CjHN2's SoulCalibur VI CAS Thread


[09] Warrior
Michelle Heart - LunarFate Christmas.png

Michelle Heart - LunarFate Christmas 2.png

Michelle Heart - LunarFate Christmas 3.png

Michelle Heart (Ms. Heart) - Christmas (LunarFate)

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay.png

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay 5.png

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Chrisette - 2B Cosplay

I'll try to run a Sophitia stream sometime today or this week at around 2-4 PM CT. So keep a close eye on my Twitch channel for more details.
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Sophitia - Tight.png Sophitia - Tight 2.png Sophitia - Tight 3.png Cassandra - Tight.png Cassandra - Tight 2.png Cassandra - Tight A.pngXianghua - Tight Magician.png Xianghua - Tight Magician 2.png Xianghua - Tight Magician 3.png Xianghua - Tight Magician 4.png Hilde - Tight Queen.png Hilde - Tight Queen 2.pngHilde - Tight Queen 3.png Hilde - Tight Queen 4.png Tira - Tight Masked A.png Tira - Tight Masked 2.png Tira - Tight Masked 3.png Tira - Tight Masked 4.pngTira - Tight Masked 5.png Tira - Tight Unmasked.png Tira - Tight Unmasked 2.png Tira - Tight Unmasked 3.png Tira - Tight Unmasked 4.png Tira - Tight Unmasked 5.png

Sorry for not having the full sizes of these character edits; it was just way too much images to fill in this page. But other than that, I will be running a Christmas stream featuring Michelle Heart (aka Ms. Heart), the infamous villain of my "LunarFate" saga today at around 2-5 PM @ twitch.tv/CjHN3X. But, it will be a 45-70 minute stream; so be on the watch around those hours.


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Wendy - 2B Cosplay.png
Wendy - 2B Cosplay 2.png
Wendy - 2B Cosplay 3.png
Wendy - 2B Cosplay 4.png
Wendy - 2B Cosplay 5.png
Wendy - 2B Cosplay 6.png

Wendy - 2B Cosplay

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 2.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 3.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 4.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 5.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 6.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 7.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire 8.png

Cecilia - 80s Workout Attire

I will try to run another stream this weekend, on either Friday or Saturday at around 2-5 PM CENTRAL TIME!! So be on the watch around those days and hours.


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Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form 2.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form 3A.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form 4.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form 5.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2 Human Form 6.png

Dana - Chromium3-D2's Human Form

I got to take care of some stuff on SoulCalibur VI today. I have to choose which three characters I'm going to be playing with next week; it's way too much of a headache trying to divide my attention on a multitude of characters - three's going to have to cut it. And besides that, I'm waiting on Hwang to make a comeback to SoulCalibur VI. That'll be my 4th character to pick up and play along with my other three, if he comes back.


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Chris 2.png

Chris 3.png


Judith - Holy Hauberk.png

Judith - Holy Hauberk 2.png

Judith - Holy Hauberk 3.png

Judith - Holy Hauberk 4.png

Judith Ashe - Holy Hauberk

Change of plans - I'm not doing any ranked matches any time soon. So in the meantime, I will try to stream my 1st player match session today at around 2-5 PM CT @ twitch.tv/CjHN3X. If you want to fight against me, just ask me on stream (limit 3 players).


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Terra - SWO.png

Terra - SWO 2.png

Terra - SWO 3.png

Terra - SWO 4.png

Terra - SWO 5.png

Terra - Spring/Winter Outfit (Re-Edit)

Morrigan Aensland - Cursed Bird.png

Morrigan Aensland - Cursed Bird 2.png

Morrigan Aensland - Cursed Bird 3.png

Morrigan Aensland - Cursed Bird 4.png

Morrigan Aensland - Blonde Cursed Bird Corset (DarkStalkers)


[09] Warrior
Koya Hamatsu - Red Raider Edit.png

Koya Hamatsu - Red Raider Edit 2.png

Koya Hamatsu - Red Raider Edit 3.png

Koya Hamatsu - Red Raider Edit 4.png

Koya Hamatsu - Red Raider Edit (Demon Hunters)

Christopher - Neo Buzz Edit.png

Christopher - Neo Buzz Edit 2.png

Christopher - Neo Buzz Edit

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay.png

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay 2.png

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay 3.png

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay 4.png

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay 5.png

Venelana Gremory - Sophitia Cosplay (High School DxD) >:D


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Yumeko Jabami.png

Yumeko Jabami 2.png

Yumeko Jabami 3.png

Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

I'll post more creations when the Season 2 roster is complete; I'm waiting on Setsuka and maybe Hwang to be the two characters in this Season 2 DLC.


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I finally got the PS4 and you know what that means - - - -

DK-Z 2.png

DK-Z (Original)

Cleo Hughley - Casual.png

Cleo Hughley - Casual 2.png

Cleo Hughley - Casual (Original)

I'll try to play online in the PSN next year - hopefully. I never been afraid to set foot in any gaming platform like PC before; the PSN maybe be toxic but I have a chance to face more players there - if I'm wrong I'm wrooong.


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Hwang - Schoolboy.png

Hwang - Schoolboy 2.png

Hwang - ???

Siegfreid - Tuxedo.png

Siegfreid - Tuxedo 2.png

Siegfried - Western Tux

On second thought, I'll take that back. I'll try to get on the PlayStation Network next week.
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Serafall Leviathan - Workout Attire.jpg
Serafall Leviathan - Workout Attire 3.jpg
Serafall Leviathan - Workout Attire 2.jpg
Serafall Leviathan - Workout Attire 5.jpg
Serafall Leviathan - Workout Attire 4.jpg

Serafall Leviathan - Workout (High School DxD)

Mitsuri - Pure White Workout.jpg
Mitsuri - Pure White Workout 2.jpg

Mitsuri - Pure White Workout

Yakima - SXC.jpg
Yakima - SXC 3.jpg
Yakima - SXC 2.jpg
Yakima - SXC 4.jpg

Yakima - Xiaoyu Cosplay


[09] Warrior
Amy - SWO.jpg
Amy - SWO 2.jpg
Amy - SWO 3.jpg
Amy - SWO 4.jpg
Amy - SWO 5.jpg

Amy - Spring/Winter Outfit

Celine - SWO.jpg
Celine - SWO 2.jpg
Celine - SWO 3.jpg

Celine - Spring/Winter Outfit

Hakufu Sonsaku - Schoolgirl.jpg
Hakufu Sonsaku - Schoolgirl 2.jpg
Hakufu Sonsaku - Schoolgirl 3.jpg

Hakufu Sonsaku - Academy Attire (Ikkitousen)


[09] Warrior
Alyssa Milano.jpg

Alyssa Milano

Jennnifer Love Hewitt.jpg
Jennnifer Love Hewitt 2.jpg
Jennnifer Love Hewitt 4.jpg

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Miss Morton.jpg
Miss Morton 2.jpg

Ms. Morton (Morton's Salt Products)

Chris - Asuka Edgemaster.jpg
Chris - Asuka Edgemaster 2.jpg

Chris - Asuka Edgemaster