uch
    [-Manta-] 6:17 am: im apparently gonna meet naomi, tag and all the rest of the socal folks soon
    [-Manta-] 6:17 am: Islam actually is spreading like a wildfire in Europe
    [-Manta-] 6:18 am: instilling sharia law in many countries there, including UK ; because their countries still have religions making decisions there
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:18 am: well christianity is spreading like a plague in Asia
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:18 am: damn Koreans
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:18 am: we have a muslim in the family
    [-Manta-] 6:18 am: we have seperation of church and state, yet they still get peeved at a sign put up in washington ; and "under god" on money, oaths and such
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:18 am: Jews are almost gone with all these missionaries and what not
    [-Manta-] 6:18 am: All religions die in urbanized, technologically progressive areas of the world.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:19 am: my sister recently discovered half-sister is one
    [-Manta-] 6:19 am: hence, California, Washington state, New York and DC not being so religious... heh
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:19 am: I had a muslim friend in high school
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:19 am: wife's recently discovered half-sister, i mean
    [-Manta-] 6:19 am: it's all about how your parents were raised
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:19 am: she said alot of what western people said was BS
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:19 am: that made no sense
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:19 am: Manta my mom has been trying to convert me my entire life
    [-Manta-] 6:20 am: i won't tell ya to believe in something else, it's up to you ; but once ya do something dumb in that religion's name, ima be pissed ~
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:20 am: So has mine.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:20 am: when judgement day comes ur gonna burn in hell-lawl
    [-Manta-] 6:20 am: there's propaganda in all world governments, never listen to the news and take it as fact
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:20 am: to christianity?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:20 am: She forced me to go to church when I was a kid, and to read the Bible.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:20 am: *judgment
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:20 am: Yeah.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:20 am: I would always fall asleep in church.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:20 am: my mom bribed me to go to church and a youth group
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:21 am: isn't that ironic
    [-Manta-] 6:21 am: the bible is nothing more than scripture. .. it has the same amount of proof as any other religious document = none ~
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:21 am: catholicism sucks. it's so fucking down on everything
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:21 am: My cousin is Catholic.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:21 am: you know what is funny
    [-Manta-] 6:21 am: nothing supernatural can be proven, and it's 'needed' for Christianity to thrive
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:21 am: if you read the bible
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:21 am: Jesus damns a tree for not having fruit or something
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:21 am: I don't remember exactly
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:22 am: the bible is comedy
    [-Manta-] 6:22 am: Noah's Ark, parting of red seas, burning bushes, living in a whale for 3 days (lol) selective (genocidal) plagues, virgin births, and of course zombie jesus
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:22 am: my mom watches this retarded show called manfest that tries to prove the bible
    [-Manta-] 6:22 am: but ya gotta have faith!!
    [Dullyanna] 6:22 am: Yeah, he condemns a fig tree
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:22 am: lol
    [-Manta-] 6:22 am: faith = belief in something without reason or evidence
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:22 am: uh? virgin births happen around our way
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:22 am: Lol, it sure is, Broken.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:22 am: oh guys you should go to the creation museum
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:22 am: There's one line that still makes me lol every time.
    [-Manta-] 6:23 am: then god's morals reak of dumbassery through his promotion of murder, slavery, genocide, racism and bigotry --
    [8WayRun.Com]: Krit has entered at 6:23 am
    [-Manta-] 6:23 am: uh oh
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:23 am: KRIT
    [Dullyanna] 6:23 am: Oh my god
    [-Manta-] 6:23 am: morning krit
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:23 am: OMGAWD
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:23 am: "Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll." - Zechariah 5:1
    [-Manta-] 6:23 am: you came here during a touchy subject
    [Krit] 6:23 am: What? o.O
    [Dullyanna] 6:23 am: One of them is so
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:23 am: OMG HI FLEX!
    [Dullyanna] 6:23 am: FUCKING
    [-Manta-] 6:23 am: i'm god bashing atm ~
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:23 am: lol really drizz?>
    [Dullyanna] 6:23 am: STUPID
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:23 am: y'know we often have ideas of you lot being extremely god-fearing people
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:23 am: I <3 that verse.
    [Krit] 6:24 am: o.o Morning Manta
    [Dullyanna] 6:24 am: ID
    [-Manta-] 6:24 am: it's the whole thing of being threatened to burn in hell for all eternity for finite crimes
    [Dullyanna] 6:24 am: Tell me your thoughts on this
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:24 am: broken most americans claim to believe in god
    [Dullyanna] 6:24 am: "Also, i don't really see why 1A:A:A is so good. its range is short, and the starting animation is very distinctive. admittedly, i'd never faught against a Set that uses 1A:A:A. but can't you just jump over the first A with 8A_B_K and knock Set out of it?"
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:24 am: claim
    [-Manta-] 6:24 am: as a reason to believe ;
    [Krit] 6:24 am: *goes silent*
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:24 am: europeans seem to be largely atheist
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:24 am: LOL DULLY
    [-Manta-] 6:24 am:
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    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:24 am: eyes krit
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:24 am: waits for Krit to say hi.
    [-Manta-] 6:24 am:
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    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:25 am: sup witch00?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:25 am: >_>
    [Dullyanna] 6:25 am: It's the same fuckwith who said that crap about the two CH 6AAAs being equal to Silver moon
    [Krit] 6:25 am: Hi Drizz. >.>
    [Dullyanna] 6:25 am: *fuckwit
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:25 am: krit is an angry hoe
    [-Manta-] 6:25 am:
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    [Dullyanna] 6:25 am: I'm an angry ho right now
    [Krit] 6:25 am: ID, I learned from the best. <3
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:25 am: >_<
    [-Manta-] 6:25 am:
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    [Impending_Doom66] 6:25 am: 3333333
    [Krit] 6:25 am: You're a wonderful role model.
    [Dullyanna] 6:25 am: I'm ready to go stab a moron
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:25 am: the church going population are far less
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:25 am: oh manta
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:25 am: I just love that the most
    [Dullyanna] 6:25 am: Good thing there aren't any in my vicinity
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:26 am: my mum believes in god, but she does fuck-all about it
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:26 am: how as a atheist I automatically have 0 morals
    [-Manta-] 6:26 am: Religion simply has no place in moden societies. .. I don't take away from the charity giving those organizations do... . but name ONE thing religion can do that a secular society can't?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:26 am: murder people
    [-Manta-] 6:26 am: oh snap!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:26 am: for stupid reasons
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:26 am: ..in the name of tha LAWD!
    [-Manta-] 6:26 am: and there comes my favorite quote :
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:27 am: she's a witch!!
    [Dullyanna] 6:27 am: Hay
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:27 am: Waste water by sprinkling ir on people's heads and calling it "holy water"...
    [-Manta-] 6:27 am: "Good people do good things, and bad people do bad things... but for good people to do bad things, 'that' takes religion"
    [Dullyanna] 6:27 am: You saw how stupid that poster is, ID
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:27 am: *it
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:27 am: lol yes dully
    [Dullyanna] 6:27 am: If he was removed, it wouldn't be any great loss
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:27 am: heh
    [-Manta-] 6:27 am: burn her, she's made of wood!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:27 am: brb
    [Krit] 6:27 am: goes quiet.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:27 am: that's always pissed me off about christian gamers threads in forums
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:27 am: manta I was about to look for that clip
    [-Manta-] 6:28 am: it's either by Dawkins, or Hitchens ; they both recite it at debates and the like
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:28 am: they want to hook up with other christians, fair enough..........but to the exclusion of others?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:28 am: I remember a thread on GFAQs where the TC was afraid to buy Disgaea for his son...
    [-Manta-] 6:28 am: Sorry if it's offensive Krit, i still haven't even told my family of my beliefs yet
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:28 am: Because it had "demons"...
    [Krit] 6:28 am: I'm fine.
    [-Manta-] 6:28 am: Still have nightmares about it even --
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:28 am: that is why rekano pissed me off by closing my spaghetti monster thread
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:28 am: a christian comes and whines and BAM
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:28 am: I'm better than they are, anyways........I don't need the threat of an almighty good peering over my shoulder to fucking behave myself
    [-Manta-] 6:28 am: especially since mine are pretty devout and such ;
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:28 am: Closed
    [Krit] 6:28 am: I believe in God and all, but.. Yknow, I'm not.. Religious, I guess.
    [Krit] 6:29 am: Well.. I'm not devout.
    [Krit] 6:29 am: So...
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:29 am: Krit
    [Krit] 6:29 am: To each their own. ;>
    [-Manta-] 6:29 am: heh yah ; you've got a good head on your shoulders, so that's the most important part ;
    [Dullyanna] 6:29 am: I am so very pissed today
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:29 am: Atheo chat is awesome.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:29 am: GAWD HAS NOT SAVED UR SOUL
    [Dullyanna] 6:29 am: And it's only going to go downhill from here
  3. Impending_Doom66

