Final Round XVI Results & Aftermath


[09] Warrior
Thanks to everyone who came to the Final Round weekend. I hope none of you had any problems with the way myself and others ran the tournament this year.

Yeah, I've got a problem. You guys set the bar way too high for future tournaments. Everything was on time and perfect.


[09] Warrior
I have not had the chance to type this all out until now unfortunately. So here it goes:

First off, thank you to the Final Round Staff for running this event as smoothly as possible. This tournament was run in the best interests of the players for sure. You accomdated our issues as quickly as possible as well. So ShinBlanka, Josh, and all the volunteers that helped run pools, you guys rock!

Secondly, thanks to everyone who made it out to this! Was a very hype event. Tons of upsets, funny moments, and good times this weekend.
Shout outs:

RTD - Perhaps the first time I've ever actually played you're Mitsurugi, and a very frustrating one at that. Glad you made it out definitely enjoyed our matches. Thanks for throwing down some money for the dinner gathering.

RedDjinn - As I told you before, it was your videos along with Lolos that taught me everything I ever knew about my character back in SCIV. Glad you stuck with Yoshi during most of this event. Nice to have formally met you finally.

SaltFace - We've played casuals so many damn times online, I had NO idea you were at FR until the last day. I'm sorry about that! Wish we couuld have played some casuals beforehand. Either way, I'm glad you made it out to the dinner gathering.

Thermidor - Congrats on taking first. My ass still hurts from that beat down in top 8. Dropkicks getting nerfed!

Hawkeye - You're Welcome!

LP- Great to see you and all the Chicago players again. Enjoyed our match in Top 16, and above all, I enjoy our conversations(This includes you too Donnie!). Hopefully Chicago comes out for ECT.

HumanTyphoon - You read my next moves like a goddamn book sometimes! You were the only person who constantly blocked my FC 3k everytime you put me into a crouching stance. Our match was Hype! Hopefully Sandman uploads it.

Sandman - Enjoyed our drunken casuals we played. I still need that room information for my friend we can touch base another time about that.

kAb - Sorry we never got to play casuals. Your Natsu is sick from the matches I did see though. Hopefully I see you at the next tournament.

Bibulus - Always a good person to have during stream sessions commentating.

mkL - Wish you had your controller during the actual event! Would have loved to see you make it out of your pools. Enjoyed our Yoshi mirror matches. Too many double counter hit dick punches. lol.

Phragonist - Fun casuals, glad you made it out.

Jimbonator - As if seeing a Yoshimitsu in top 8 is odd enough, you definitely one up that. Keep repping dat Ezio! And that Ju-Fro!

Shout outs to anyone else I forgot, I'm sorry.
There was so many people who came out to this event that its hard to keep track of who else was there specifically.
Either way I want to thank everyone who came out to the dinner gathering as well. Whether you play the game or support it and you were there thanks. It means a lot.

I'll post up the pictures of the community when I can.

Also, shout outs to a record breaking security noise complaints.
Improvising a way to make the room quieter had never been so much funnier.

Shout outs to the excrutiating amount of Henney purchased too.


Dat Hillbilly
im on my phone so youll have to bear with me if this doesnt look pretty. on my way to stay the night in the ville for my sons surgery tomorrow!

first and foremost shoutouts to the final round crew! You def outdid yourselves this year... every tournament was ran smooth as hell
any doubts about you guys shouldve been put to rest with this tournament. thanks for all you guys do!

