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Thanks about Luna, she's usually the creation I put the most love and attention into, doing the best I can with what I've got. The others too, but if I get nothing else right, I'm going to get Luna as right as I possibly can. Cassandra's hair is the closest I think we've had since Low Pigtails, I used Braided Pigtails in SoulCalibur V, and they never really looked right, but there wasn't much better options, either.

It's earlier in the thread what they're supposed to look like, back when I was lamenting about the Hermit's Hood and the gold trim on Lupi's coattails.

I'm back in my work-week now (Wednesday-Saturday), so I dunno if I'll do the Klessirpemdo starter outfits this week or not, but it'll definitely be soon, and really soon, not Namco soon. I'm sure Elua is going to come out great, even if the others don't. It's been so long since I've looked at creation, that I actually don't recall what is or isn't in SoulCalibur VI that was or wasn't in SoulCalibur V. I'll have to do a refresher. I pretty much just got on today, touched up Luna and the Klessirpemdo, made the obligatory Siegfried and Tira official 2ps, and called it a day for now. Creating stuff with the SoulBlade and SoulCalibur music in the background is pretty cool, even if there aren't enough stages to accommodate even half of the new tracks.


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Alright, some successes, some failures, a good amount of frustration, but I've completed what I set out to do:






The biggest deal with this one was forging my own set of Ring Trousers, and I think they came out quite good, considering! I may go back and retrofit this design to my original Luna, but I don't really have time right now, gotta post these and do my write-ups and then head out to work. It kind of pained me to use the Aval Combat Garb in lieu of a Witch's Dress, but really, it was the only thing that was even remotely close, despite being quite wrong. Some sticker work to work on the coattails, they're not great, but still better than anything I managed to pull off with Lupi. The Engineer's Long Boots are a decent stand-in for Holy Boots, but I didn't have enough sticker space to really make them proper. Not a lot else to say, though I am pretty happy with how Luna's 2p turned out, overall. Definitely not the worst of the lot I'm showing here.







Next up, we've got Aege, who definitely took some work to get the way I wanted her, but I'm really happy with the results. The Octagonal Rod really is the closest I figured would work for the Hercules Sword, and it looks a little silly, but it also kinda works in its own way. The armor is definitely a bit bulkier than it ever was in SoulCalibur III, but it still works, I think, maybe upping the silly factor a little, but the coloration wasn't as off as I thought it might end up being. This isn't exactly a Pirate's Shirt, but I piecemailed it with the Baihu Coat and the Serpent Gauntlets, and I think it's a fair imitation. I used zipper stickerwork on the trim on the bottom as well as the boot belts, that came in pretty handy. I had to fashion my own belt, here, due to despite there being a matching belt, it conflicted with the Baihu Coat, and so began today, the day of belt crafting. Yes, I'm using Grimoire Weiss for the charm hanging off the tip of the belt. I think it works pretty well, and it's a fun nod to Magilou from Tales of Berseria if there are any among you who would understand this reference. It really was the best choice, but it's extra layered amusement on my part. I'm quite happy with Aege, too.




Well here we are, the reason why I set out to assemble this pack in the first place. And I ended up having to improvise on the FIghter's Robe anyway, because for some reason, don't ask me, the Prayer Pants take out the back end of several tops, the Noble's Dress included (also the Aval Combat Garb, I would find out later...). It actually worked out, though, because this game doesn't have a normal Leather Belt, and even if it did, I bet it would have conflicted, sooo... Leather Wrap killed two birds with one stone. There's six stickers to make up the pattern on the back of the robe alone, but I think it's a pretty good match, considering what I had to work with. The other two stickers went to her boots, a wolf insignia on either to really add a bit more flair. I love the Prayer Pants, but dear god if they don't conflict with just about everything you could possibly want to throw at them. There's only a few footwear items that don't bunch up the hem at the bottom which defeats the entire purpose of using them, in my opinion. In the end, though, I definitely feel like this Elua came out quite faithful to the original, much more than I was able to accomplish with her upgraded outfit.







The beltcrafting saga continues here, since the Goth Skirt was about the closest thing I could make fit, and it's basically incompatible with all belts. I do like the Goth Skirt's look, though, much like the Prayer Pants, but it's just so incompatible with most things that it's hard to use. So a combination of a bunch of stickers, a bow extra equipment, and a feathers extra equipment, and that's how you get a belt on this outfit, I suppose. The shoulders also took a long time for me to figure out how to get the stickers right for the white border, but it looks great after having toiled away at them, so I'm okay with it. Having to use the Metal Gauntlets that are too long still sucks, but it's still the best alternative. I did some more skin painting for her arms, because the Parlor Shirt doesn't have sleeves, but it blended pretty well. Pretty happy with Heal-Do, too.