    Impending_Doom66 [09] Warrior

    So very bad

    [-Manta-] 6:29 am: those who believe in their scripture word for word (and then cherry-pick / interpret how they like) give me issues...
    [Krit] 6:29 am: To put it simply, ID. No, I'm not going to hell.
    [Krit] 6:29 am: <:
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:29 am: I know
    [Dullyanna] 6:29 am: There's a hell?
    [Krit] 6:30 am: Yeah seriously.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:30 am: Yes.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:30 am: imaginary places are hard to visit
    [Dullyanna] 6:30 am: Hell if I know
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:30 am: It's called Oakland...
    [Dullyanna] 6:30 am: lolololsorry
    [Dullyanna] 6:30 am: Nah
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:30 am: Or Canada, perhaps.
    [Dullyanna] 6:30 am: Move to Ohio
    [Krit] 6:30 am: I hate being bombarded with it. :<
    [-Manta-] 6:30 am: there's just as much evidence for hell as hades' underworld; none
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:30 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:30 am: The Divine comedy is awesome
    [Krit] 6:30 am: I could also say the same thing about like.. evolution.
    [-Manta-] 6:30 am: just sparking a bit of critical thinking here, even if so early in the day = )
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:30 am: My mother's from Ohio...
    [Dullyanna] 6:30 am: We have morons, crappy weather, and one of the worst economies in the country
    [Krit] 6:30 am: lol
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:30 am: I've wiki'd it. nothing more
    [Dullyanna] 6:31 am: That's true, Krit
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:31 am: curiousity
    [-Manta-] 6:31 am: evolution has mountains of evidence and is a source for all moder-day biology, medicine and research
    [Dullyanna] 6:31 am: but there's stuff to suggest evolution
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:31 am: hey gais you no teh world iz ony 2000 yars old
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:31 am: sorry, krit
    [Krit] 6:31 am: Not anything concrete though, right?
    [Dullyanna] 6:31 am: Besides the writings of long dead fuckers
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:31 am: moths and pollution
    [-Manta-] 6:31 am: this is why noble prize winners, scientists, higher educated people and intellectuals are MUCH more likely to become atheist or agnostic instead of religious
    [Dullyanna] 6:31 am: That depends on what you call concrete
    [-Manta-] 6:31 am: so here's the thing
    [Krit] 6:31 am: Christian or not.. I refuse to believe I evolved from a monkey.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:31 am: hey manta as an atheist do you say the pledge
    [-Manta-] 6:32 am: never in any circumstance should :
    [-Manta-] 6:32 am: "I can't explain it"
    [-Manta-] 6:32 am: equal "God did it"
    [Dullyanna] 6:32 am: Krit
    [Dullyanna] 6:32 am:
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    [Impending_Doom66] 6:32 am: lol
    [-Manta-] 6:32 am: evolution is like a puzzle ; we've got many, many pieces that all paint the same picture ; many are missing
    [Dullyanna] 6:32 am: That isn't an insult
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:32 am: natural selection exists. Whether it's the sole driving force behind evolution hasn't been proved
    [Krit] 6:32 am: Lieeeessss. XD
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:32 am: that is why ur a hoe
    [8WayRun.Com]: Wolfkrone has entered at 6:32 am
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:32 am: http://www.millerandlevine.com/km/evol/Moths/moths.html
    [-Manta-] 6:32 am: but just because we can't fill those pieces yet, doesn't mean "god did it"
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:32 am: it's likely it is, though
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:32 am: OMG PORKLOAF
    [-Manta-] 6:33 am: same with the universe, big bang etc; we have the most brilliant minds on the planet in agreement of this
    [-Manta-] 6:33 am: science always demands proof ; if the proof offers a change to the evidence ; science will chance as well
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:33 am: because I love you all so much
    [-Manta-] 6:33 am: at the moment, there's no proof of any of the deities having more non-subjective, world manifested evidence over the other
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:33 am:
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:33 am: krit is monkey kin!
    [-Manta-] 6:34 am: You would need to disprove Allah, or Krishnu or Zues to say there is definitely a creator, first
    [Dullyanna] 6:34 am: Manta
    [-Manta-] 6:34 am: I don't know if there's a god - - but before saying there 'is' one - i'd like something to base it on than a man-made book
    [Dullyanna] 6:34 am: Science is full of crap, and utterly corrupt
    [Dullyanna] 6:34 am: DINO said so, so it must be true
    [8WayRun.Com]: Wolfkrone has left at 6:34 am
    [8WayRun.Com]: Wolfkrone has entered at 6:34 am
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:34 am: lol dully
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:34 am: Yay.
    [-Manta-] 6:34 am: crap, that's true
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:34 am: I nearly married a seventh-day adventist a long time ago
    [-Manta-] 6:34 am: Dino said it eh?
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: Dinosaurs existed with humans rofl rofl
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:35 am: I'm glad I didn't
    [Dullyanna] 6:35 am: Have you heard his conspiracy theories?
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: that explains everything
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: it's a CONSPIRACY!
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:35 am: manta, have you not seen the flintstones, FFS?
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:35 am: get a fucking edu-ma-cashun, son
    [Dullyanna] 6:35 am: Jews run our gov't with lizardmen
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: it was a documantery?
    [Wolfkrone] 6:35 am: impending doom whats up
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: god dangit.. damn you fred flintstone!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:35 am: here guys for the lulz
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:35 am: http://www.creationmuseum.org/
    [-Manta-] 6:35 am: Raptor Jesus!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:36 am: nothing wolfkrone
    [8WayRun.Com]: Loli_Drizzle has left at 6:36 am
    [Dullyanna] 6:36 am: And aliens are being held at bay because we've got our nukes pointed at them
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:36 am: raptor jesus rocks
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:36 am: you came to flashchat at the best time
    [8WayRun.Com]: Loli_Drizzle has entered at 6:36 am
    [-Manta-] 6:36 am: what gets me most
    [Dullyanna] 6:36 am: Also, the economy isn't failing
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:36 am: when all the night people act like idiots
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:36 am: krit's not talking to us......
    [Dullyanna] 6:36 am: That's just the media lying to us
    [-Manta-] 6:36 am: is the child-indoctrination ; baptism of kids before they even have a mind to develope
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:36 am: .....we're heathen scum :(
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:36 am: yeah manta
    [-Manta-] 6:37 am: so this brainwashing is hardwired into their beliefs without even given options or choices to decide
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:37 am: and all the parents that bitch about their kids getting brainwashed by the public education system
    [-Manta-] 6:37 am: check out "jesus camp" if ya haven't already - it's sickening
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:37 am: that is the worst BS
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:37 am: my mom sent me to bible camp when I was little
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:38 am: well, that's not very godly. the dinosaur den is not handicapped accessible.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:38 am: As did mine...
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:38 am: lol broken
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:38 am: Like every year.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:38 am: we're all god's children!
    [-Manta-] 6:38 am: we're in a country where you're free to believe what ya want. . .but once it effects our laws / rights / standards of living (prop 8 for example) people will speak out
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:38 am: cripples need educating on the miracles of creationism too!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:39 am: hey manta you want bad religion in government
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:39 am: in GA sunday alcohol sales are banned
    [-Manta-] 6:39 am: dang
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:39 am: yet you can still buy it in a bar
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:39 am: and when say our idiot governor argues for it
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:39 am: they say it reduces traffic accidents
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:40 am: FUCKING DUH
    [-Manta-] 6:40 am: rofl
    [Krit] 6:40 am: Bad Religion is an awesome band.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:40 am: Wait wha-?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:40 am: they have no legit reason for sunday
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:40 am: Lol
    [-Manta-] 6:40 am: eh, least you don't have the Governator in control...
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:40 am: it is just idiocy
    [-Manta-] 6:40 am: he's not doing bad, but our debt is insanely high
    [-Manta-] 6:40 am: hehe
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:40 am: I would rather live in debt than a theocracy
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:41 am: saturday is the sabbath anyways
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:41 am: god overnight flashchat is so awesome
    [8WayRun.Com]: HervE has entered at 6:41 am
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:41 am: stopping people drinking on a sat in england would cause an uprising
    [-Manta-] 6:41 am: fundamentalists and extremists are all i have real quams with... i am in fact 1 in 10 people who don't share beliefs with the rest of the world ;
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:41 am: we always talk about good stuff
    [-Manta-] 6:41 am: so being a minority, it's damn hard ~
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:41 am: Manta we share beliefs so far
    [-Manta-] 6:41 am: indeed
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:42 am: yah, evangelism sucks
    [Wolfkrone] 6:42 am: LOl impending doom u have 2 see this lmao
