Cassandra Videos


[10] Knight
Hahaha, thanks! On the other hand, there's a problem with it - whenever I play SC4 (which happens very seldom because I dislike this game) I try to JI UBs and it doesn't always end fine for me, although I've got quite a nice accuracy with it (Ring can confirm that).


[12] Conqueror
ok,here are some vids from my cassandra!
Just enjoy it..i know some of my faults (step,gi etc) but i like the way i i start sometimes to step or Gi (if the opponnents start to get annoy me -.-)but i dont need it really =)
ok here we go!

Aria Esther(cassandra) vs Nu Maek(yun seong)1

Aria Esther(cassandra) vs Nu Maek(yun seong)2

Aria Esther(cassandra) vs Nu Maek(yun seong)3

Aria Esther(cassandra) vs Nu Maek(yun seong)4

Aria esther(cassandra) vs jiggy deluxe (nightmare) 1

Aria esther(cassandra) vs jiggy deluxe (nightmare) 2

there are some more vids from me or my people on that channel(its not my channel,dont forget) feel free if ya wanna watch some funny matches with many omfg situations XD and sry if the quality is not so good ;)
more to come,soon ^^ till then and have fun!


[08] Mercenary
Here are some videos of my Cass, recorded during a tournament in south France (2nd place for me).

Demi Final Winner
Thiry :sc2yos2: vs EggMaster :sc4cas1:

Final Winner
Malek :sc4ivy1: vs EggMaster :sc4cas1:

In this video, I step in the wrong side. I am conscious of that, and I corrected it.

Grand Final 1/2
Maxou :sc3set1: vs EggMaster :sc4cas1:

Grand Final 2/2
Maxou :sc3set1: vs EggMaster :sc4cas1:


[12] Conqueror
Yo, I'm Khent. I have a few Cassandra videos to post on Rigel's behalf:

Something-Unique (:sc4set2:) vs. Rigel (:sc4cas1:)

So good. So pro! So FREE!


[08] Mercenary
Yeah, nice videos, and funny by the way.
About Cass : Rigel should punish Setsuka's B+K doing 236 B. All the Setsuka try to throw out their opponant with B+K 61B 11A+B, when they are back of the egde. So it's pretty easy to put them out of the ring aha.
It's the same thing about the wall combos.


[09] Warrior
Eggmaster thanks for the advice, I actually found out B+K was punishable right after i went home the day after that vid was recorded and will make sure I do it if i ever have to fight Sets.


[09] Warrior
I hope no one is taking Runis's video seriously as some evidence that Cass's 4AB is anything but a shit move. Raphael can VE the B on reaction, and I think even VOLDO can step it, meaning it's beyond easily stepable on reaction.


[08] Mercenary
Aha, backdash ftw !
You're right ! Nice Cass ! Hope I could show you my progress soon Belial, I have a revenge to take aha !


[08] Mercenary
Here are some new vids from my Cass :

Docvizzo :sc1crv1: 1 - 5 Eggmaster :sc4cas1: :

5 - 3 Eggmaster :sc4cas1: :

This matchs were played outside, it was cold and so there are a lot of mistakes in the execution ( 236 turns into 7B, B, 6B, FC 3B, 3B... It was awful...)
Against Voldo, my main problem IMO was that I NEVER punished thit damn 3A


[14] Master
Lol at the non existing punishment, you should habe done only 236{B} all the time, since i wasnt punishing anything :P