If you caught my foreshadowed disappointment, this is what it's about. I really couldn't do much of anything with Lupi, not even if I wanted to, I didn't have the opportunity to try, thanks to limitations. The Aval Combat Garb is still her best choice, considering the style and the coattails, but it has gloves built in, which were fine for her armored up version, but this outfit is supposed to have purple gloves, and I can't wear them, and I can't recolor these gloves, not even with stickers. The epaulets can't have stickers put on them, so I couldn't put the emblem I wanted, so they're just solid gold tops, and there's no ribbon belt that would exist that wouldn't cut off the coattails anyway, so there's a chain, I guess. And I got to use Honor Boots again, so that's nice, but even that didn't really improve my mood with this one. Really disappointing all around, and not very different from the first Lupi I made. But... it's not for lack of trying, believe me.


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You may have seen it coming, but I felt compelled to go ahead and come full circle and do the first outfits for Kierkess and Hyle all the same:










I always did like this flavor of Kierkess more than his black and white evolution. I didn't have suitable footwear the last time I was making these two, which also pointed me in the direction I ended up going in making their second outfits first. I neglected to take into consideration that the shoulder armor that fit Kierkess so well was tied to the gauntlets, however, so I wasn't able to keep them. I feel like Voldo's almost has the same idea going for it, though, so the look still works. I was hoping for better cloth gauntlets in the first pack, but we can't get everything we're after, I suppose, so I settled for bandages for the forearms and a pocket sticker on both hands instead. I had to use a sticker on the shirt and pants, too, to mask some clipping, and since I'd already used four stickers on his necklace, that took up all of my sticker slots, or I'd have tried to do something more with his shirt, which had metal buttons in SoulCalibur III. Missing the collar, too, but hey, I still think he came out pretty well overall. Turtle shell came in clutch for completing his fauld, and it looks a lot better than I thought it would.







Conversely, I always thought the first outfit for Hyle was a bit weird, like he just got in a hurry suiting up with his armor and forgot that he was wearing his rave boots and scarf from the night before. I had a few complications trying to put this one together, trying about ten different extra equipment items to get the gold part of his shoulder pads, thinking too literally that it was another piece of metal, so I must have to put another piece there, only to really have nothing work, and fall back on... a pattern. Can't put stickers on shoulders, or I'd have probably thought of it sooner, alas... Engineer's Long Boots coming in again for his footwear (very nice addition) with a pair of zipper stickers for the belts, really came out nicely. Like before, his front belt flap isn't long enough, and I was considering using a Grimoire Weiss and two Allegiance Mandibles to extend it, but, looking slightly silly aside, it just doesn't work with combat animations, due to how Sophitia stands and moves, it doesn't stay connected to the other material, which was the same issue I was having with the shoulder armor. And his hair's still wrong, but nothing I can do about that either. It's a pretty simple design, overall, with a few intricacies that you wouldn't necessarily expect, but I feel like it's mostly pretty faithful to the original.


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Okay, it was a good idea to drop by here. I LOVE those recreations so much.

I won't comment on them all, but my favourites are definitely Luna and Aege.

Will you try out the Cassandra DLCs parts for any edits, perhaps?


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It's definitely been a while since I've done any major creation work. I have modified Hyle's style to Cassandra's, as it fits him overall better, but I was busy doing some other things in my return to SoulCalibur VI since Cassandra to get back on this project. I'm sure I'll be able to fine-tune a fair bit of these, hopefully bring those Klessirpemdo 1ps up to snuff, because they're my biggest disappointment so far, if you read my comments. I didn't figure the style update for Hyle was enough to really revive the thread over or anything, but I'll definitely do an overhaul of what I've got with the new parts that have come out since March.

March? It's really been that long? I guess it makes sense. I've been pretty demoralized over the lack of parts, and customization pack B really didn't wow me. Cassandra's parts were definitely a step up, though, and I'm excited for the season two parts coming as well. I was actually just this morning toying with the idea of some SoulCalibur IV recreations, as I haven't really tapped into that yet. Hopefully I'll have some updates soon, when I get some time.


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Yeah the dearth of (good) customization parts have been bothering me for a while, but while those will be great to havewhen/if they arrive, I've kind of been wishing for a more eclectic selection of hairstyles, honestly. I kind of realize the futility of desiring this, not least of all because of hair physics and all, and they wouldn't go out of their way to do that... all the same, having to engineer/BS custom hairstyles via objects is a massive pain.


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having to engineer/BS custom hairstyles via objects is a massive pain.

Honestly, this is the worstest. 💔

(Also, pet peeve incoming, I wish that headgear in CaS would allow little wisps and/or bangs to fall around the face. They get awkwardly removed instead with certain hats or helmets on, grr.)

Nice stuff, @DanteSC3. Thank you for sharing your CaS creations and their evolution. :) I appreciate that you revisit them and post the improving versions.


