Combos/Tech Traps


[08] Mercenary
Messing about with Yun today and got this:

66A w!, 44A, 6A+B, 1KK w!, 4BK, K (107-109 dmg)

Not sure why but after 4B+K, hit K I'll get an extra kick in and it will land you into the Crane Stance. Not sure how that worked but yeah. xP You could get in a CR A+B but it isn't added into the combo damage in Training.


[09] Warrior
If 4BKK hits on CH it'll go into CR. That is, only if you hit the second K, which'll give you a straight CR K.

eg. A combo I often use is (for IV, which is also really shakeable...) 44B, 44A, 6A+B, 4BKK, CR A+K

No 44B stun in BD makes me sad. Gotta use 44A now, even though it only stuns on CH.

Also... in BD, A+B mash B is not MMM. It's still MMH.


[08] Mercenary
44B, 44A, 6A+B, 4BKK, CR A+K
This isn't a combo. Combo ends with the 4BK. CR A+K can be blocked. But if you hit 4BK JF you get a nice chance for mix-up from crane.


[08] Mercenary
Hi there

About that combo :

66A W! ,6A+B, 3[K], CR B, 1K2K, W!, 66K

Maybe i missed it on those pages, but there are some situations (corners) where you can end this way :

66A W! ,6A+B, 3[K], CR B, 1KK, W!, A+K, 66K
==> it turns around 110-120...
It happens when 1KK launches high on the wall.

then you can even hit with 1A instead of A+K...


[08] Mercenary
Wow, ancient! Time to post something.

-the 3B+K catches all, it hits OTG
--Catches all sides but on right it will not do the following.
and if they do tech it will launch them behind you, so you're BT

Which means you can land BT B+K 8KKK / 1KK
the timing is really iffy though for the BT B+K
IMO; if it's too hard to land the BT B+K just G turn around and do a 1K2K or 66K because both are still guaranteed.


[09] Warrior
I view 33AK as a punisher, taking care of very unsafe moves like Nightmares 3AA etc... The first hit (33A), yields good fear advantage on grd and Tech Crouches some time after it hits... 33A also catches step OK, but the probem is how unsafe it is to begin with, it's a poor fear mixup if used as a poke which I believe 66A and 44A both do better... Folowing through with 33AK leves Yun horribly unsafe on grd and ends the string resulting in a large change in the battle (depending on how the opponent reacts with their character)... Using 33AK as a punisher (whether a successful step or block punisher) is key to using this move safely and effectively when using Yun-Seong... At far range 33AK, 66B is a garaunteed tech trap catching all directions and hitting ground for good damage, while at close range 33AK, A+K is a tech trap with the first hit of A+K catching all directions and the 2nd hit of 33AK hitting ground (or catching rolling opponents mostly)... If A+K somehow gets blocked Yun is at -8, proving it to be a safe option, and if A+K connects Yun gets either A+K, 66K as a combo or Yun gets his 2 favorite tech traps between 66A+B (F/B/R/G) or 9B+K (F/B/L/G), all options dealing great amounts of damage, maybe even winning the round...


[09] Warrior
Some stuns (STN) (ones that leave opponents standing in a daze) yield certain advantages that can be "shaken" out of to shorten the stun time of a move, these are called shake-stuns (SHK) and requires you to hold guard and rotate the control pad/stick in certain motions to escape... Although there is a limit to how fast you can get out of these stuns, and for each charater now I've calculated the frame amount left after a shakeble stun has been escaped the fastest... Seigfried's 6K for example gives him a incredibly large amount of frame advantage if not shaken, but even with the fastest shake possible he still gets +11...
Yun-Seong's shakeable stuns are: (6A = -1) (4B+K = +5) (BT B+K = +5) (44A = +2) (44B = +0) (44[B+K] = +5)
I don't want to confuse anyone with 6[A], lets say if 6[A] is shaken the fastest an immediate CR B followup will be i6...


[13] Hero
Just found a new Tech Trap but it is situational.
When Opponent is backed into a corner 66K then another 66K will catch all rolls and reset so you can just spam 66k until they stop teching and block. Just something I found useful or not.