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Hello! This thread is here to give you a few basics with Cervantes​
As well as to give you a list of other important threads so that you may further your knowledge!The rules for the SA are also below!​


It's worth noting that all the general terminologies & notations are located here.

Cervantes's best moves:
  1. iGDR- The ultimate weapon up Cervy's arsenal. A 17-frame initial 30 damage launcher which can be extended for combos and add major damage. It's also a big gamble move leaving you @ -21 when blocked.
  2. aB- A decent punish-er and interrupter. 11 frames, 40 damage, -4 on hit, a bit of a gamble leaving you @ -18 when blocked.
  3. 3B- Staple launcher/whiff punisher. 19 frames, 28 damage, -13 on block, so not immensely unsafe.
  4. 1A:B- Staple low/anti-step. 23ish damage, -4 on hit, very unsafe on block. CH grants a combo.
  5. 4B BE- linear but decently fast 21 frame attack that guard crushes leaving you an 8 frame advantage.
  6. 2A+B- versatile, though it leaves you at -11 on block, it forces the opponent on crouch and punishment isn't that easy to go by. 20 damage, 19 frames and knocks down opponents on hit.
If you wish to discuss this topic please look HERE

Cervantes can be played patiently or aggressively, but all strategies should focus around maximizing his major launch damage off of 3B and iGDR. Executed properly, these combos are so damaging that opponents will be forced to take great pains not to whiff attacks. Additionally, they will be reticent to duck, allowing for grab and 1A:B abuse.

Directories to the big threads
Cervantes General Q+A/Discussions - Any game-play elemental questions goes here.
Cervantes Combos -Discussion for all your combo needs also if you got combos, plz share here.
Cervantes Combo/Tech List- The SA's official combo/tech trap listing.
Cervantes Tech Traps -Discussion for traps that catches certain or all directions of tech rolls/ukemies.
Cervantes Match Vids - Got a vid to share? plz donate here.

Strategies and/or match ups against certain foes
α Patroklos Aeon Algol Astaroth Dampierre Devil Jin Ezio Auditore Hilde
Ivy Leixia Maxi Mitsurugi Natsu Nightmare Patroklos Pyrrha
Pyrrha Ω Raphael Siegfried Tira Viola Voldo Xiba Yoshimitsu Z.W.E.I.

Before you post anything you must follow a set of rules; here are the rules:

Soul Arena Specific Rules

In addition to the normal site rules (Found Here), a few special rules apply to the Soul Arenas.

1) Do not make new threads if an existing thread can adequately deal with the question or topic at hand. Lets say you have a question about Natsu's Possession stance, you can go to the Natsu Q+A thread and ask there. If, on the other hand, you have pertinent detailed information on Possession stance you can make a "Natsu Possession Study" thread because it is appropriate.

In general, most queries can be dealt with inside the basic threads already in existence; so please lean on the side of caution in Soul Arenas more than most when it comes to creating new threads. This isn't so much a new rule as an insistent delcaration to follow the existing rule on the matter.

2) Strategies and information posted in Soul Arena's are assumed to apply to OFFLINE NORMAL VS MODE play. That is the default position here. If you wish to post something specifically related to ONLINE play, you should note that in the post or thread title as appropriate.

3) Some deviation from forum specific guidelines is acceptable based on the preferences of the SA Moderator. A Matchfinder (PSN/XBL/Offline) thread of known/successful players of that character might be such a topic because this helps facilitate learning, and knowing who to learn from.

Another such thread might be a "Signature Costume" thread for well known tournament players, despite normally being a CaS specific thread.

The allowance of these threads is up to the discretion of the individual Soul Arena Moderators.

4) Tier discussion is SPECIFICALLY not allowed in Soul Arenas, given that almost everything a tier discussion touches turns into a crap flinging flame fest. There is no moderator leeway on this one- it simply isn't allowed.

5) We crack down extra hard on people being disrespectful or hostile to SA moderators. Their job is hard, and often thankless. Giving them a hard time will in turn get you a hard time from the higher up moderators and admins.

There were some people who post threads that have been already answered. It could mean two things; either they didn't bother reading the entire sticky threads or info wasn't easily accessible.

So with this Starters' Guide thread I hope this reduces or better yet eliminates filler-questionnaires that were at times posted as topic threads.

So here's what I highly recommend you to do before you post:
So that's basically it. This guide is to give you a sense of direction on what's best to do before you post of course hope this serves you well.

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