CjHN2's SoulCalibur VI CAS Thread


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Took me long enough to post this. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Christopher - New Edit 2.png

Christopher - New Buzz Edit 2.png


Kris 3.png





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Andrew Mason.png

Andrew Mason

Omar Harrington.png

Omar Harrington

Linda the Rabbit 2.png

Linda The Rabbit (Andrew's Familiar)

Heather the Cat 2.png

Heather the Cat (Omar's Familiar)

These are my characters coming from my upcoming remake of the "Demon Hunters" saga in 2021. My 1st draft of that story was a bit too X-Rated; I decided to make the remake appeasing to teens and adults - this show is not for kids. And I mean it, too.


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I stand corrected - my 1st edit of the Demon Hunters saga (including the original and the New England Grand Tour) was X-Rated. I don't think Showtime would approve that series. >:(

But other than that, it will be on my own merit whether or not I'll return to writing stories again; I'm enjoying playing SoulCalibur VI and I'm way too focused on gaming right now I hadn't had the time to get back into writing.

Maya 3.png
Maya 6.png


Cecilia - 2B.png

Cecilia - 2B 3.png

Cecilia - 2B 5.png

Cecilia - 2B Cosplay

Hamakaze - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Hamakaze - 2B Cosplay (Kantai Collection)
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Queen Medb.png

Queen Medb 3.png

Queen Medb [Rider] (Fate/Grand Order)

Mash Kyrielight.png

Mash Kyrielight 3.png

Mash Kyrielight 4.png

Mash Kyrielight [Shielder] (Fate/Grand Order)

Utan Enhada - New Edit 2.png

Utan Enhada - LF2/3 Edit (LunarFate - My Fanfic)

Maiya Uzuki - Teacher.png

Maiya Uzuki - Teacher 2.png

Maiya Uzuki - Teacher (LunarFate - My Fanfic)

Now my Utan has his purpose in this game thanks to Azwel's gauntlets. :)
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Artoria Pendragon - Fate 2.png

Artoria Pendragon - Fate 5.png

Artoria Pendragon - Fate 3.png

Artoria Pendragon [Saber] (Fate Series)

Satsuki Yumizuka 2.png

Satsuki Yumizuka - LunarFate Edition (Tsukihime/Melty Blood)


Len (Melty Blood/Kagetsu Toya)

Komane Uzuki.png

Komane Uzuki - Dreamcast Fanatic (LunarFate)

Akisora Michiba - Bunny.png

Akisora Michiba - Bunny Girl (LunarFate)


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More Demon Hunters Characters . . . . . . . . . . .

Koya Hamatsu.png
Koya Hamatsu 2.png

Koya Hamatsu

Kori the Emperor Penguin 2.png

Kori the Emperor Penguin.png

Kori the Emperor Penguin (Koya's Familiar)

Alice Smith M2.png

Alice Smith 2.png

Alice Smith


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Alcoa Haliwell - MM3.png

Alcoa Haliwell - MM 4.png

Alcoa Haliwell


Wendy 2.png

Wendy 3.png

Wendy (Wendy's)

Lisa The Cat.png

Lisa The Cat 2.png

Lisa The Cat

Iris The Cat.png

Iris The Cat 2.png

Iris The Cat

Boosette 2.png

Boosette 4.png

Boosette [Princess King Boo]

I couldn't find a good crown for Boosette. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Raymond - Hatless.png

Raymond - Hatless 2.png


The European Gladiators
Samantha 3.png

Samantha 4.png








Miriam 2.png

Miriam 3.png


I'm going to be running my 1st real stream tomorrow at around 1 to 4 pm. So, keep on the watch through those time periods.