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Tentative update to Luna with Hilde's shirt... I'm actually not certain whether it's an improvement or not:





On one hand, I'm appreciative of the uniform shirt, such as it is, being able to actually be a shirt without skin sticker trickery. On the other, I guess I neglected to remember that there were some pretty hefty coattails on Hilde's shirt, because they're a lot longer than I remember, and it kinda throws off the look a bit, since Luna's jacket was all even length below the belt. Anyway, specifics!

There was an attempt to recreate the stickers that gave me my faux Ring Trousers like in my Luna 2p, but it just didn't work out. Trying to toe the line on that very thing margin of error where you can have the stickers be on just the leggings but not on the shirt prevents enough of it to be covered so that the effect is believable, for one, but for another reason as well, the texturing on Hilde's pants is so advanced that even skin-colored, there's no way you could ever believe that it's skin. Not that my Luna 1p had this illusion to begin with, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Even if I was able to get that effect going, though, the inherent problem with the shirt and pants being one item is sticker limitations, and so you can only have four stickers on the entire piece, and, well, as I'm sure was noticed, I used all four to bring back the gold trim of the jacket as well as the wings on her back. So even if I did get the Ring Trousers working, the shirt above would have been repulsively bland, and, well, that's just not acceptable. What I was using the four sticker slots on before no longer is there now, obviously, but I think Hilde's shirt trim is alright on its own, even if it's technically inaccurate to Luna herself.

Overall, I like the look, but for now, I haven't replaced v2, and will be keeping both until I decide whether or not this is a real improvement. Feedback is welcome, of course, and appreciated! I'm tagging @Autumn at least for cross-thread visibility, at the least. @CelestialZodiac too, why not?


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So prior to this week's season pass 2 drop, I've been playing Shenmue III, kinda felt obligated to make outfits for Kilik and Xianghua styled after Ryo and Shenhua. They didn't come out perfect, but I like them well enough to share!

Here's Kilik, who I spent way too much time trying to find a way to put a plaster on his face to cover up his scar like Ryo has, but... at the end of the day, I couldn't get anything to work, and so the scar has air to breathe I guess! Sticker limitations stopped me from adding full pockets to the front of the jacket, but otherwise I think it came out pretty well. Found a use for the new Leather Belt, which has actually been less than stellar in the attempts thus far to put it to good use. It clashes a lot more than a leather belt should.







Here's XIanghua, who I had more than a little trouble getting her tied sash belt just right. Of course it would just be too easy if the Training Belt cooperated, but even if it did, the tied knot wouldn't properly be over to the side, so I improvised with the new frilly maid headband accessory and made my own belt with a tied ribbon. The stickers to represent her flower embroidery on her handmade clothes isn't exactly right, nor is the neckline of her shirt, but... work with what you've got, you know? All things considered, I like the end result. Not perfect, but which cosplay is?







Edit: Not sure why, but a few of the pictures weren't uploading properly to the post. Worked fine externally, just weren't posting right. Finally got it all sorted out.
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I swear I made her already, but my save data disagrees with me, as well as my thread, so... I guess not, but I remember a long while back someone had requested that Lyla from Maxi's Soul Chronicle / Libra of Soul be made, around when it was requested for Lingyu, which is why I swear I've already done this, thought I did them both at the same time... I dunno! Anyway, I decided to make her now, to celebrate our new breakdancing queen Taki's update!















All things considered, she's a relatively simple design. The only tricky part to it was hiding the third feather inside of her head because she's only got two feathers visible, while still trying to get the angle right. I do enjoy her look, though, give off the impression of a lady who gets things done! The only thing I believe that the game cheats with making her design work is the undergarment color, which you can only just barely see here in my photos, because it's just the Hunter's Suit, but they use a very decidedly brown color for hers, which is, of course, not able to be used by us normal folks. I went with a very dark red using the bottom of the spectrum, it's passable, but definitely not this brown.

(And yes, my Libra of Soul version of Luna is quite out of date, I'm aware [I'm actually mildly surprised that she's wearing Honor Boots, though I guess that was a rather big / important update for her accuracy.]. I haven't gotten around to updating her, though I kind of do waffle over leaving her as she is, as a mark of history... it's not just laziness, I swear!)


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I've got two more, our smirky cameo, Johan Dürer, and the fallen king of Wolfkrone, George!













Curiously enough, Mr. Dürer is not actually wearing chain mail, as initially thought. He and George both are using one of the animal skin textures for their armor, for some reason. It's a pretty cool effect, though with Johan, it almost makes him look a bit lizardlike, considering the coloration. Maybe that was intentional, but I'm not entirely sure. He's got a pretty neat combination of armor, even accounting for the cracked breastplate with scar stickers, though I'm going to go ahead and admit that what I've used probably isn't what the game used, particularly for his left shoulder.