Ringout - man shoutouts to top 5 yosh! haha and the most hype suicides for tourneys to come. i was glad to hear you say that about my videos it really inspires me to play the game more and take it seriously again to know that i helped someone out there
along their way. thanks for letting me crash on the floor. man you were so nice to everyone. you def took the spirit of great one in this tournament... buying liquor for everyone... both nights... buying food... making plans for the SC players. thanks for everything.

chicago ... damn yall are hype haha id love to chill with you guys and play more often. its funny half of you are just joking around and shit and still make top 8... yall are too strong!

hawkeye is the shit :) he made me feel comfy from the start hanging with you... LP is awesome and funny as fuck oh and has a big dick if anyone doesnt know? if not just goto a tourney and he will let it be known haha LP's brother was funny as hell and soooo loud but it was hilarious... thuggish awesome as usual just to see you back and chilling some thru top 8. typhoon for being so damn solid with mitsu... props keep it up

special shoutout to ARU lol dude chilling with you thru top 32 tekken was fun as hell... your hilarious... watching you and RiTiDid play was one of the highlights of my weekend... yall are both cool peoples and i was honored to watch your hour set of casuals

jonitti my man damn lol from the time you got there till almost the day u left we hung quite a bit... thanks for being my smoking buddy and hanging with me so much. haha your real as hell and funny and not scared to talk to anyone. def awesome for the community to have someone like you in it...

shoutouts to mkl for not shouting me out haha :P

shoutouts to RTD for whipping my ass 10 games straight and still making me feel ok about it haha your def one of the coolest atl peoples man pleasure to meet you again and i hope we play on live more often.

shoutouts to beeneeweenees/nate for hanging with me a shit ton and his friend... its always fun to chill with yall and watch the games cuz nate gets the crowd hype yelling shit out and its hilarious. much love to yall man.

shoutouts to sandman, fyrenecro, rythion rikuto jimbo, heaton, kab, zooom, partywolf, saltface ... it was good to meet you guys.

damn i could go on all day really lol

shoutouts to SU for showing up for doa5 then hanging with us all weekend haha your a cool guy...

shoutouts to brownies kicking in , in winners finals :) see yall again soon. ill start playing this game a little more seriously now... i thought about putting it down but after meeting alot of you ive decided its worth sticking around just to know people like you guys.

oh and shoutouts to the homeless guy... i hope you found a good meal and a warm bed my brother...

if i forgot you im sorry love u all1


A Soul in the Purgatory
ARU - You're my favorite bloody Australian, mate.

Bibulus - Thanks for letting me join you on commentary. Sorry I was falling asleep at the wheel there!

BEENEEWEENEES - Sorry I had to bop you. Good games all the same. You should definitely get on that idea we discussed, though. That stuff is top tier tournament antics.

coolcmcgee - You should have played VF with me.

HATE Baker - Who the fuck are you?

Hawkeye - I could go on forever about how cool you are, so I'll just say: you're awesome. Was good to finally meet you, and had a blast hanging with you. Looking forward to seeing you again.

HumanTyphoon - Good to finally meet you, man. Thanks a lot for the advice. Go practice that tech I taught you! That stuff is going to catch so many people off-guard at the next tournament, I guarantee it!

Jimbonator - Thanks for your shower door messages. And cut your hair. Speaking from experience, you will be glad you did.

jonnitti - You are an amazing person and a shining example of the kind of people we need in this community right now. Hit me up whenever you want to start really getting into the nitty-gritty of the game.

kAb - Very good rooming with you. Of course you know I'm going to have to pay you back for the loss sooner or later. Looking forward to the Mojave Money Match!

LostProvidence - Like I said, you're a damn fool, but you're my favorite damn fool.

Mateo - Was very nice to finally put a face to the name. Your words were very inspirational to me - I'm going to be putting 200% into everything from now on.

mkl - Thanks for the donation to get my ass there. Just remember that you will never beat me in any game that doesn't have Michelle fucking Chang.

PartyWolf - Wish you'd stayed around more. We hardly got a chance to talk.

Phragonist - That moustache.

RedDjinn - It's always nice to meet a fellow member of the "people think I'm black online" club. Hope you got at least some sleep on that last night!

RINGOUT - You are the master of sound engineering. We didn't talk all that much one-on-one, though. We'll get that next time. Good stuff on turning heads with Yoshimitsu.

