Guess The Next Character Reveal(s)!


You are in too deep!
So since we're most likely gonna get new reveals every month leading to the release date, i thought we can play a fun guessing game while we wait. Evo is 2 days away, it'll be fun to see who guesses right.

My guess remains Kilik, Edgelord, and Taki.

Edgelord 'cause he was teased at the end of the first trailer, Kilik 'cause he's his rival (i can see their rivalry playing a huge part in the story), and Taki 'cause we need 1 female character if they're revealing 3 (which i believe they are) as well as being one of the most popular characters in the series.

An explanation on your educated guesses would be nice too.


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Kilik and Xianghua new playable, Edgelord Papi teased. Then next month Edgelord and Papi new playable, and tease a SoulCalibur II/III character. The trailer after that would be new playable Taki and Ivy, teasing another SoulCalibur II/III character.

I just really think there's potential in them continuing to tease an unknown character at least for a little while to gather interest and speculation. Talim and Zasalamel may be the possible mystery two after Edgelord and Papi, as they would generate hype since they would be returning styles that weren't in SoulCalibur V.

Kilik and Xianghua for the next reveal just makes a lot of sense, as they're the heroes of SoulCalibur I, rather obvious inclusion on both of their parts. Ivy and Taki are usually announced together, and it would bring balance back to male/female characters after the reveal of Edgelord and Papi together prior.


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Kilik, Rival, Papi, X + 2 New stages: Yeah it's a bit too much i know haha, so maybe Kilik, Rival and a third character, could be X or anyone.

Rival cause he was tease already.
Kilik cause i would suggest they reveal him alongside his rival for Story purpose marketing

The stage could be China Stage, cause of Kilik, and if Rival is Chinese as well, the new Stage would have even higher chances to be in China.

They may reveal a third one, in that case maybe X, Edgelord Papi, or maybe someone else.

If they'll reveal a second Stage it should be Rival + Papi Stage, if Rival is Assassin's and his Papi as well, the stage could be a Kind of Landmark of the Assassins Guilde on where one of them who's Edgelord got trained and formed to what he become.


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I also hope Edgy Papi gets revealed in some form, mainly his name, because reading "Edgy" and "Edgy Papi" starts to get on my nerves.
What a bunch of retarded nicknames xD


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Kilik- Was central to Soul Calibur
Edge McSoul- Was pitched as his rival
A lot of people are thinking Taki, but they will most likely save her for a middle of the pack hype, dropping her with Ivy and Cervy most likely, Ivy is in a new engine and her moveset is complex enough to take a while longer. So my guess is either Nightmare, because he is very much central in the events of Soul Calibur or X.

Also, small not relevant bet right now, but if they are in, Cassandra, Raphael and Talim will most likely be last to next to Zas, Tira and Sets


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Kilik, Rival, Papi, X + 2 New stages: Yeah it's a bit too much i know haha, so maybe Kilik, Rival and a third character, could be X or anyone.
Almost close haha

Next reveal, which should be next month (February), they may reveal 2 or 3 characters, maybe those would be tie together lore wise.

They may reveal Ivy 'Valentine' in 'Valentine's' day, or maybe a lot of female or if you prefer "waifu" characters (Injustice did something like this last year lol)

So maybe Ivy, Taki and another 'Waifu' like Tira or Setsuka or other SC female characters (there are many i know right)

They may reveal Ivy alongside Cervy because of lorewise stuffs.

But really no idea this time, only thing that suggest me that they may reveal Ivy or other female characters is Valentine's Day, but they could reveal anyone at this point imo.