It looked like the one in Hilde's Soul Chronicle was using some combination of a turtle shell and a ball extra equipment to emulate... something, I'm not actually sure what it was they were going for, but I just am not the greatest when it comes to aligning extra equipment to joints where it animates properly. It will look fine in one pose, but go completely out of sync for another, so... I'm just not really sure how it's done. Instead, I just used stickers to emulate the effect, that way it looks good from any angle in any pose. I like the way it turned out, at any rate.













Here's one more in lighter conditions so you can see a bit more detail/color:

George was a lot easier to deal with, and I thought he came out pretty well! It is a little weird that he's wearing Siegfried's SoulCalibur V leg armor, but I guess considering what was available, it was probably the best choice. If you didn't know any better, it makes a pretty great silhouette. I thought it was interesting too how his weapon is the Scorpion but colored like Glänzende Nova & Frischer Himmel. I actually thought it was Gáe Dearg & Móralltach when I first went through the Soul Chronicle due to the coloration, but surely enough, it's not. His armor had also thrown me for a loop at first, because I hadn't seen that texture on any armor that I was aware of. Come to find out, it was just a tricky use of pattern. I do like his design, though, and it will serve as a fine alternative to Hilde when I want to play as a male character instead.


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Okay, that Dürer is badass. I love how the armour and "mail" contrast, although I do rather agree about the texture making him look rather reptilian. He always was a snake, at any rate. :P


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Well I've just spent the past ten or twelve or so hours (maybe more, I kinda lost count) mastering every weapon in Libra of Soul, since I was tipped off that there was a questline related to mastering all the styles, and, well, I can't really say it was worth the trouble, personally, aside from pure completionism, I suppose. I got a fancy title that probably won't amount to much because people won't know what you have to do to get it, but... I guess I'll know, and that's what's really important. Anyway, no, I'm not posting this in the wrong thread, it has a point. I met a couple new friends along the way!

I had kinda lost faith in mercenaries in Libra of Soul, when I realized you couldn't control them, and the midrange level ones weren't really doing me much good, I was better off just fighting stuff myself and saving the time. Not the case with the level 90 guys, they don't mess around. One is an all-rounder, and the other is an offensive beast, and they really helped alleviate some tedium and give me a break between fighting Ancients, and, I kid you not, one of them is actually pretty capable of damn near soloing (and she did solo one) Ancients by herself. It's crazy, but interesting watching the AI fight the really high level AI. After seeing these two do their thing, I knew I had to create them and use them myself:




This guy doesn't mess around. He looks like a firetruck, and he hits like one, too. Though he's not putting out fires, he's helping set them. His AI is tuned so offensively that he just makes a mad dash in and unleashes hell, but he really doesn't have hardly any defensive capabilities whatsoever. So he didn't do so well against things that are also offensive, but if things were even trying to defend, they'd get bowled over and he would murder them six times. His design is pretty cool, though, I like the mix of armor types, and he even pulls Zasalamel's ridiculous shoulders off. Quite impressive.




Here's the real MVP, though. This girl does not play. Granted, there's not really any situation where Geralt is shown fighting where the AI has been cranked up that high, but she puts everything I've seen Geralt do to shame. She has a masterful combination of runes, mixing offense and defense, whatever the situation calls for, always landing the Critical Edge when appropriate, chugging potions when that's more ideal. She left me in awe, watching her solo Ancients, it's almost like, I think she should have been the Conduit instead. I really like her design, too. I thought the zigzag stripes were kind of silly at first, but they grew on me. The bright yellow does come across a bit strong, but I feel like it's a caution flag that warns you to stay away, if you value your life, because she will take it and make it her own. She rocks this look and fights as fiercely as she appears.

Edit: Typo fix.

Did you make Ester from the side mission "Unwelcome Guest"?


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Yeah, I found her pretty quickly after asking the question then firing the game up. I knew who she was, just didn't recognize the name. There's honestly not really a whole lot to her design, though I did discover for the first time that she was indeed an elf, though you pointed it out in your post. I was under the assumption that pretty much all the NPCs from Libra of Soul were humans, except for the obviously malfested, skeleton, or lizardfolk. The more you know!

Either way, here you are:










All they really did here was match the colors to all the armor to the gold on Sophitia's weapon, Aeneas, but the saturation is just a touch higher to give it more gold shine, I suppose. I feel like there was a half-hearted attempt to turn the sleeves for Seong Mi-na's underwear skin-toned, and I could have done a better job at it if I wanted to, but the version that actually is used by Ester herself is more white than it should be, so I left it as-is. Due to the lighting on the stage, I actually thought they did somehow manage to delete the sleeves, but after doing an armor break, the sleeves are definitely there, and more obviously discolored when the armor is broken.