BD Changes


Goderator of pink hearts
  • 44B causes KND like it used to.
  • CR [A+B] launches higher.
  • A+B MSH B's last hit is still high after all. Source said he can't duck it.
  • 33[ B ] CR 8K does 74. (up from 66)
  • CR [A+B] does 48 damage. (up from 38)
  • CR [A+B] 8KKK seems to be a combo. 86 damage with no JFs!
  • 8KKK does 49 (down from 54). 8K:K:K:K does 70 (down from 73).


Goderator of pink hearts
Update: 44B knocks down like it used to! NH CR [A+B] launches higher.


[09] Warrior
If it doesnt stun anymore doesnt that mean you cant combo into much anymore? I see that as a bad thing, even if it was really shakeable. D:


[09] Warrior
If it doesnt stun anymore doesnt that mean you cant combo into much anymore? I see that as a bad thing, even if it was really shakeable. D:

Yeah, the mix-up potential after you connected with a 44B made it a nice move. Not to mention it was a good noob stun killer.


[09] Warrior
You get VERY little/no advantage after landing the 44B shakeable stun if your opponent is good at shaking- maybe 1 frame. When you consider how slow most of Yun's ranged options are compared to the rest of the cast, it's practically disadvantage. Getting KND off of it is a buff.


[09] Warrior
Noooo I need my noob filter~

It'd be nice if 44A now stunned but we know that's not going to happen. Hmm, oh well.


[12] Conqueror
Its great to see 44B pressure near the edge and walls is back.
Giving him a safe mid doesnt hurt either. Way to go, Namco.


[08] Mercenary
Youch those are the only changes? Hopefully when the game comes out and we get the frame data he has some nice changes (like a little more safety).
-- Master KaijinJin --


[11] Champion
Yun Seong
2B, K- Second hit knocks down on NH. NC 47 dmg. Huge buff IMO. The spin from the knockdown can be comboed off walls easily. Doesn't Spin on air hit.

1K, K- Second hit launches way higher than in console. K,K,B able.

22_88B- Same as above can be comboed now/

A+K- Cannot RO forward anymore.

33_99K- Knocks down on NH

CRA+K- The RO to his right seems to be further now.

Good additions imo. A+K front RO is a loss though.

I mentioned those in the BD thread. :D



[09] Warrior
I just got the game working about 5 minutes ago. Trying to find more changes... right now the only new thing I've got is 4BK makes 'em fly higher... not higher enough to follow up with KKB though. D:


[09] Warrior
how much damage does yun get from the CH 1KK, KKB and the 22B, KKB? and does the airhit KKB ring out from a good distance at all?


[09] Warrior
I dont have the game infront of me right now, I'll check when I get home. But when I checked, 22B KKB doesnt connect. Maybe 22B launches higher on CH but as far as I know on NH it doesnt connect.

Also, you can pretty much air control out of EVERYTHING. Air control and step have gotten a major major major buff. I barely even consider verticals anymore since everything can be stepped in a blink. =] You can even air control out of Kilik's 3BB and Yun's first K of CH 4BKK... what... the...?