Fighting Games in the MLG Summer Season

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By MLGDeimos on Jul 3, 2012 at 10:07 AM
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    MLG’s Summer Season has begun, and we are incredibly pleased to announce that fighting games on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™)System will once again be featured on the Pro Circuit.

    Summer Fighter Arena: August 10 in NYC

    The Season will kick off with Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V on the PS3 at the Summer Fighter Arena, a full day of action that will be streamed live. The standard definition broadcast will be free, and there will be an HD upgrade option (more details on this to follow). The Top 8 finishers in each game from the Spring Championship will be invited to compete for $3,400 per game.

    Mortal Kombat

    DetroitBalln, DJT1993, Perfect Legend, CDjr, Tyrant, Pig of the Hut, GGA 16Bit, and GGA Dizzy

    Soul Calibur V

    Keev_, Kayane, LostProvidence, rtd_atl, Something-Unique, _Hawkeye, Linkrkc, and Kinetic_Clash

    Summer Championship: August 24-26 in Raleigh, NC

    Both Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur Von the PS3will also be featured at the Summer Championship. The Soul Calibur competition will take place from Friday, August 24 to Saturday, August 25. The Mortal Kombat competition will take place from Saturday, August 25 through Sunday, August 26. As at previous Championships, we are scheduling the events so that you can compete in both games if you wish to do so.

    More details about the broadcasts, competition formats and rules for both events will be available soon. Join us starting on August 10 as fighting games heat up the MLG Summer!


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MLGDeimos, Jul 3, 2012.

    1. AVNjonnitti
      august 10. in like flynn. unfortunately the raleigh event is the same weekend as summer jam :/. oh well fighting games are a side game for now. cant really complain if you're in the same show as starcraft 2.
    2. ChaosK
      I think its cool that apparently SCV is still a thing after EVO.
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    3. Azazel
      SCV is getting a lot of attention cause is a great game, people stop being so negative cause the game will actually die after EVO if you keep on being so pessimistic.
    4. Hawkeye
      Fight Arena 2!!
      Wonder who winning this one...?
    5. Azazel
      U again? XD
    6. Malice
      This game wasn't going to die after EVO.
    7. Echo01
      Want to see the Ivy players do well, always a pleasure to watch Link play.
    8. Malice
      I'm really excited to see LinkRKC and KineticClash at the Summer Arena. Hasn't been much Ivy play so far with this game, almost reminiscent of what happened with SC4.
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    9. Sora
      Kinetic and Link Ivy face-off.

      ABOUT DAMN TIME. >:]
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    10. Dizzy
      Good luck to the chicago players! Let's take both MK and SCV!
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    11. Azazel
      Not in US, that's for sure, but look at Europe the only country actively playing SCV is France, but Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, Italy are almost all gone :S

      Anyhow, back on topic, I wanna see that Ivy mirror, gonna be epic.
    12. Dragkonias
      I wonder if MLG is going to add another 3rd game to take KoF's place down the line. I'm guessing TTT2 has a good chance of being added. But I would love to see P4A or even DoA up there.
    13. KineticClash
      Let's just hope it's not the very first round, haha.
    14. Malice
      That's how it was for SC4.
    15. Sora
      We can set it up as a GF event lol.

      Seriously though, you two play such different Ivy's. I'm really excited on how it'll play out.
    16. LP
    17. Esca
      They will, Just have to wait for the game to come out. MLG has a good relationship with Namco.
    18. LP
      I wish they'd add Persona 4...but Tekken is pretty much guaranteed and will have a huge following (or should, at least).
    19. SCPartisan
      Hopefully I'll actually be able to make this one!

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