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:42 am: that's why I never married into that shit
    [Wolfkrone] 6:42 am:
    [HervE] 6:42 am: by beliefs, do you mean religion?
    [-Manta-] 6:42 am: it seems the internet / technologically versed have access to research and information, and generally are more intelligent thinkers ;
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:42 am: they'd have broken me down at some point
    [Krit] 6:42 am: <3 not having to go to revival this year.
    [Krit] 6:42 am: Fills me with raaaage.
    [-Manta-] 6:42 am: so agreed =)
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:42 am: revival?
    [-Manta-] 6:42 am: indeed
    [Krit] 6:42 am: Granted, yknow.. I only go to church because if I didn't I wouldn't have a job.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:43 am: oh god wolfkrone
    [-Manta-] 6:43 am: i'm venting my frustration against religion right now ..
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:43 am: this is like the 700 club
    [Krit] 6:43 am: Thankful I'm in school.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:43 am: pat robinson is a lunatic
    [Krit] 6:43 am: I get away with not going.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:43 am: i'd love to have faith, I would
    [Dullyanna] 6:43 am: I wouldn't
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:43 am: have you guys seen the 700 club
    [-Manta-] 6:43 am: it's alright Krit ~ I can't take away anyone's beliefs, it's not my place... but I will get people thinking and asking more tough questions
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:43 am: It'd be nice to think of some meaning to it all. The level-headed part of me doesn't buy it, though
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:43 am: that show makes me so fucking sick
    [Krit] 6:43 am: Lies, English. If you'd love to have it, you'd have it already. :P
    [-Manta-] 6:44 am: for asking these questions in all religions means blasphemy, yet another unforgivable sin
    [-Manta-] 6:44 am: God punishes you for using your brain
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:44 am: faith is believing something with no prove
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:44 am: s'not lies, Krit
    [Krit] 6:44 am: I'm not mad. Reason why I go silent is because I'm at work.
    [HervE] 6:44 am: the word faith is always associated with religion, but you can have faith without being religious
    [-Manta-] 6:44 am: yup
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:44 am: I can't believe because I'd like to believe
    [-Manta-] 6:44 am: faith is reason to believe in something without proof or evidence
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:44 am: like me believing I can fly and jumping off the Empire State building
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:44 am: it'd be nice to have sense of it all
    [-Manta-] 6:44 am: i'll believe when I have something to base it on
    [HervE] 6:45 am: id, that's stupidity
    [Wolfkrone] 6:45 am: lol SOULCALIBUR IS MY RELIGION (just joking)
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:45 am: lol hever
    [-Manta-] 6:45 am: other than a horrendously flawed man-made scripture we call the bible
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:45 am: *herve
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:45 am: we should start a SC4 cult
    [Wolfkrone] 6:45 am: soul calibur is my religion
    [-Manta-] 6:45 am: dude
    [-Manta-] 6:45 am: let's do it
    [Wolfkrone] 6:45 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:45 am: and see how out of hand it gets
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:45 am: it is like that experiment
    [HervE] 6:46 am: if soul calibur is a religion, who is the center of it all?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:46 am: that some school did with the "WAVE"
    [-Manta-] 6:46 am: Algol
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:46 am: rolf
    [Dullyanna] 6:46 am: Soul Calibur, of course
    [-Manta-] 6:46 am: pray to your bubbles
    [HervE] 6:46 am: algol is the devil
    [Dullyanna] 6:46 am: The sword, I mean
    [HervE] 6:46 am: im starting a new soul calibur religion
    [-Manta-] 6:46 am: or you shall block the screen
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:46 am: yeah his swords aren't real
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:46 am: he is deceptive
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:46 am: that is a no no
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:47 am: OMG Mante
    [HervE] 6:47 am: oh boy, what have i gotten myself into
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:47 am: our bible is the strategy guide since it is stupid and full of shit
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:47 am: just like the bible
    [-Manta-] 6:47 am: a typical creationist vs atheist debate
    [-Manta-] 6:47 am: nothing new, been going on for decades
    [8WayRun.Com]: Krit has left at 6:47 am
    [Dullyanna] 6:47 am: You bought the SC4 strategy guide?
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:47 am: centuries
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:48 am: >_>
    [HervE] 6:48 am: lets watch quantum leap
    [Dullyanna] 6:48 am: LOL
    [-Manta-] 6:48 am: people who debated back then got executed usually
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:48 am: I did too...
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:48 am: true
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:48 am: I got it becasue it said special edition
    [-Manta-] 6:48 am: gallileo for his discoveries was locked up since he'd disproven the earth wasn't the center of the universe
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:48 am: I'm a sucker for anything limited eduition
    [Dullyanna] 6:48 am: Ah, alright
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:48 am: I got it because I thought it'd be more than just a paper weight...
    [Dullyanna] 6:49 am: Nonono, Manta
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:49 am: yeah it sucks
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:49 am: they give hints for special versus YIPPEE
    [Dullyanna] 6:49 am: DINO told me the truth
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:49 am: gallileo was a man-witch
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:49 am: and an heretic
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:49 am: tru dat
    [Dullyanna] 6:49 am: Galileo was a spy for the pope
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:49 am: a heretic isn't necesarilly a religious thing
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:50 am: I can disprove the existaence of a god, anyway
    [Dullyanna] 6:50 am: Here's a protip if you play special vs
    [-Manta-] 6:50 am: damn you dino...
    [Dullyanna] 6:50 am: Get a fucking lobotomy, ASAP
    [-Manta-] 6:50 am: well all this talk about god has made me hungry
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:50 am: I still cannot pre-fucking-order SFIV!
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:50 am: lol
    [-Manta-] 6:50 am: all this talk about Jesus-chips
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:50 am: no god would smite me such
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:50 am: my special versus CAss was awesome
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:50 am: You don't have another credit card?
    [-Manta-] 6:51 am: be back in about 30 min or so.. zombie jesus will return again though - no doubt.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:51 am: I won't be here
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:51 am: good bye my ove
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:51 am: *love
    [Dullyanna] 6:51 am: Fag
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: he was supposed to come back in 600 ad.. . then 942 ad... then the 1400s. .. then in WW2. . . he keeps being a no-show! lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:52 am: I an actually bi
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:52 am: only semi immoral
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:52 am: manta
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: i intend to live forever
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: so far so good
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:52 am: there is proof in the bible of the world trade center attacks
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:52 am: nah, I don't trust myself with one anymore
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: yup
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:52 am: two rocks OMGOSH!!
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: in the bible code! rofl rofl
    [-Manta-] 6:52 am: you can also use wingdings for it! it's proof!
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:52 am: I cleared a 4 grand debt and cut it up
    [Dullyanna] 6:53 am: You're a bi, ID/
    [Dullyanna] 6:53 am: HAWT
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:53 am: they're the work of satan
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:53 am: ;)
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:53 am: I AM SO HAWT
    [Dullyanna] 6:53 am: Imma tap dat ass if I run into you
    [-Manta-] 6:53 am: you're going to hell.
    [-Manta-] 6:53 am: too bad it doesn't exist
    [-Manta-] 6:53 am: actually, not too bad- it's pretty sweet
    [8WayRun.Com]: fireroses has entered at 6:53 am
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:53 am: satan has tricked my brain into being attracted to guys
    [-Manta-] 6:53 am: alright bbl
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:53 am: O:
    [8WayRun.Com]: MichaelJackson has entered at 6:53 am
    [8WayRun.Com]: MichaelJackson has left at 6:53 am
    [8WayRun.Com]: MichaelJackson has entered at 6:53 am
    [Dullyanna] 6:53 am: HEAR THAT FIREROSES
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:54 am: lawl
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:54 am: you're bi, ID?
    [8WayRun.Com]: fireroses has left at 6:54 am
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:54 am: I AM SO GAY
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:54 am: Lol.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:54 am: LOL
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 6:54 am: s'greed
    [Dullyanna] 6:54 am: OH YA, TESTY IS "BI" AS WELL
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:54 am: OMG I SHOULD TRY AN HOOK UP
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:54 am: ID + Tets + Organous equals...
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:54 am: TEAM BI!
    [Dullyanna] 6:54 am: Which logically makes him gay
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:54 am: wait organus? wut?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:54 am: Not being able to use equal signs sucks.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:54 am: He's bisexual.
    [Impending_Doom66] 6:55 am: really rolf
    [Loli_Drizzle] 6:55 am: Okay, refresh time. No one type ANYTHING until I come backl.
  4. Dullyanna

