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** UPDATE: ** We've managed to restore Discord links. If you're experiencing any issues however, try un-linking and re-linking your account manually.

Don't worry, unlike Facebook, Discord integration is not going away! However, the integration system with Discord had to be changed, and because of this, everyone's account which had been linked to Discord has been un-linked. If you try to log into the forums with the Discord button, before you re-link your account, you may receive an email association collision error. As such, you will have to log into your account with your normal username/email and password. After which, you can re-link your forum account to your Discord account.

If you don't remember your account password, you can use the lost password form to get a password reset sent to your email. If you're still having issues, please use the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, I am sorry for this, but because of security protocols, we couldn't just copy the old information over to the new system. We take the security of our users very seriously.
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