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:sc1tak1:She's finally back!:sc1tak1:

Appearance wise, i love everything about her. The mask, the ninja suit, the armor, the hair (wish it was longer, but i still love it).

Moves i recognize:
-44B (Which can cause an inner explosion that launches the opponent?)
-Traditional 1BA is back.
-Her normal Bomb is back, as well as the Stalker stance (A+K).
-Wind Roll (B+K) is back

Soul Charge shenanigans:
-She has a projectile of a sort (Not clear if it's a Shuriken, or a Kunai).
-It looks like regular 66BA is back, which adds one more horizontal slash in SC.

Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.

Critical Art is pretty dope, especially that pose in the end .

I hope she'll be playable at E3.

HQ Screenshots:
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Rex Dart

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Okay, I want to start overanalyzing this trailer post-haste! It's been a long time since I played SC, so I apologize if I get any of the notation wrong.

@0:18, she does her SC4 B+K,K mid attack. (I think that was the input.) That was rather useful for mixups, but don't think it was previously fast enough to be used in combos.

@0:23, it looks like she does 44K, but she does it from POS and it's an attack throw, resembling her old back-turned B+K.

Her SC mode gives her teleports, which I think everyone was sort of expecting. More accurately, it looks like it makes her invisible during her B+K wind roll. Maybe she'll also be invisible during stalker? Seems like a great tool.

I could be mistaken, but her projectile attack @0:37 doesn't seem to have much utility outside of catching a sleeping opponent. The trailer is edited to make it look like it starts a combo, but Zasalamel has clearly recovered before the next hit. That said, it is interesting that it can track a sidestepping opponent.

Taki's CE begins as a horizontal slash, which seems to freeze the opponent in place. Hopefully this means it can be used against airborne opponents as well.


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I've never been a huge Taki fan and nothing wowed me at first glance, but upon closer inspection she looks like she's going to be a very interesting character this time around. I'm actually excited to try her out.

Some things that stood out to me from the trailer:
  • Each of her swords has a different color for its trail effect. That's pretty neat.

  • Her dive is no longer a guard crusher. Given how powerful GC moves are in this game, it's interesting to see this one reduced to a normal attack.

  • Her old 6A+B, which now appears to be POS K or POS B+K, does a lethal hit on CH.

  • Her old 44K, which now also comes out of possession (POS K?), is now an attack throw with Natsu's BT POS K animation.

  • Her outfit is covered in magic runes that glow a bright red when she's doing supernatural moves (including bombs and Soul Charge). It also looks like her bombs are guard crushers, which makes them really good in this game since that means they can't be GId and are plus on block.

  • She gains access to a projectile attack during Soul Charge. She also gains what appears to be Natsu's teleports, except it doesn't seem restricted to the POS stance. I could be wrong about that latter point though, it's hard to tell.

  • 66B SC does the SC4 JF/SC5 BE, but now with a third hit.

  • Her CE is her self-destruct from the Soul Blade opening cinematic. That's pretty awesome.

  • Her outfit is basically an exact replica of her SC1 outfit, except she's wearing her Menpō mask from SC3 and her breasts are completely covered.

Really looking forward to seeing her in action!
@Soul @Nyte you probably care more about this than I do.
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Who is usually the best Taki player from past SC games?
SC2 - Floe
SC3 - Maxx Dreamkiller
SC4/5 - Hawkeye

AFAIK Taki was trash in 4 so not many people used her. And SC3 was a weird time in general so I'm not sure what the competitive scene was like back then.
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Rex Dart

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I really worry that the GI changes will hurt Taki more than other characters. Anyone else share this worry?


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I actually follow Floe a lot. So it'll be interesting. I hope this forum isn't as negative or dumb as others. Also nice meeting everyone. I look forward to playing & working with some of you. @Ninjaguy446 already knows me though lol.


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I really worry that the GI changes will hurt Taki more than other characters. Anyone else share this worry?
Why? Her bombs, which have always been among her most important tools, are now Guard Crushers. GC moves now beat GI. If anything this makes her stronger.

Rex Dart

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Why? Her bombs, which have always been among her most important tools, are now Guard Crushers. GC moves now beat GI. If anything this makes her stronger.
Well, I'm specifically thinking of my time with SC4 Taki. A lot of my strategy was to constantly pressure opponents with low/mid/throw mixups. Now there's a single answer to all of them.

Admittedly, they could have given her more tools to make up for this. Her bombs being GCs is indeed excellent.


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Her bombs seem to be executed much quicker from what I saw in the video.

And why are her eyes so huge? Kappa She looks cross-eyed at times.

I love the lighting effects on her clothing though.