Critics on Nightmare

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This is a very respectable nightmare showing against some very good players. Besides the Lizardman matchup (which is very bad for NM), Wallace was playing very well. He needs some help, though!


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If a couple of vids playing against formidle players can show nm is actually better than what they think I think I along wiyh many other formidle Nm players have done that long time ago.

Most players including many nm players on this forum simply don't know NM as well as they think they know, or if they know nm their basics aren't up there



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He's like an exclusive character. I like that.

Just want to point out that there's more to NM's 66K game.


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Just wanted to say, I think the general soul calibur community as a whole, including the majority of 8wayrun, doesn't really understand the fine nuances of nightmare.

First of all, he is NOT bottom tier. Sure he's punishable, sure alot of his moves are slow, but with such a massive reward, it kinda makes up for it.

I've been playing nightmare since the beginning of sc3 (sc2 nightmare was a completely different character).
he is by no means weak. With him, you REALLY have to pick your shots wisely, not like amy or cassandra, where you can generally spam safe moves for the win.

the reason i would place nightmare in top tier, is because he will always push you to the edge of the ring whether you block him or not, and that alone puts fear into people to the point where they mess up trying to get away from the edge, or getting mixups left and right. playing against nightmare, you WILL BE AT THE EDGE OF THE RING AT SOME POINT IN THE MATCH!

playing against nightmare forces you to be almost as risky as nightmare himself. You need to NOT be passive against him by blocking him and instead throw in some counters.

On the other hand, when playing against a GREAT nightmare, i find myself blocking alot because at his range, he's incredibly fast. So really what i have to do is find an opening (which usually isn't a big window at all) and punish him.

I personally believe that the best nightmare player is extremely aggressive who doesn't mind risks, because ironically, the best way to play nightmare is to be RISKY, as opposed to most players, where the general strategy is to be safe.

I agree that playing nightmare is manly. Pure testosterone with a big ass sword.


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This is an ancient thread man. 2009 man. NM is pretty awesome.

Huge tech trap/ Dead trap mixups, one of the best normal throws in the game (+22 on wakeup man!), not one but two (three or four even) of the best whiff punishers in the game, HUGE step, insane grab reach, great safe pokes, Soul charge mixups, wall game etc etc.He also has a great, mind/mixup game which includes an regular options list of 5-7 moves. His OKI game is one of the best (2A+B, Lau throw, GS B, 1K, 2K, 66A+B, 66B+K, 33B, 3B etc etc). Excellent spacing game too, one of the best in the game. Good ringout range too (but i feel his ringout game is over rated). When played as Safemare, becomes hard to punish. Your opponent will feel very, very pressured.

Hes just very, very hard to play well due to his unsafety and highs. He's also very, very strong going forward but weaker going backwards (fixed in BD so fingers crossed for SC5). Lets not even talk about the Soul Gauge game


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Hurray for thread ressurection........

But Engared is spot on, 100%, everyone these days knows how powerful NM is and they know that to even give NM an inch, he'll take an entire mile off of your ass.
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