    Dullyanna [10] Knight

    You forgot the part where I threatened you, ID

    [Dullyanna] 9:59 am: I gotta tell Genver that you're bi
    [Dullyanna] 9:59 am: Unless he already knows
    [Impending_Doom66] 9:59 am: wait dully
    [Impending_Doom66] 10:00 am: you are scaring me
    [8WayRun.Com]: AkazukinChaCha has entered at 10:00 am
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:00 am: And I have to tell Tetsu!
    [Impending_Doom66] 10:00 am: do you really believe that
    [Dullyanna] 10:00 am: You realize that we're both going to start hitting on you, henceforth
    [Dullyanna] 10:00 am: No
    [HervE] 10:00 am: hey cha cha
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:00 am: He'd LURV to know that.
    [Dullyanna] 10:00 am: But I'm holding you to it
    [Impending_Doom66] 10:00 am: yay Ima homo
    [Dullyanna] 10:00 am: I've got the flashchat quotes to back me up
  5. ZombiEHervE

    ZombiEHervE [09] Warrior

    Because Idle isn't already full of himself yet...

    [IdleMind] 5:22 pm: You know what the problem is with the flashchat logs thread is?
    [IdleMind] 5:22 pm: Im not quoted enough.
    [emo_prinny] 5:22 pm: me either sarah
    [IdleMind] 5:22 pm: Its just the same 4 guys in a circle jerk
    [emo_prinny] 5:22 pm: me either
    [IdleMind] 5:22 pm: and they dont even have the courtesy to give a reach around to anyone else
  6. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    [IdleMind] 3:20 pm: The divorce rate is up to 60%
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: TKU Demarcus is going to Subway to Tag NinjaCW with Sweet Revenge like a Mystik Master
    [emo_prinny] 3:20 pm: really?
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: my name makes everything better
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: lmao
    [emo_prinny] 3:20 pm: idle?
    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has left at 3:20 pm
  7. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    The Story of the DOA Community made with the names of DOA Players

    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:18 pm: Omg....wtf is up with the equal sign here?!!!?
    [Demarcus] 3:18 pm: Tag
    [HolyForce] 3:18 pm: =
    [HolyForce] 3:18 pm: =3
    [HolyForce] 3:18 pm: hmm?
    [Demarcus] 3:18 pm: as much as i like chris if he makes hurts da tag
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:18 pm: what the hell!!!
    [IdleMind] 3:18 pm: the =
    [IdleMind] 3:18 pm: ====
    [IdleMind] 3:18 pm: lol
    [Demarcus] 3:18 pm: i'mma tag his ass
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:18 pm: LMAO
    [Demarcus] 3:18 pm: ====================
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:18 pm: Thanks but I think I know my hubby very well. n_n
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:18 pm: wtf. ..
    [HolyForce] 3:18 pm: wow demarcus that doesnt sound homosexual at all
    [Demarcus] 3:19 pm: I'mma go to Subway to Tag NinjaCW with Sweet Revenge like a Mystik Master
    [8WayRun.Com]: HajimeOwari has left at 3:19 pm
    [HolyForce] 3:19 pm: i forgot about SR
    [HolyForce] 3:19 pm: is that dude still alive?
    Demarcus] 3:20 pm: TKU Demarcus is going to Subway to Tag NinjaCW with Sweet Revenge like a Mystik Master
    [emo_prinny] 3:20 pm: really?
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: my name makes everything better
    [8WayRun.Com]: has left at 3:20 pm
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: lmao
    [emo_prinny] 3:20 pm: idle?
    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has left at 3:20 pm
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:20 pm: Lol
    [HolyForce] 3:20 pm: shit
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:20 pm: LMAO
    [HolyForce] 3:20 pm: shit shit shit
    [TagYouRPregnant] 3:20 pm: Wow
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: lmao
    [Demarcus] 3:20 pm: that was a nice exit
    [Demarcus] 3:21 pm: lets see
    [HolyForce] 3:22 pm: TKU Demarcus is going to Subway to NaughtyAssassin NinjaCw with Sweet Revenge along with his Mystik Master after he's done EscapingJail via prayer and HolyForce
    [HolyForce] 3:22 pm: game on, son
    [Demarcus] 3:23 pm: Best
    [Demarcus] 3:23 pm: sentence
    [Demarcus] 3:23 pm: ever
    [Demarcus] 3:23 pm: but we gotta make
    [8WayRun.Com]: Bootyclap has entered at 3:23 pm
    [Demarcus] 3:23 pm: SlayerDNA's gay ass self work in there
    [Demarcus] 3:24 pm: TKU Demarcus is going to Subway to NaughtyAssassin NinjaCw
    ...with Sweet Revenge along with his Mystik Master after he's done EscapingJail via prayer
    ...and HolyForce, and Tag out with SlayerDNA to have some H20 Evil
    [RiBu] 3:24 pm: just be a pirate
    [HolyForce] 3:26 pm: TKI Demarcus was drinking some RaspberryTea when he decided to NaughtyAssassin NinjaCw so he placed a Tag on his DNA and with swift Sweet Revenge executed the plan outside Subway where he conferenced with his Mystik Master and his wife Vanessa eventually to congregate with HolyForce who was EscapingJail for the ultimate goal of Warbling your Warbles. ugh
    [HolyForce] 3:26 pm: TKI Demarcus was drinking some RaspberryTea when he decided to NaughtyAssassin NinjaCw so
    ...he placed a Tag on his DNA and with swift Sweet Revenge executed the plan outside Subway where he conferenced with
    ...his Mystik Master and his wife Vanessa eventually to congregate with HolyForce who was EscapingJail for the ultimate
    ...goal of west philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where i spent most of my days
    [IdleMind] 3:27 pm: Salty tears of infinite sadness.
    [Demarcus] 3:27 pm: We messed up
    [Lags] 3:27 pm: i think you are caught between a rock and a hard place emo
    [Demarcus] 3:27 pm: we gotta use lopedo
    Demarcus] 3:27 pm: *Spen most of my days in Tears of Love with Lopedo
    [Demarcus] 3:27 pm: haha

