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Discussion in 'Cervantes' started by franman, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    Got your combos for show & tell? share & discuss here.

    Updated Feb 14 2012

    As promised here's a compilation list of our discovered combos from the beginning to Feb 7. Notice the spoiler tag when a list for a certain setup gets too long. Just click on the Toggle Spoiler button to release its contents. Me or Spman will update the list as more combos gets discovered. If there's any mistakes please let me know.

    Natural Combos
    Counter Hit Combos
    ->iGDR 48 DMG
    ->CE CE 98 DMG

    ->:3::B: or iGDR setup

    ->iGDR - 64 DMG bis 71 DMG

    ->:2::B+K: - 73 DMG (not from max range)
    ->iGDR - 80 DMG
    ->CE CE - 124 DMG

    ->:2::K: - 42 DMG

    ->similar to iGDR setup

    ->:8::B+K: :8::B+K: iGDR
    ->iGDR IGDR - 112 to 121 DMG
    ->iGDR CE CE - 149 DMG

    :8: :A+B:
    ->DC:B: - 58 DMG (Strict timing)

    ->iGDR 88 DMG (not from "Max" Range)

    ->:3::B: - 57 DMG

    ->iGDR setup

    BT :B+K:
    ->iGDR setup

    ->BT :B+K: :2::B+K:
    ->BT :B+K: CE - 89 DMG
    ->BT :B+K: CE CE - 132 DMG

    DC :A:
    ->after GC :aB:
    ->after GC CE
    ->iGDR - 62 DMG

    DC :K: :B: (during hit) :B: (just)
    ->CE CE
  2. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Here is what I have so far:

    3B: Gun, 3A
    B throw: 3B
    3A+B: BBB
  3. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    Alright so my friend Egg here is generous to share his discovered combos to the captain, so I'm spilling the beans to this thread.
    Thank you Egg for contributing.
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  4. DRAGOON320

    DRAGOON320 [09] Warrior

    I got some.

    3B W! 3B! W! JF 1AB iGDR - 95 w/clean hit : 91 w/o
    3B bA W! 2A+B - 61
    3B 8B+K CE CE - 108 200% meter
    bK W! 3B 8B+K iGDR - 83
    6B+K W! 3B W! 3B 8B+K iGDR 134
    9B+K 3B 57
    4aB 3A+B BBB - 73
    6B BE BT B+K CE - 91 150% meter
    (On BT opponent) 66B W! 66B W! 66B - 122

    Still searching for more. =)
  5. MadKing

    MadKing [01] Neophyte

    3B 8B+K CE W! 3B 8B+K 3B: 116 (100% meter)

    EDIT: 3B 8+K CE W! 3B 8B+K CE W! 3B 8+BK 3B: 153 (200% meter)
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    Dr. Hates Jerk.

    3B, iGDR x2 (iGDR as early as possible then as late as possible for both to hit)
    3B, iGDR, B2 (gotta iGDR early, as above)
    3B, 8B+K, iGDR
    3, 8B+K, iGDR*, CE, CE
    *earliest input pops your opponent up once again, allowing for CEs to connect
    BT B+K, iGDR x3
    33B, iGDR_3B
    B+G, iGDR_3B
    33A, 44K
    CH 2A+B, iGDR
    iGDR x3
    iGDR x2, 3B_2B+K
    DC A (blocked), aB_CE
    4aB, any 3B or iGDR combo above
    44A+B, 8B+K x2, iGDR
    66B->W!, 66B->W!, 3A+B, BBB (this is 130-140 with no JFs, just have to make sure the second 66B splats them face toward the wall. If not, and they splat lower, skip straight to BBB).
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    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

  7. ricoFMV

    ricoFMV [02] Apprentice

    3B, (fast as possible) WS B+K
  8. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    Just an idea folks. After labeling your combos (the ones that don't require BE or CE) put how much Soul Meter you gain. I think it maybe useful for a game plan as it helps budget our soul meter use.

    Also I'm thinking of compiling our discovered combos to the first post.
  9. Brock

    Brock [03] Disciple

    I found that near the edge of the ring, CH 3A+B, JF 1AB (delayed) will connect and combo upon them standing for around 70-80 damage when the enemy techs. You can also throw in a 3B if you get a ground stun but if not they tech and take 40 DMG from the gunshot while standing.
  10. Kimosabae

    Kimosabae [09] Warrior

    Is it still possible to do iGDR without meter?
  11. docvizzo

    docvizzo [12] Conqueror

    Yes sure, same Input.

    Im waiting for my copy... Should arrive today or tomorrow...i'll post my stuff soon....
  12. babalook

    babalook [10] Knight

    I'm not on right now but i think the damage on these is pretty close to correct

    near a ledge
    -B+G CE 2A+B/2B+K about 98 dmg
    near wall
    B+G CE iGDR about 105 dmg

    Also has anyone found stuff to do after 3A
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  13. The_Ebolanator

    The_Ebolanator [08] Mercenary

    I actually have a combo question and was wondering if anybody would help me figure it out.

    You guys remember SCIV Cervantes's iGDR 28B, right? Well I can't seem to figure out how to do the 28B part of that in SCV. I tried doing 28B after iGDR but it didn't come out.

    Curiously enough, whenever I do 8A+B and go into auto-DC and press B (at least, that's what I think I did), it does the animation for SCIV 28B, yet I cannot seem to do it off of iGDR in SCV. It is possible, that much I'm sure of because a CPU spammed iGDR 28B on me 3 times in a row for OBSCENE damage.

    Is there a new input to pull it off now? Am I just missing something here? I would playtest it myself but to this day I cannot iGDR reliably enough to do so.
  14. Spidey

    Spidey [09] Warrior

    I get it when im doing iGDR then iGDR again (28B comes out).
  15. K0rN_b4LL

    K0rN_b4LL [14] Master

    Yeah they made it so if you do a second iGDR right after the first it changes it to the old 28B.
  16. Tomo009

    Tomo009 [02] Apprentice

    so is iGDR x3 actually possible? Or is it just that you have the follow up spinning attack in the middle, but counting it as one of the iGDRs seeing as it has the same inputs? I haven't been able to get actual iGDRs in a row without using the brave edge version.
  17. Nofacekill3r

    Nofacekill3r [10] Knight

    can anybody get anything to combo after WS B, iGDR besides CE? I would like to know this as well for CH 2A+B, iGDR.

    also WS A+B (BE) iGDR is a nice high/throw punisher for 50% meter, 95 dmg. WS B combo with CE is only 103 and cost 100% lol
  18. Nofacekill3r

    Nofacekill3r [10] Knight

    this works near a ledge too but i guess u didnt mention it cuz if u mess up you die lol

    nice i knew it hit grounded but didnt know it caught all rolls. this is gonna make his grab game sick.

    also is there anything to combo from B+G other than iGDR/CE?
  19. Slade

    Slade [14] Master

    Lord Slade
    3B for 56 damage, I believe. More consistent than iGDR for only 4 less damage or so.

    Also, can anyone confirm that the 214:B~G option select for blocking after a failed iGDR input is gone? I couldn't get it to work but my execution is sub-par.

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