RTD - It was great seeing you again, though we still didn't get to do casuals this time. Good show holding that neck bridge for as long as you did, too - it's hard as hell when you haven't practiced it, but you held up like a trooper. And don't forget to practice that throw tech I showed you!

Thermidor - Congratulations on winning the tournament. Now I'm gonna have to pay you back for that loss in addition to all the ones back in SC4!

thugish_pond - You.

Sandman - Good rooming with you, man. Practice that tech I showed you, because it's definitely a huge buff to Siegfried's 3B.

sWoRD LoRD - Praise the lord.


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Not much to say other than I love all of you ugly fucks. As said before, you all are pretty much the reason I come out to the events so I hope that everyone got a chance to enjoy something, anything even, as much as I got to enjoy you people's company this weekend. See you all again soon, hopefully.


trash of 8wayrun
what exactly was the sound engineering genius of Ringout's for some of us scrubs that had to leave early


Dat Hillbilly
yea that shit was epic never seen anything like it! Lol ringoutring out is genius

damn phone lol


[00] Signia's Cheerleader
I need to do a "not in a car half a sleep" shout outs when I get home.


[09] Warrior
i hate doing shoutouts, so good to see everyone again and good to meet new people.

i'll be at ceo and ufgt and not suck ass.

also going to defeat shenlong to stand a chance against kab in arm wrestling


is dead
time for an update!

Shoutouts to:

Dime - for being awesome and overall a fun dude to hang out with. You definitely know your shit better than I do

SBA - for being awesome as well as having a good sense of humor.

Miko - for being weird and not driving out. Also, shout outs to the 7x7's we smashed.

Ruben - for being a lot shorter than I expected him to be.

Partywolf - for being a lot bigger than I expected him to be.

Jimbo - I wish I could've rubbed your curly afro. Oh well.


Windjammers World Champion
Shouts to kAb for being awesome, staying with me, helping me out with shit like cleaning up the room after we destroyed it, and not stabbing me in my sleep for beating him round 1. I hope you didn't throw that match.

Shouts to Thermidor for winning and being a lightweight, also for doing a cartwheel and turning an ASUS off with your foot, you'll never be able to do that again.

Shouts to Hawkeye for second place.

Shouts to Drunk Hawkeye for casuals, arm wrestling, and being super chill.

Shouts to LP for 3rd, also for taking a bullrush to the balls.

Shouts to ARU for Honey Badger commentary doing casuals - you say some of the funniest shit I've ever heard.

Shouts to the rest of Chicago for the support, without you guys cheering for me I would have probably gone 0-2.

Shouts to Heaton for teaching me stuff, and possibly for taking advantage of me Friday night.

Shouts to Ringout for getting 5th with Yoshi, and for being a genius with the white-noise thing. I'm sorry we didn't get to play, I wanted to play your Yoshi. (EDIT: The fuck? We played??)

Shouts to jonnitti for being awesome as usual, for his culinary prowess, and for chilling with us all weekend. Oh, and HOT DAWG

Shouts to Jimbo for usual funny Jimbo shit

Shouts to coolcmcgee for streaming on Friday. Next time, give us your number though! Or at least tell us if you're leaving. We as a community need to do better about streaming what goes on at these things.

Shouts to whomever brought all that Yuengling.

Shouts to ZOO0o0O0o080o$0om for bopping me 5-4 before I got too drunk.

Shouts to jansauer for all the Astaroth practice and fun lizard mirrors. Drunk Sandman says the same.

Shouts to mkl for letting me unleash my drunk lizard on you. Or something.

Shouts to whomever scheduled a women's volleyball tournament the weekend of FR. I hope you didn't lose your job.

Shouts to the random guy that recognized me as "the world champion of Windjammers."

EDIT: Drunk Sandman says shouts to anyone he played Friday night. Sorry he forgot to give me a list of names.


Hot Dog
My bad i haven't uploaded anything that was recorded on my phone yet. Ive been really busy with school shit. But trust me, it will be up