    Our Final Doa story made out of the Names of DOA players

    TKU Demarcus was drinking some RaspberryTea when he decided to NaughtyAssassin NinjaCw so he placed a Tag on his DNA and with swift Sweet Revenge executed the plan outside Subway where he conferenced with his Mystik Master and his wife Vanessa eventually to congregate with HolyForce who was EscapingJail for the ultimate goal of west philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where i spent most of my days in Tears of Love with Lopedo.
  8. HolyForce

    HolyForce I will show you...

    E P I C

    10char act toorz
  9. OuTk@sT

    OuTk@sT [01] Neophyte

    I just literally lol'd at the fresh prince reference...
  10. fireroses

    fireroses [06] Combatant

    When A Experiment Goes Wrong, And other stuff.

    [Rigel] 7:34 pm: emo has been turned into like 5 different girls
    [fireroses] 7:34 pm: see ya
    Rigel throws a rock at ootz
    [Utsuse] 7:34 pm: :<
    Utsuse deflects the rock with her mighty fork
    [Utsuse] 7:34 pm: I SAID I WAS EXPERIENCED
    [Utsuse] 7:34 pm: WHY DO YOU DOUBT ME
    soakrates bendes the fork with his mind
    [soakrates] 7:34 pm: *bends, too
    fireroses turns prinny as Hilde.
    [Utsuse] 7:35 pm: LIKE HELL YOU CAN DO THAT
    Rigel throws a golden fork at Ootz?
    [fireroses] 7:35 pm: OH NOEZ.
    Logik wonders wtf is going on with the emotes
    [Ceirnian] 7:35 pm: Uts
    [soakrates] 7:35 pm: I took lessons
    [Ceirnian] 7:35 pm: I'll find out how experienced you are
    [Ceirnian] 7:35 pm: at the gym
    [Utsuse] 7:35 pm: Oh, my.
    [fireroses] 7:35 pm: I turned emo as Angol Fear.
    [soakrates] 7:35 pm: haha
    [Utsuse] 7:35 pm: So fresh.
    [Ceirnian] 7:35 pm: Now off I go for real
    [Utsuse] 7:36 pm: anyway
    [Utsuse] 7:36 pm: STOP
    [Utsuse] 7:36 pm: SHOWER TIME
    [Lags] 7:36 pm: wow, rigel. 2K -> 4A+K does do some wonders if they 2A. thanks     
    [Utsuse] 7:36 pm: Bye everyone
    [Rigel] 7:36 pm: yeah
    [Rigel] 7:36 pm: im pretty awesome
    [Lags] 7:36 pm: bye bye uts
    [8WayRun.Com]: Utsuse has left at 7:36 pm
    [Woahhzz] 7:36 pm: Rigel play me for the next 30 mins plz
    fireroses turns prinny as "
    [Rigel] 7:37 pm: woahhzz
    [Woahhzz] 7:37 pm: im getting sick of writin this paper
    [Rigel] 7:37 pm: why
    [Lags] 7:37 pm: if they delay the 2A they can interrupt if you do it too soon, but you can kind of mess with their heads depending on how quick you think they'll react
    fireroses turns emo_prinny as Hilde.
    [Woahhzz] 7:37 pm: cause i spent over 5 hours on it
    [page] 7:37 pm: WHEEL OF TIME MMO
    [Rigel] 7:37 pm: ugh
    [fireroses] 7:37 pm: Now ur Hilde prin.
    [page] 7:37 pm: omg the failure is coming
    [Rigel] 7:37 pm: fucking internet
    [page] 7:37 pm: wow
    [Krit] 7:37 pm: lol My professor's name is Nataliya Doroshenko and... MALE?
    [Lags] 7:37 pm: good stuff :o
    [Shenrei] 7:37 pm: wheel of time is awesome
    [Woahhzz] 7:37 pm: ah it's ok
    [Shenrei] 7:37 pm: btu noit the mmo     
    [Krit] 7:37 pm: HWAAAAAAT?
    [page] 7:38 pm: they better have some godamn detailed furniture
    [Woahhzz] 7:38 pm: nvm, ill just go in a random room and RO people with nightmare till they kick me ot
    [Krit] 7:38 pm: Doesn't Nataliya = Natalie?
    [page] 7:38 pm: there had better be a hair-tugging skill
    [page] 7:38 pm: and everyone must hate men
    [Shenrei] 7:38 pm: haha
    [Shenrei] 7:38 pm: hair tugging
    [page] 7:38 pm: braid pulling
    [page] 7:38 pm: w/e
    fireroses looks at her mirror.
    [fireroses] 7:39 pm: OH NOEZ.
    [page] 7:39 pm: and SKIRT SMOOTIHNG
    [soakrates] 7:39 pm: Krit: are you sure your prof isn't a gymnast?
    [page] 7:39 pm: i'd specialize in that
    [fireroses] 7:39 pm: I'm Setsuka.
    [soakrates] 7:39 pm: cuz with a name like that it sure sounds like one
    [Krit] 7:39 pm: He's old and his legs don't work.
    [Krit] 7:40 pm: No way he's a gymnast.
    [8WayRun.Com]: NAOMI has left at 7:40 pm
    fireroses transforms into Ivy.
    [Rigel] 7:40 pm: well im on woahhzz
    fireroses looks at her mirror again.
    [Woahhzz] 7:40 pm: ah
    [fireroses] 7:40 pm: Ok. I'm Ivy now.
    [Woahhzz] 7:40 pm: btw do u play with stik?
    [8WayRun.Com]: OOFMATIC has entered at 7:40 pm
    [Rigel] 7:41 pm: me? no
    [Woahhzz] 7:41 pm: i just bought a stick lately, and i tel you
    [Woahhzz] 7:41 pm: it's fcking complicating
    [Rigel] 7:41 pm: lol
    [Rigel] 7:41 pm: yeah
    [Rigel] 7:41 pm: swithing over takes time
    [page] 7:41 pm: complicated?
    [page] 7:41 pm: O_o
    [page] 7:41 pm: does take work
    [page] 7:41 pm: for sure
  11. Dreamkiller

