SoulCalibur 2 Dolphin Netplay Set Up

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Recently, there has been an influx of interest in SoulCalibur 2 online play through the Dolphin Emulator. If you don't know what that is, it is an emulator that you can install on your PC which allows you to play games featured on the Gamecube and Wii. Since the online runs smoother than SoulCalibur 2 HD Online for the PS3 and Xbox 360, you may want to try this as an alternative to that game. A step by step guide was made by @songohanx in a different thread, so I will essentially just copy and paste it into the spoiler. Hope you all enjoy some classic Soulcalibur matches!

Devil Jin is now legal to use in SCV tournaments.

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Devil Jin is a character that has been banned since the beginning of Soulcalibur V. Whether your reasoning for wanting him gone was due to his crazy pre-patch ringouts or his Tekken origins, the official reasoning for the ban was from the lack of a character model. This means that we are forced to use character creation mode to access him.

The potential problems with that is that there are certain hitbox issues that can be induced by the custom characters that cause unintended misses or hits. Recently, we have developed a team in response to the online players who use Devil Jin and don't want to go out to tournaments because of the ban.
ATP Live Ep. 30 with Aris & tieTYT
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In last night’s episode of ATP Live, Aris brings tieTYT onto the show as a guest to discuss some of the high level fundamentals of how to play Soulcalibur II. This should be a good episode for those who maybe new to Soulcalibur II HD Online, or haven’t played in a long time.

You can catch ATP Live every Thursday night at 8PM Pacific/11PM Eastern on Twitch TV.
Footsies for dummies by Belial
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Belial has recently written an excellent guide on the basics of footsies. Thankfully, he informed me about his article and I have posted it on the front page for him. Please give him all the credit for sharing his information and experience.
"Footsies for dummies"; article after the break.

A Slew of Character Trailers for Lost Swords...

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With the official launch of the SOULCALIBUR Lost Swords website yesterday, Namco-Bandai has also released a whole bunch of character trailers featuring Mitsurugi, Siegfried and Sophitia. These videos showcase each of the three beta-test characters and their movesets in the upcoming free-to-play single-player-only title.

As a reminder, these is a Japan only beta-test (re: demo) coming out on PSN tomorrow. If you want to try the game out before it arrives in America, it would be very easy to create a Japanese PSN account and download it. Thankfully, @Party Wolf put together a small video showing those who haven't already created a PSN account years ago for previous Japan-only Soulcalibur content.
Videos after the break.

Soulcalibur II System Tutorial

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With the recent announcement of SCII HD Online, I am sure the majority of new players are concerned that old school players are going to be way ahead and wipe the floor with others. Whether or not this turns out to be true, Aris (WGC SCII Champion) was nice enough to make a guide to Soulcalibur II.

Everyone will have a chance to jump into the game competitively with a guide, thus make the learning process easier also. Aris will also be uploading more SCII videos in the future on his channel AvoidingthePuddle that will have tutorials and gameplay for other characters.
Video after the break.

Getting Up

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In the course of fighting, eventually your defenses will falter, and you will find yourself lying on the ground. This is a precarious position- you have no invincibility on the ground, you have no wakeup kicks, no reversal. Nothing is stopping your opponent from running over and stomping mudholes into you for the rest of the match.

Hence, it goes without saying that being able to return to standing position safely is one of the most important defensive skills you must know. There are a variety of ways to do so; all of them must be known to increase the chances of success. Avoid your opponent’s attacks, and prevent yourself from becoming roadkill.
Rise and shine.
Basic String Defense
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Strings, or preset series of attacks, can be effective initially. Often, when blocking a string, you don’t know when the string will end, and take action at the wrong time. Some strings are also completely safe on block, which can lead to their abuse. With study, however, these strings become a liability, or a mixup of “will I or won’t I” at best. Opponents who do not realize this and use entire strings every time should be punished to the fullest extent.
Video after the break.
Guard Impact in Soul Calibur V
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Guard Impact is a classic gameplay feature in the Soul series, going all the way back to the first Soul Edge. When GI was changed in Soul Calibur V, a lot of players dismissed it, citing the changed command and meter cost. This is a shame, as GI can be a powerful technique; arguably, more powerful than its previous iterations.
Video after the break.
Guide: Traveling to an Event
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So you have found 8WAYRUN.com, and you are starting to like the people, conversations, and atmosphere of the place. You’ve maybe heard of tournament players or have already considered the idea of entering a tournament, but the idea of traveling anywhere farther than a few hours can be a scary prospect.

In this article we’ll demystify traveling and reveal some options what will make getting to the big leagues a lot easier.
Learn to travel.