Help us seed players for Final Round! What are your top 3 predictions?

Most of you know that Final Round this year is going to be a huge event for Soulcalibur V. Thanks to Shin Blanka and others in the Atlanta scene, Soulcalibur was added to the list of main games. However, we have ran into a problem. There are just so many top players coming this year for FR17 that we need your help!

You can help us out by giving us your speculations on who will make Top 3. We can determine how to make an appropriate bracket by the community telling us who the real top dogs are. Below is RTD's post in the Soul Calibur Competitive Players Facebook Group where he addresses our predicament.

RTD said:
Hey guys, I'm doing seeds for SCV at FR and Josh McWhorter will be running it. Please make sure to pre-reg so you're not in a bracket with killers!

In order to help, please list your top 3 predictions for SCV at FR and let me know if I need to update this list with any other killers based on tournament placings. Or just post any random thoughts

* Michael Kitt The Lord(number 1 seed, obviously... and then there is everyone else)

* Jerome Dotson LP -> Professional MLG player in 2012, possibly best Alpha Pat and Viola in the world, fresh off a NEC 2013 SCV win, LP contends with Xeph for the best SCV player in the US.
* Sean Ruben Xeph -> MLG 2012 champion, 5th at Evo and dominated every tournament since. Best player in the U.S.? in the World?
* Kamichan(Japanese player, Best Hilde in the World)
* Troy Bobb Partisan -> NEC 2013 Runner Up, most likely best Omega Pyrrha in the world
* Ramon Padilla Ramon -> MLG Raleigh 2012 runner up, somehow convinced Daishi to make a color purple alt for Pyrrha
* BTS IAdore Bunnies -> Runner up at KIT 2014 with a deep ass voice)
* Marquette YarbroughRobert Combs RTD/Mick -> Old, washed up, forgot how to play
* Bill Kenney MysticBill -> UFGT8 4th and runner up at Power up 2013
* Trai Jones IRM -> Best Maxi player around looking to redeem himself after not making it out of pools at NEC 2013.
* Lee Pomeroy Astaroth -> People's champ manly Astaroth player. Just got 3rd at KIT 2013 and almost beat LP at FR 2012.
* Killa6 -> 2012 CEO 4th place finisher. Made a splash on the scene when he beat Kayane with Algol.
* Mike Sandman -> Breezed to top 8 winners at NEC 2013 with Viola but known for Siegfried
* Matic D. Oof OofMatic -> Legend known for his knowledge of the game and unorthodox play
* Chase Viland Kinectic Clash -> 2013 Evo champ, beat Xeph in an online set and now he is buffed for some reason. Xeph got his revenge in the next set so FR will be the tie breaker.
* Norman Sainz OmegaDR -> Legend, best SC3 player and undefeated(never sent to losers) in SCV tournaments. arguably the best player in the world
* Gerardo Vega LoLo -> Legend, single handedly won 2011 SC4 world team tournament, 3rd place finish at MLG Raleigh in 2012
* Json Elias RingOut -> 5th place finish at Final Round 2013, uses the ambience of blue wave technology to nullify sounds)
* Zain Tibeishat BTS Blue Boy(just won an SCV tournament in Cali and went to KIT 2013 and won that too
* Ruben Rivera Thermidor -> Final Round defending champ)
* Donnie King Hawkeye -> Best Natsu in the World, consistent top 8 placings at majors and champion of MLG Spring Arena
* Colin Lane McGannon KAB -> Legend, fighting for title above ^^, runner up at CEO 2013 and consistent top 8 placings at majors
* Jimmy Mello Jimbonator -> established himself as THE Ezio of the world and is now the highest ranked player in the soul calibur community ->
* Michael Stabile Party Wolf -> Undefeated in Thunderdome challenges, 4th at CEO 2013
* Timothy Shinji Collins Shinji Urahara -> 3rd at CEO 2012, hungry to get better and for food — with Shin Blanka and Josh McWhorter inAtlanta, Georgia.
If you are interested in going to Final Round this year, this tournament is held in the Atlanta Hilton on March 14-16 (SCV will be hosted on Friday the 14th). You can see all of the necessary information on their website if you wish to come: We welcome all of you guys to join in on our fun and we hope to see you there. Let us know who you predict to come out on top at Final Round 17!
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Michael Stabile


Top Seeds should be, Hawkeye, Partisan, and Xeph, assuming that LP goes switch out either partisan or hawkeye for him.
I'm gonna give top 16 as I see it right now.
1. LP
2. The Canadien (Partisan for the ignorant)
3. Xeph
4. Omega
5. Hawkeye
6. Lolo
7. KamiChan
8. kAb
9. Kinetic Clash
10. IRM
11. RTD
12. Blueboy
13. Ramon
14. Jimbo
15. Thermidor
16. Partywolf

If for any reason one of these guys dont make it, then just move the list up. I do believe that certain people can beat one or two people above them but overall if I HAD to seed a bracket of 16 let's just say, this is how I would do it with the people I think are coming.
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Not really original I know but a well seeded Top 4 would have a high chance of looking like this (no order) :


............or is it???