[Feb 11, 2012] The Jaxel-Dome Returns: Soulcalibur V Launch (Edison, NJ)


Like Gin and Tonic
Hey... I need people to bring PS3s and TVs...

Also, does anyone want the large TV that I keep in the garage? Its time to get rid of it.

Do we get a reduced venue fee if we bring a TV and system? :3


[08] Mercenary
If only I wasn't hosting an event at the Next Level this weekend I would've been in there. I'll be looking forward to the next Jaxel-Dome events then.


[09] Warrior

I'm hype


Big Gimpin
In honor of our dear friend, Chuck, being in the hospital recuperating, I am entering this tournament as Spork the Chuckslide and will Voldo the fuck out of people.

For Chuck!


Super Moderator
Also don't start this tournament without me or Woahhzz. I'm at the dealership getting my car serviced. Coming to beat the shit out of yall.


[08] Mercenary
I hope I smell nice enough for you guys. I've been bathing all night in preparation. I'll be the tallish guy with the mass effect hoodie on getting my ass kicked.