    Dreamkiller Equal Sign Slash

    [IdleMind] 5:55 pm: Mikosu is just mad that one time I came in here, called him a faggot, then claimed he couldnt ban me
    cause I was gay and it was ok.
    [Neopopulous] 5:55 pm: phil is white too
    [IdleMind] 5:55 pm: Ever since then, he has been skewed.
    [HervE] 5:55 pm: lol
    [Dreamkiller] 5:55 pm: yes phil
    [SPQR] 5:55 pm: holy shit OOF is scary good with star wars chars
        [mikosu] 5:55 pm: oh that didnt work
        [mikosu] 5:55 pm: ur girlfriend ratted u out
    [Dreamkiller] 5:55 pm: gay people are immune to the ban right?
        [mikosu] 5:55 pm: u hetero!
        [mikosu] 5:55 pm: none of that boy-on-girl mess in here kthx
    [IdleMind] 5:55 pm: hey, just because i have a gf doesent mean i dont have a passing fancy for penises
    [IdleMind] 5:56 pm: fuck thats gonna get quoted
  12. EscapingJail

    EscapingJail [01] Neophyte

    [fireroses] 1:00 am: cya peeps!
    [8WayRun.Com]: Linkrkc has left at 1:01 am
    fireroses is waiting 4 someone 2 say bye.
    [fireroses] 1:02 am: .._..
    [page] 1:02 am: bye i guess
    [fireroses] 1:02 am: bai!
    [8WayRun.Com]: fireroses has left at 1:02 am
    [emo_prinny] 1:02 am: fireroses is so strange
    [EscapingJail] 1:03 am: That was pretty wierd

  13. DC97

    DC97 [10] Knight

    [Loli_Drizzle] 3:46 pm: I abused the potion.
    [IdleMind] 3:46 pm: then do the knights of nine
    [Loli_Drizzle] 3:46 pm: Duped it numerous times.
    [emo_prinny] 3:46 pm: go invisible then back stab
    [IdleMind] 3:46 pm: then rape the game brutally
    [Runis] 3:46 pm: then stopped after I found out that you can put god like spells into weapons such that one hit kills anything.
    [emo_prinny] 3:46 pm: then cast invis again
    [Loli_Drizzle] 3:46 pm: It was required for the Thieves Guild.
    [DivineChaos97] 3:46 pm: God, i feel like im wearing glasses, a pocket protector, and hold 18 sided dice being in here
    [Loli_Drizzle] 3:46 pm: You can do that in any RPG, Runis...
    [emo_prinny] 3:47 pm: you can't have 18 sided dice sir
    [emo_prinny] 3:47 pm: and remember
    [Runis] 3:47 pm: DC you need to be holding a D250
    [Loli_Drizzle] 3:47 pm: Lrn2nerd, DC.
    [Runis] 3:47 pm: then you're geeky
    [IdleMind] 3:47 pm: wood elf custom class, sign of the thief
    [emo_prinny] 3:47 pm: i'm hawt so that makes whatever i talk about cool
    DivineChaos97 facepalms

  14. KingAce


    ......seriously Damn! That be crucial right the'r.
  15. ShinobiBrown

    ShinobiBrown [10] Knight

    [emo_prinny] 10:47 pm: fireroses we love you
    [8WayRun.Com]: provost has left at 10:47 pm
    [emo_prinny] 10:47 pm: that's why we tease
    fireroses is very pressured.
    [emo_prinny] 10:47 pm: :kiss:
    [fireroses] 10:47 pm: :red:
    [ShinobiBrown] 10:48 pm: OMG
    [ShinobiBrown] 10:48 pm: you made her blush
    [ShinobiBrown] 10:48 pm: you've topped CY
    [fireroses] 10:48 pm: Hehe.
    [fireroses] 10:48 pm: :kiss:
    [fireroses] 10:49 pm: Thanks.
    [fireroses] 10:49 pm: U made me happy again.
    [emo_prinny] 10:49 pm: good
    [emo_prinny] 10:49 pm: fireroses, i'll let you get me drunk and take advantage of me
    [fireroses] 10:50 pm: Say it in english.
    [fireroses] 10:50 pm: :beer: here.

    Such a naughty little girl...
  16. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    [RiBu] 8:44 pm: hmmm
    [RiBu] 8:44 pm: so i got a tourny tomorrow
    [RiBu] 8:44 pm: cheer me and not emo
    [JOP] 8:44 pm: only if you use vader
    [RiBu] 8:45 pm: he's banned
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:45 pm: WHAT
    [RiBu] 8:45 pm: -sigh-
    [RiBu] 8:45 pm: so i gotta run SK
    [fireroses] 8:46 pm: Bai Ri.
    [Demarcus] 8:46 pm: See
    [Demarcus] 8:46 pm: Ribu went to the dark side
    [JOP] 8:46 pm: why is vader banned
    [Demarcus] 8:46 pm: no more yoda for him
    [RiBu] 8:46 pm: idk
    [RiBu] 8:46 pm: cause the dude said so
    [Demarcus] 8:46 pm: because no one likes Force Shields?
    [JOP] 8:46 pm: vader is allowed for nationals right?
    [RiBu] 8:46 pm: and it's his tourny
    [RiBu] 8:46 pm: yeah
    [Demarcus] 8:47 pm: and the Man is holding me back?
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:47 pm: Vader is legal
    [JOP] 8:47 pm: hum
    [RiBu] 8:47 pm: ill get him unbanned when we though
    [JOP] 8:47 pm: alrighty then
    [Demarcus] 8:47 pm: WAIT WTF
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:47 pm: so it's dumb that they banned him
    [RiBu] 8:47 pm: the dude knows me so it's cool
    [Demarcus] 8:47 pm: Vader is allowed for Nats now?
    [fireroses] 8:47 pm: <.<
    [JOP] 8:47 pm: yea
    [fireroses] 8:47 pm: >.>
    [JOP] 8:47 pm: he is
    [Tiamat] 8:47 pm: where have you been yo
    [JOP] 8:47 pm: vader, apprentice. no yoda =\
    [Demarcus] 8:47 pm: I call fucking BS on all of this shit
    [Tiamat] 8:47 pm: yoda is too broke
    [fireroses] 8:47 pm: brb peepz.
    [8WayRun.Com]: OOFMATIC has entered at 8:47 pm
    [RiBu] 8:47 pm: lol
    [Demarcus] 8:47 pm: Tiamat i haven't been in the news in a while
    [Tiamat] 8:47 pm: cause he coutner picks hilde
    [RiBu] 8:48 pm: i really want to use yoda too
    [Demarcus] 8:48 pm: lmfao
    [RiBu] 8:48 pm: ill see if he lets me
    [Demarcus] 8:48 pm: No you don't ribu
    [Tiamat] 8:48 pm: and we wouldn't want hilde to have any troubles
    [Demarcus] 8:48 pm: "You can win a serious tourny with yoda"
    [Demarcus] 8:48 pm: quoted from ribu
    [Tiamat] 8:48 pm: cause she's so low tier and everything
    [Tiamat] 8:48 pm: yeah
    [Demarcus] 8:48 pm: Hilde still has charge combo(s) yoda
    [Tiamat] 8:48 pm: all her death combos are air controllable
    [RiBu] 8:49 pm: this isnt a serious tourny
    [fireroses] 8:49 pm: I thought u main her prinny.
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: Dude
    [RiBu] 8:49 pm: just a local-ish
    [JOP] 8:49 pm: you can air block them
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: i did the doom combo
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: and this kid i play with frequently
    [Tiamat] 8:49 pm: i was too
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: that lives down the street
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: he plays hilde
    [Tiamat] 8:49 pm: we are having sarcastic wars
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: and Cervy
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: except he is a stick hilde
    [Tiamat] 8:49 pm: yeah hilde is fine
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:49 pm: because she wasn't a boss character
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: but anyways
    [RiBu] 8:49 pm: hilde is fine
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:49 pm: that's the ONLY reason
    [RiBu] 8:49 pm: lips
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:49 pm: if she was a boss character
    [page] 8:49 pm: cus hilde is cuter than algor
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:49 pm: she would have been banned
    [Demarcus] 8:49 pm: he Rolled out of the doom combo
    [Demarcus] 8:50 pm: i don't know how he does it
    [Demarcus] 8:50 pm: but he does it
    [page] 8:50 pm: you'd better doom combo everyone emo
    [Tiamat] 8:50 pm: the boss character argument is horrible too is the funny thing
    [page] 8:50 pm: make everyone quite sc4
    [ShinobiBrown] 8:50 pm: it's the boss stigma that hit Algol so hard
    [Demarcus] 8:50 pm: I still believe even bonus chars should be allowed
    [Demarcus] 8:50 pm: i mean damn
    [Demarcus] 8:50 pm: I've never seen a game with soo much barn-ban-ment
    [Demarcus] 8:51 pm: hey ribu do you know what's up with those guys that suddenly want to play yoda since you made that thread?
    [Tiamat] 8:51 pm: bonus chars seem ok to me
    [page] 8:51 pm: but who decides balance, the devs or the community?
    [JOP] 8:51 pm: just goes to show the ignorance of the decision makers. ban algol cuz he has some fireball annoyance, but leave hilde who can kill you for touching you
    [Demarcus] 8:52 pm: Hilde
    [Demarcus] 8:52 pm: is
    [RiBu] 8:52 pm: ban yoda cause he short
    [RiBu] 8:52 pm: and cant be insta-killed
    [Tiamat] 8:52 pm: lol
    [Demarcus] 8:52 pm: the captain planet of Kilik,Mina, and Yun
    [Tiamat] 8:52 pm: SC community discrimates against the vertically challenged
    [8WayRun.Com]: ZenMonkia has entered at 8:52 pm
    [8WayRun.Com]: emo_prinny has left at 8:52 pm
    [Demarcus] 8:52 pm: lmao tiamat
    [page] 8:52 pm: behind that
    [fireroses] 8:53 pm: BAN LITTLE GREEN MAN!
    [Demarcus] 8:53 pm: Roses
    [page] 8:53 pm: short people got no reason to live
    [Demarcus] 8:53 pm: he's not a green man
    [Demarcus] 8:53 pm: he's a little Mini asian kid with a lightsaber
    [Demarcus] 8:53 pm: has dino states
    [Demarcus] 8:53 pm: or something like that
    [page] 8:54 pm: they got little hands
    [page] 8:54 pm: and little eyes
    [fireroses] 8:54 pm: OR LITTLE MINI ASIAN KID!
    [page] 8:54 pm: and they walk around telling greatt big lies
    [RiBu] 8:54 pm: word
    [8WayRun.Com]: ZenMonkia has left at 8:54 pm
    [Demarcus] 8:54 pm: that reminds me of that movie
    [page] 8:54 pm: don't want no short people round here
    [Demarcus] 8:54 pm: "I got little arms and a big head"
    [8WayRun.Com]: JOP has left at 8:55 pm
    [fireroses] 8:56 pm: BAN MIDGETS!
    [8WayRun.Com]: DivineChaos97 has left at 8:56 pm
    [8WayRun.Com]: DivineChaos97 has entered at 8:56 pm
    [fireroses] 8:56 pm: Haha, Sorry.
    [RiBu] 8:56 pm: so ban you?
    [Demarcus] 8:56 pm: damn
    [Demarcus] 8:57 pm: lol
    [fireroses] 8:57 pm: lol.
    [page] 8:58 pm: damn
    [page] 8:59 pm: should have told emo the secret to winning
    [fireroses] 8:59 pm: That movie ur'e talking about
    [page] 8:59 pm: you gotta tell your opponent to pay their bills
    [page] 8:59 pm: loudly
    [fireroses] 8:59 pm: isn't that with a dinosaur?
    [DivineChaos97] 8:59 pm: LOL some guy told Bootyclap that he's a fagg

