Any Board Gamers/Pen and Paper RPGers?


[09] Warrior
Hey, just curious. Anybody here play games like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun?

Or minis gamers? Like Warhammer 40k?

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
i enjoy a good game of chess every once in awhile. Im not great at it, but i know how to play!! But as far as DnD and stuff like that.....i already love starwars to much, think my wife might label me as a full on nerd if i pick that up!! no offense to DnD players!!

if anyone has chessmaster on xbl that maybe wants to get a game in sometime.....hit me up!!


[09] Warrior
the only board game that matters:



[09] Warrior
OMG someone else plays it!

It's actually a really awesome card game. Shame that they haven't released SC4 cards yet...


[09] Warrior
think im gonna need some major lifestyle changes to join in anything on this forum, first of all could people stop making up words then using them as if everyones no what the hell theyre saying. you might i dont