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Lee Hyeri - Bunny.png

Lee Hyeri - Bunny 2.png

Lee Hyeri - Bunny (Laysha)

Mikuru - Bunny.png

Mikuru - Bunny 3.png

Mikuru - Bunny 5.png

Haruhi - Bunny.png

Haruhi - Bunny 2.png

Haruhi - Bunny 3.png

Nagato Yuki - Bunny.png

Nagato Yuki - Bunny 4.png

Nagato Yuki - Bunny 3.png

Tsuruya - Bunny.png

Tsuruya - Bunny 2.png

Tsuruya - Bunny 3.png

Mikuru/Haruhi/Nagato Yuki/Tsuruya - Bunny (Haruhi Series)

My Twitch stream premiere has been moved to next week; I got some stuff to work out until then and I'm not in my right mind today to be streaming.


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My favorite characters from High School DxD . . . . . . . .

Rias Gremory 2.png

Rias Gremory 3.png

Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Himejima Akeno.png

Himejima Akeno 2.png

Himejima Akeno (High School DxD)


Kuroka 2.png

Kuroka (High School DxD)

Serafall Leviathan (High School DxD)


Rossweiss 2.png

Rossweiss 5.png

Rossweiss - Sophitia Cosplay (High School DxD)
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I'll add more creations to my thread next week; I'm taking the weekend off so I can watch some SoulCalibur VI tournaments and work on other things for my 1st real stream, next week.


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Bel 2.png

Bel 3.png

Bel [Ana De Armas] (Knock Knock)
She's my best creation I made so far; not to mention, she's been getting me a lot of viewers on YouTube.






I'll try to get my 1st stream up and running this Thursday. I need to work on some stuff for the stream until then.


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Jenn 2.png


Rin Tohsaka.png

Rin Tohsaka 2.png

Rin Tohsaka (Fate)

Luvia Edelfelt.png

Luvia Edelfelt 2.png

Luvia Edelfelt 3.png

Luvia Edelfelt (Fate)


Boudica 2.png

Boudica (Fate/Grand Order)

Oda Nobunaga - Fate.png

Oda Nobunaga (Fate/Grand Order)


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Aoko Aozaki - M.png

Aoko Aozaki - M3.png

Aoko Aozaki - Minidress (Mahou Tsukai No Yoru/Melty Blood)

Xenovia Quarta 2.png

Xenovia Quarta 4.png

Xenovia Quarta - Summer (High School DxD)

Asia Argento.png

Asia Argento 2.png

Asia Argento - Sophitia Cosplay (High School DxD)

Hanakai Momo.png

Hanakai Momo 2.png

Hanakai Momo 3.png

Hanakai Momo - X Gameplay (High School DxD)

I'll try to get my 1st real stream up and running this Friday. I just recovered from a moderate food allergy last week; it was just one oatmeal pie I had from Little Debbie and it almost killed me. I wanted to sue them, but I'll let it slide for now or not. Anyway, I'll try to shift between YouTube and Twitch when making these SoulCalibur videos. So far YouTube has been getting me viewers but Twitch may or may not give me as much. I just want to see this through - - - if I'm able to do it.


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Cassandra - 80s Workout Attire A.png

Cassandra - 80s Workout Attire 2.png

Cassandra - 80s Workout Attire 3.png

Sophitia - 80s Workout Attire.png
Sophitia - 80s Workout Attire 3.png

Sophitia - 80s Workout Attire 4.png

Sophitia - 80s Workout Attire 6.png

The Alexandrias (Cassandra/Sophitia) - 80's Workout Attire

2B - Yoga.png

2B - Yoga 2.png

2B - Yoga 3.png

2B - Yoga Warrior

Tira - Gymnast.png

Tira - Gymnast 2.png

Tira - Gymnast 3.png

Tira - Gymnast
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Ruth Mason 2A.png

Ruth Mason 2B.png

Ruth Mason (Demon Hunters)

Hakufu Sonsaku.png

Hakufu Sonsaku 3.png

Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen)

Rias Gremory - X Cosplay.png

Rias Gremory - X Cosplay 2.png

Rias Gremory - X Cosplay (High School DxD)

Maxelle Estellina.png

Maxelle Estellina (Demon Hunters)