    sOME TIMES LATER......

    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has entered at 10:44 pm
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:44 pm: Yay.
    [IdleMind] 10:44 pm: UPDATES?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:44 pm: Everyone's favorite hater is back.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:44 pm: Nein.
    [Krit] 10:44 pm: <3 Idle
    [Demarcus] 10:44 pm: No idle
    [IdleMind] 10:45 pm: FUCKING USELESS FLASHCHAT
    [Demarcus] 10:45 pm: SARAH YOU CAN GET THE FUCK OUT
    [Demarcus] 10:45 pm: RAWR!
    [Krit] 10:45 pm: NOOOO
    [Krit] 10:45 pm: Don't leave meeee. D:
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:45 pm: Get the fluck out, Sarah.
    [Krit] 10:45 pm: I'm needy tonight due to booze.
    [IdleMind] 10:46 pm: THEN QUOTE IT
    [IdleMind] 10:46 pm: HATE HATE AHTE
    [IdleMind] 10:46 pm: Im also half in the bag.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:46 pm: That ish is uncalled for, yo.
    [Krit] 10:46 pm: LOL
    [Krit] 10:46 pm: Hotttt
    [Demarcus] 10:47 pm: SARAH
    [Demarcus] 10:47 pm: .....
    [Demarcus] 10:47 pm: YOUR SO
    [Demarcus] 10:47 pm: FUCKING
    [Demarcus] 10:47 pm: RIGHT!
    [IdleMind] 10:47 pm: By Half I mean, I got hammered watching my bllody
    valentine 3d
    [DivineChaos97] 10:47 pm: Wow
    [Krit] 10:47 pm: Oh God nooo.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:47 pm: was it any good?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:47 pm: Getting hammered + 3D movie...
    [IdleMind] 10:47 pm: That shit was...
    [Krit] 10:47 pm: Why you do dis to yoself?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:47 pm: Sounds interesting.
    [Krit] 10:47 pm: *cringe*
    [IdleMind] 10:47 pm: Well, warning spoiler alert, lol
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: Don't care. ;>
    [IdleMind] 10:48 pm: the plot twist was... it was the guy they thought it was
    the whole time.
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: Go on.
    [IdleMind] 10:48 pm: the twist was there was no twist
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: LOLOLOL
    [IdleMind] 10:48 pm: i rofled
    [DivineChaos97] 10:48 pm: wow
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:48 pm: Lawl.
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: A TWIST.
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: ONLY NOT.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:48 pm: does he die?
    [Krit] 10:48 pm: Tha's so original.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:48 pm: the miner dude
    [IdleMind] 10:48 pm: no, its sequel tastic
    [DivineChaos97] 10:48 pm: gay
    [DivineChaos97] 10:48 pm: My bloody valentine 4D
    [IdleMind] 10:49 pm: otoh, theres a hot blonde skank with big floppy boobs
    [IdleMind] 10:49 pm: B movie heaven right there
    [Demarcus] 10:49 pm: LOL
    [DivineChaos97] 10:49 pm: lol
    [IdleMind] 10:49 pm: 10 minutes into the movie she gets naked
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:49 pm: Lol.
    [IdleMind] 10:49 pm: thats what I call quality.
    [Krit] 10:49 pm: Boobyboobyboobybooby.
    [Demarcus] 10:50 pm: I CALL BUSH?
    [Demarcus] 10:50 pm: DID IS SHOW ANY CHURROS?
    [Krit] 10:50 pm: o.o
    [Krit] 10:50 pm: What the..
    [8WayRun.Com]: Narcotic has entered at 10:50 pm
    [IdleMind] 10:50 pm: Lemme just say it was hawt.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:50 pm: I'm quite partial to chones.
    [IdleMind] 10:50 pm: NARCOTIC YOU SCRUB
    [Narcotic] 10:50 pm: scrub..
    [IdleMind] 10:50 pm: I FUCKING HATE YOU
    [IdleMind] 10:50 pm: also, whats up
    [Loli_Drizzle] 10:50 pm: <------------- Doesn't know what he's talking about.
    [Narcotic] 10:50 pm: you touch yourself at night to me ..dont lie
    [Narcotic] 10:51 pm: on a non homosexual note
    [IdleMind] 10:51 pm: Dude, now that I've seen my bloody valentine 3d, I dont
    need you anymore Narcotic.
  17. DC97

