Create-a-Soul Contest Winners Revealed!

Last month, we ran a contest based on people's creativity with create-a-soul. The contest prizes (and the idea for the contest in the first place) were provided from QanbaUSA (use promo code 8WAYRUN2018 for a 10% discount on all orders). We asked you to post your best CAS creations and the moderation team and Qanba would select our favorites, and reward the top three with some Collector's Editions for SC6; featuring a beautiful Sophitia statue, and a steelbook that yells at you when you open it.

Well the results are in! The moderation team selected two winners over the past week:
We also asked QanbaUSA to nominate a their own choice... and they have selected:
Congratulations to the three winners! PM me your shipping details and we'll get your prizes shipped right out to you!
Jason Axelrod


Congratulations to the winners! Interesting and quality selections. : )

Would love to know the criteria that were used in the voting for future contests like this (i.e. aesthetic, theme, personal preference, etc...) so we can continue to improve our entries, CAS skill level, and overall level of competition!
Congratulations to the winners of this great contest, amazing entries you guys, expected nothing less!! :D I think that a special mention must go to @brucege, for being a team player, donating his prize to @VILARCANE. The spirit of the SC community at its best here! :)
A round of applause for everyone who participated and shared their creativity, and a special shout out to QanbaUSA and 8wayrun for giving us all the opportunity to participate.

Cheers! :sc1crv1: