Alpha Pat's top 10 moves


[10] Knight
Why not use 236A to catch step? It leaves you closer to the opponent. It's a high, but not many characters can step and crouch at the same time. 4K is very slow.


[14] Master
Because 2363A on CH combos into CE. 236_2366A does not. =P

Also, 4K and 66A are the same speed, lol.

4K: hits mid, shorter range, low damage
236 6A: TC, longer range, hits high, low damage
236 3A: TC, Longer range, combos into CE for high damage, hits high

If you want a good quick, step catching mid, use 3A, not 4K. Though that's my personal preference.


[10] Knight
Wow, 236A feels a lot faster than 4K.

Characters that step alot and pushing me back (like Ivy) give me lots of trouble. I'll try doing more 4K.


[08] Mercenary
Most people already know what moves are good, but here are my 10 cents.

1. Sakura Twister
2. Shade thrust (214 3B:B, also BE)
3. 2B+K
4. 33B (his best tool for discouraging rolling around)
5. 2A
6. throws
7. 22AA
8. 66B (the good ole' run up and stab, when you find an opponent that likes to twitch block low)
9. bA
10. 66 A+B

66A+B really needs some explanation because the move is kind of sucky, but it's useful for several things. It does good guard damage vs turtlers. It gets clean hits. It follows up shade thrust. And it really encourages your opponent to attack. If I'm noticing my opponent likes to attack from a forced crouch, I just GI after this move for some easy damage.

2B+K is my favorite against slower opponents, following it with a twister beats pretty much whatever they have.

Honorable mentions; 1A:A:A and 1B:B
the former is just a bit slow, but good damage.
the latter is too inconsistent for me, I actually use it vs grounded opponents more than anything. On paper it's the perfect whiff punish, but it really can't be done consistently under pressure.


[09] Warrior
so why is 8A+B A worth using? Is it just for closing distance? That would be really helpful, but doesn't it leave you back turned on block and have nothing else guaranteed (unless it can combo with BT B+K on CH)?


[10] Knight
Because it kills step, closes distance, and gives a throw/BT B+K:B mix-up on hit. Even if it gets blocked, you're only at -3 (Though aPat isn't really able to do anything with that), and you're left right next to the opponent.


[08] Mercenary
I will not judge move based on their utility in combo but more in their raw interest to use it in a non-combo situation.
My personal top ten :

1. 2363B/33B, Everything with that attack is godlike

2. Throws, aPat throws are one of the best of the entire game, Strong RO capabilities, can lead to 100 damages.

3. 2363aB/JFT, Amazing punish and rushdown tools, did i mention its awesome range ?

4. 66B, Safe mid that hits hard and tracks rather well, rather good range.

5. 1AAA, One of the best low in the game, RO and wall combo potential, also invisible, only downside : slow.

6. CE, i8 lol. It can win games by itself.

7. 2143b:B, Tech crouch, fast and good damage, rather safe, perfect to stop people that spam very fast attack with not a lot of frame disadvantage.

8. 2A, Not a glorious move but its utility is very strong, that's your little fast poke that just stop your opponent from going wild.

9. bA, Good zoning tools and rather safe against a lot of characters. Really useful.

10. 4K/3K, Not a glorious move too, but it's the best stepkiller of aPat IMO, very underestimated,, just because it hits mid, it counter near all of the Evade attack (Ex : Ivy's 3B), and kill players that abuse those moves too much. it's fast, give good advantage (Spam it as long as the guy don't want to block it). it's more a psychological tools than a damaging one, it still fits very well in aPat arsenal.

Some other good :
1B:B would be strong if i can use it consistently one day.

Silver Moon combo is more than decent against people that can't punish hit hard, you use your 1AAA and pray your opponent duck and BOUM 82 Damages.

8A+B B, You're going to kill people that don't want to stand up with it.

2K because i use it all day like a scrub.


[08] Mercenary
If you want to feel less like a scrub, use 2142K ;D
I think it has better range too.

It has longer range and is a bit faster, but i'm lazy :(, and i don't use 2K because of its awesome frame data or ubber long poke capabilities so i'm fine using it, hehe


[10] Knight
My list in no particular order.

2143a:B - extremely fast and deceptive range. Best combo ended and punishment.

2a - is your best friend

44b+k and BE version - 14 frame with BE that combos for over 100 damage and + frames on block. Awesome!

214a - his best step catch and great frames even on block

66b - good solid mid too keep them from ducking your throws

2142k - very fast low into your FC game

2363b - I fucking love this move

WRb - just another solid move with nice frames

Throws - damn near 100 damage on both throws um yes please

A:G:B - very useful in wall combos

Notable mentions - CE, 66a+b, 1a:A:a, 1b:b, 2k. He has so many good moves this list is hard lol.


Time for my lists :D although alpha has alot of good moves.....
JF twister

Seven ate you

[08] Mercenary
Few notes before I make my list.

1. My list won't include the moves mid/ending comboing potential.

Example: CH 33B > 2143B!B > 2143aB! > 2133aB! His 33B would get points for starting combos but his 2143B!B Wouldn't

2. My list will note include punishing potential, just the move plain.

3. Also it's not in any order. Now to start the list.

1. 33B Good distancing, good damage, amazing damage on CH

2. 2143aB! It ducks and it's fast

3. 2A BE It's fast, horizontal medium, so fast it around back steps and it has good damage

3. bA Good distancing, hard to punish at tip range, horizontal medium

4. 1B!B Good to throw out there, hard to JG punish, takes half your life

5. 2142K long range for a poke, you can use it at max range to get someone off guard than backstop to be safe-ish

6. 2A It's fast, good range for a poke, combos into CE

7. 1A!A!A Good low to catch people off guard

8. Grabs He has 2 grabs with amazing damage and wake-up, and they can be faked out (You guess you're opponent is predicting you're gonna use this move.) with 1B!B which can also take half you're life

9. 2B+K it's -1 on guard, can faked out with 1A!A!A, has a UK trap with 2362BA for good wake-up if they don't UK and 2363B for good damage if they UK

10. agG It teck ducks and does lots of damage

Honorable mentions

214A It's a horizontal, has range, is -3 on guard and can be frame trapped with CE

22K It's a good side step move with good wake-up

A+B It's when you this you're opponent is going to do a fast poke like 2A, his 1st level GI (which I will act like level 2-4 don't exist for,obvious reasons.) may have bad damage but puts you in mid-close range with +6 frame advantage.

BB It's just fast enough to classify as a poke, just fast enough to make your opponent flinch and has decent range (Side note: beats Mitsurugi's 4B)

CE i8, what else is there to say about this move?
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