    DC97 [10] Knight

    [Loli_Drizzle] 12:59 am: Can't even spell anymore.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:00 am: I could play you...
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:00 am: its only 11 here
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:00 am: But I've been playing like shit.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:00 am: So I'd rather not.,
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:00 am: two person rooms are boring
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:00 am: That's why you let randoms show up.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:00 am: hey anyone fought setsuna?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:00 am: Negative.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:00 am: I'm not in the mood for randoms
    [IdleMind] 1:01 am: DUNKIN DONUTS! WOOT!
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:01 am: wow that guy was something else
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:01 am: ?
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:02 am: we had a Cass mirror match and after the fight he said something over the mic that was negative anf
    left but I couldn't make it out so I messages him asking what he said
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:02 am: and I get the whole get a life/girlfriend loser you heard what I said
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:02 am: Lolololol.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:02 am: needless to say I egged him on and got so funny ass mail
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:02 am: Nice.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:02 am: oh yeah
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:03 am: he was on of the worst Cassandra's I have ever seen
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:03 am: for some reason he kept thinking he was going to get me with 8A+BK
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:03 am: Lawl.
    [IdleMind] 1:03 am: scrub ba dub dub
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:03 am: it was priceless
    [IdleMind] 1:03 am: 3 B's in a tub
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:04 am: I think I need to learn a new character...
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:04 am: you know someone sucks with Cass if they always do the B follow up of 8K
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:04 am: why drizz
    [DivineChaos97] 1:04 am: zomg light blue and bright green chat
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:04 am: Always>
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:04 am: Wow.
    [DivineChaos97] 1:04 am: its epic
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:04 am: Because...
    [IdleMind] 1:04 am: PINK INVASION
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:04 am: Cass is boring as hell.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: Srsly.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: I'll still use her though.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: I just need a break.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: no
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: she
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: isn't
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: From the monotony.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: Uh...yeah she is.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: she is the funniest character in the game
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: You can basically whore like 5 moves.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: >_>
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:05 am: I really suck at spelling nao
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:05 am: You can't say I'm wrong.
    [8WayRun.Com]: Impending_Doom66 has left at 1:05 am
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:06 am: <_<
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:06 am: Thanks for saying bye, jackass...
    [DivineChaos97] 1:08 am: lol
    [DivineChaos97] 1:08 am: logs nao
    [8WayRun.Com]: Impending_Doom66 has entered at 1:08 am
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:08 am: Fuck you.
    [DivineChaos97] 1:08 am: nvm
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:08 am: I', back bitch
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:08 am: You fucking left me, asshole.
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:09 am: why were you saying something?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:09 am: DO YOU?!
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:09 am:
    [8WayRun.Com]: Musan has left at 1:09 am
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:09 am: 3333
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:09 am: 333333333333333333
    [8WayRun.Com]: MateoGalvan has entered at 1:09 am
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:09 am:
    [Loli_Drizzle] 1:10 am: Anyway...
    [Impending_Doom66] 1:10 am:
  18. shinobix558

    shinobix558 [01] Neophyte

    Not that im retarded or something. 0.0 but what was i reading
  19. Ceirnian

    Ceirnian [10] Knight

    Sleep deprivation at work


    2:01 AM [A_Bad_Idea] i love that most people you meet online with a psuedo-asian webhandle are actually white guys
    2:01 AM [mikosu] no. mikosu is just an awesome nick
    2:01 AM [mikosu] it has no meaning
    2:01 AM [mikosu] it's just sumthin I came up with one day
    2:01 AM [Pendragonsfall] sure ..
    2:01 AM [Ceirnian] you know what
    2:01 AM [genver] mik-osu
    2:01 AM [A_Bad_Idea] i know. the syllables make no sense =P
    2:01 AM [Ceirnian] I should start calling c3a
    2:02 AM [Ceirnian] MYSTIC STAR LEVEL 3
    2:02 AM [mikosu] Hilde sux
    2:02 AM [Pendragonsfall] i'm going to use kilik and react to it perfectly from now on
    2:02 AM [mikosu] end of discussion
    2:02 AM [Pendragonsfall] you should just say YATTA whenever you do it
    2:02 AM [Pendragonsfall] with Tetsuya Hikari's voice
    2:02 AM [Lags] i think i'mma take a break from frame testing. i'm now 3 moves away from completing the 8WR moves
    2:02 AM [Ceirnian] Stop the Hilde hate Mikosu or I'll hit you with MOONLIT DANCE LEVEL 3
    2:02 AM [A_Bad_Idea] haha, you guys should play against my Hilde. it'll make you more confident =P
    2:02 AM [Ceirnian] oh wait my mistake
    2:02 AM mikosu pulls both ends of Ceir's scarf
    2:02 AM [Ceirnian] MYSTIC STAR (STAGE 3) and MOONLIT DANCE (STAGE 3)
    2:03 AM [Lags] i think i'mma just have fun practicing sets 1A:A:A now
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] now its getting a bit too anime now
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] lol
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] MOON TIARA ACTIVATION (LEVEL 4) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    2:03 AM [genver] lol?
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] the patch will give hilde a level 4 charge
    2:03 AM [mikosu] yo pen is u Asian?
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] oh my god lol
    2:03 AM [mikosu] SHE IS THE ONE
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] i'm half filipino and half white
    2:03 AM [A_Bad_Idea] hilde does have a level four charge =D
    2:03 AM [Pendragonsfall] essentially
    2:04 AM [mikosu] interesting
    2:04 AM [A_Bad_Idea] didn't you know? C4A and C4B, you hold for 30 seconds
    2:04 AM [mikosu] F HILDE
    2:04 AM [Pendragonsfall] does it freeze the game
    2:04 AM [Pendragonsfall] into a summoning animation from
    2:04 AM [mikosu] real characters only plz
    2:04 AM [Pendragonsfall] Final Fantasy Tactics?
    2:04 AM [Loli_Drizzle] F you couch, Miko.
    2:04 AM [Loli_Drizzle] *yo
    2:04 AM [mikosu] my couch is already raped Driz
    2:04 AM [Pendragonsfall] of bahamut coming out and ROing them instantly?
    2:04 AM [A_Bad_Idea] no. but it makes the universe explode. falcon punch style
    2:04 AM [Loli_Drizzle] Oi.
    2:04 AM [A_Bad_Idea] sailor...setsuka......
    2:04 AM [Pendragonsfall] FALCONNNNNN......
    2:05 AM [mikosu] u dare disresect me
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] *10 hours later in another thread)
    2:05 AM [Ceirnian] SAILOR X
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] ............nnnnnn PUNCHHHHHHHHH
    2:05 AM [mikosu] ha ha
    2:05 AM [A_Bad_Idea] i'm distcracted
    2:05 AM [mikosu] CYtis
    2:05 AM [A_Bad_Idea] dammit cedric
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] There's a Sailor for every level of charge move
    2:05 AM [mikosu] Algol is Sailor Mercury
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] Sailor C3A, and Sailor C3B
    2:05 AM [mikosu] getting in that skirt must be killer
    2:05 AM [mikosu] F U CEIR
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] lol
    2:05 AM [mikosu] F U TIL U DIE A BLOODY DEATH
    2:05 AM [Pendragonsfall] o_O
    2:06 AM [Pendragonsfall] rofl
    2:06 AM [mikosu] GS ALL DAY B*TCH
  20. page

    page [11] Champion

    Sailor Mina? Hmmm.

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