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Discord Integration Support Update!
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** UPDATE: ** We've managed to restore Discord links. If you're experiencing any issues however, try un-linking and re-linking your account manually.

Don't worry, unlike Facebook, Discord integration is not going away! However, the integration system with Discord had to be changed, and because of this, everyone's account which had been linked to Discord has been un-linked. If you try to log into the forums with the Discord button, before you re-link your account, you may receive an email association collision error. As such, you will have to log into your account with your normal username/email and password. After which, you can re-link your forum account to your Discord account.

If you don't remember your account password, you can use the lost password form to get a password reset sent to your email. If you're still having issues, please use the contact us form and we will get...
Facebook Support Coming to an End...
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Yesterday, Facebook disabled our connected app here at 8WAYRUN. They claim we are "creating a negative user experience that is in violation of our Platform Policies". Naturally, that vague accusation doesn't mean anything. Trying to get in contact with Facebook about this returns canned responses which in no way give us further details on the problem. As Facebook, like many web platforms have no real customer service; it doesn't look like this problem will get fixed anytime soon.

As such, Facebook integrated features on this website, such as single sign-on may be broken. If you use Facebook to log into this website, please make sure your account has been updated with other login methods. Definitely be sure to add a password to your account so that you can login without depending on third-party services. If you are having problems logging into your account, please use the "Contact Us" form in the footer.
Major 8WAYRUN Platform Upgrade
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You may have noticed that 8WAYRUN has been down for an extended period of time (instead of the scheduled 3 minutes of downtime each morning). This was due to a huge upgrade to the platform in which this website is built upon. This is not an insignificant upgrade, so I wanted to go through it all explaining some of the new features. As usual, a lot of the changes are behind the scenes or for the moderation team, which will be left out of this announcement.

Official 8WAYRUN Merchandise Now Available!

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Interested in showing your support for 8WAYRUN? Well we now have a whole bunch of branded merch available! In addition to hats, like we've had in the past, we also have bags, backpacks, shirts and hoodies! Everything we are selling are now available from our store on Etsy.

Massive update to the 8WAYRUN platform!

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You should have noticed by now, that this website has been receiving a series of updates throughout the weekend. Besides the visual changes, the code behind the website has been rebuilt from the ground up. This has been a near 6 month long project which has finally come to fruition this weekend. With any big updates, there are not only a lot of changes, but also possibly a lot of bugs. If you discover any bugs, usability problems, or perhaps just have some feature requests, let me know.

This website is now completely ad-free! No ad-banners, no ad-links, no native ads; ever. Not even to guests. I won't be going through the majority of the changes in this post, because the majority of changes are behind the scenes and only moderators/administrators will notice them. There are however, a few front-end changes that may be of concern.
Details after the break.

The Complete Outcast Odyssey Gallery. Now in our Wiki!

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Hey everyone! Over the course of a few weeks, I have been in contact with the Outcast Odyssey creators and have finally obtained all of the images that feature Soulcalibur characters. The images with the red borders have been inserted into the wiki of each featured character.

Since the weapons are not characters, Soul Edge was put in Nightmare's wiki while Soul Calibur was put in Elysium's wiki. If you want to support the artwork, then make sure to download the game or like them on their Facebook page. It is also important to note that if you choose to download the game, then you would be able to see these images as holographic cards with animated backgrounds. Enjoy the gallery (Click images to enlarge)!

8WAYRUN is now ad-free for ALL members!

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So there was a time when this website needed advertisements to maintain itself. We tend to see a spike in traffic when a new game is released, so back then, the ads were actually paying to keep this site running. But now, with the lull in traffic, the ads barely pay to keep this website running; in fact, they only account for about 40% of this website's operating costs.

However, even though the ads aren't doing it anymore; doesn't mean this website is closing! Those non-forum sections of this website, the calendar, streams, media library, etc... are all add-ons I've written for this website and then have gone on to sell licenses for other websites. And those license sales more than enough pay to keep our home warm and cozy!

Because of this, I've decided to remove the advertisements for all registered members! If you log into your account here at 8WAYRUN, the ads will go away; they will only be shown to guests, as an incentive to get them to register and join our community. That being said, there are still advantages to becoming a Premium Member, such as username changes, animated avatars, signature images and more...

Guide: New Calendar and Event System!

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A couple of days ago, I disabled our old event management system here on Some of you noticed, most of you didn't. The reason for disabling our event system was that I was working on a new one! There were several issues with our old one... mostly that it was poorly programmed.

This new version aims to fix many of the issues with the old one, as well as add several new features. This post is not only an announcement of the new system, but also a guide on how to use several of the new features.

More Changes to the Ranking Ladder...

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So some of you know, I've been updating the ranking ladder a lot during the past few weeks adding a multitude of new features. The majority of these new features will be pointless in regards to SOULCALIBUR V, as they haven't been around since release date; they have been put in for preparation of the inevitable release of SOULCALIBUR VI.

NOTE: This is not an official announcement for SOULCALIBUR VI; nor would I claim to have any such advanced knowledge of such a release for said game.
New features after the break.
Have You Seen: The New Article System!
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Over the past few days, regular visitors may have noticed a series of small changes to the front page. This is from a brand new article and widget system I have recently implemented here on 8WAYRUN. I have done my best to keep the new system looking like the old system, but there are a myriad of changes behind the scene.

Firstly, and most importantly: the front page article list. The new system has a much better record when it comes to performance. The front page will now load three times faster (according to database performance, not necessarily your bandwidth constraints). In addition to this, you will notice the new larger feature slider which spans the length of the entire page instead. Fully response, this slider will work on your touch devices.
More updates after the break.