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Hilda looks pretty good in that camo winter suit. I like that you put a mask on her to cover her mouth from freezing and also the googles to protect her eyes so she can see clearly under the blizzard (though she's not using them for now). Wait... that is a German hand grenade, isn't it? also i noticed... what is that logo you put on her chest and hat?

Btw, just one suggestion, i think you could try shorter hairstyle to avoid clipping with the collar. Other than that, she looks great :)
My friend, thank you so much for such compliments and short yet accurate analysis on her :). Yes, that is indeed a german hand grenade, Stielhandegranate 24 to be exact. Rather easy to identify having a clear shape of stick with the explosive part being at the top of it. With the googles I wanted her to have them on her head like that so her face could still be identified By the viewers, altough I could also make the version where she wears them on her eyes for the illustration and screenshot purposes. The logo on her chest and hat are meant to resemble the chest and cap eagles used in the german ww2 era uniforms. Same thing with the hat, with the addition of having skull below it to resemble the sign combination used by the SS troops in their field caps during ww2.

I have considered using shorter hairstyle on her to avoid the clipping problem with the collar. The thing is just that the way I see it, it kinda wouldn´t be the same character if I changed her hairstyle or any other body or facial feature. I´m actually ready to tolerate such small problems for the sake of keeping her shape as original as possible with these alternative attires XD.


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No too shabby, fraulein :)
Short tips : shrink the camo pattern size (it's too big right now)
Shrink the grenade handle (you can make the horn much smaller, you rotated it just right but shaft still too big vs head (hope that didn't cum out wrong :)
Apply winter camo to the face mask as well to blend in (again, with smaller size blending in with the suit camo).
Instead of grey on the front piece, why not use a camo or other dot pattern to mimic specks of snow on the fabric, easy peasy if you pick the right background color (darker), patttern (white dots) and size/angle.
As it stands, if you look at the ingame pictures, the features are barely noticeable and the overall look is therefore confusing (due to the perfectible camo work).
Another nice touch you could add is to mimic ice patches or water on your goggle glasses and frame using different patterns, as i did on my Spetsnaz Ivy back in the days :)
She too was on the eastern front, just on the other side of it. Privet !
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Very much thank you for your compliments and constructive critisism on my work sensei :D.

The reason why I kept the camo pattern so big was that I didn´t want it to become too small that it would just make the pattern confusing and kinda hard to read. When I consider it again though, for kinda of "reality" purposes it would be better smaller. I shall get fixing it when I play SC6 again. Ah, the horn just keeps getting on to me eh XD? Oh well, learning it By doing it they say, so I will try fixing that too.

With the face mask I didn´t want to overuse the pattern so the attire wouldn´t be just a bunch of pattern all over it. I applied the same kind of thinking to grey area on the front piece as well. But with your suggestions, it does make sense and very viable solution, which I shall also try. The very same thing with your ideas considering googles demonstrated through the picture ( nice work on her By the way :) ). So naturally, stay tuned for an improved version of her SS winter camo ;). I also thought about a number of different new attires for her, centered around her theme and historical background of course, including quite a revealing attire as well. Not to worry, I have a logic and historical background information for it, so the very potential fan service in it has its reasoning...I think XD.


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Greetings, my fellow CaS-artists, friends and SC fans. This is Herr-Krieg writing :).

With one hole night playing SC6 ( especially Character Creation ) all the way to the morning and one day of having other immediate things to attend to behind, I´m most pleased to present you the fruits of my creating in this update. With all the new equipment and stuff that came from the DLC 3 I have only scratched the surface as to how many ways the new Eq and ExEq can be utilized. I have already seen some of my other CaS-artists creation utilizing them and they are just magnificent sights to look at :). So I can´t wait to use them more myself in my future creations.

Considering the number of creations in this update, this showcase has the most highest number of creations I have ever uploaded in one update. So, with my hopes that you will enjoy viewing what I have come up, let´s get this show on the road shall we?

First up are my kind of "test" characters that I mentioned about in my latest update. With these characters I wanted to kind of see and test what kind of results and creations one can get using the new equipment and stuff from the third DLC. Without futher adjå, here is the first one, greeting all the way from the depths of hell, astral chaos or any other such hellish plane, Miraku:


One the equipment sets that almost immediately caught my eye was this armor set. I mean, it´s so demonish ,revealing and kind of absurd that I had to make a character wearing it.










The second "kinda test" creation - which I think is more succesfull out of these two - hails from the wild seas of piracy, adventure, looting and danger. Ladies and gentleman, I give you: Anna Rafiel sailing the seven seas:


While the revealing demon armor set caught my eye rather quickly, it is the pirate set that really got me excited as to how many ways it could be used. Its equipment parts are more easier to utilize in other concepts comparing to demonic armor set and the eq parts themself already look very nice. Sure they got some flaws in them, like not being able to change the colour on the helms white part directly nor the pink-kinda sections in jackets sleeves or putting stickers on the jacket, but I can live with that and despite that, they just look fabulous.












Up next we have both improved old attires as well as hole new costumes and ideas for our lovely dominatrix nazi commandant, Hilda Braum. While her SS winter camo attire was mostly succesfull, I received constructive critisism and suggestions as to how to make her snow attire even better. Most of these suggestions and tips comes from no other than Vilarcane himself, so once more, credits for these suggestions goes to him, with me of course creating the attire and implementing these suggested improvements.

Ladies and genteleman, boys and girls, CaS-artist and SC fans, I give you Hilda Braum in SS winter camo V.2:





The original snow camouflage pattern was a little bit too big in size, so I shrank it down a bit to give it a better look as well as aplying the camouflage to her face cover as well.


One of the improvements was to modify her Stielhandegranate 24 more to give the wood part (horn) more lenght and making it less thicker. This improvement has been applied to her other attires as well.




The other improvement that Viralcane suggested was to have the glasses she wears to have some snow on them as well some ice or water in the lencess. I personally decided to go for having her glasses lences have some frost in them, due to it being quite a problem to myself who wears regular glasses ( quite a revelation eh XD ) in real life XD. Didn´t feel completely sure while I made them, but I hope the results pleases you or at least looks understandable to you ( getting the idea of frost and snow on them ).




Yes, her winter camo just doesn´t fit the character creations warm environment. Lets take this showcase to somewhere more convinient location, shall we?





Yeah, Maxi still didn´t get the memo yet.


Perhaps some more "education" is in order.

Before my game night in SC6 yesterday I came up with new kinds of costumes for Hilda as I was thinking how to implement the suggested improvements to her winter attire in practise. Since she got an attire designed specifically for the freezing cold temperatures of the Eastern Front in winter, it would only be natural for her to have a combat attire for the summer conditions as well.

Therefore I present you Hilda Braum in her Waffen-SS Oak Leaf battle gear:







Now you might be wondering and asking yourself what does the concept "Oak Leaf" mean. Oak Leaf is the name for one of the camouflage patterns used By the Waffen-SS during World War 2, Waffen-SS being famous for heavily utilizing camouflage patterns widely in combat. While I couldn´t get the exact camouflage pattern type in the game, I picked the closest one and coloured it with the colours historically used in the Oak Leaf camo and using reference pictures. Noticably more lighter brown colour on the pattern on her chest is a dirt sticker intended to make her look like she has already seen real combat in it in the muddy battlefield.


I do apologize if the clipping on her pants and camouflage suite is disturbing.




I did consider applying the camouflage pattern to her pants and cap as well, but while historicaly germans did have camouflage version of their regular field caps, they didn´t have camouflaged side caps. Therefore I coloured the hat with the field grey colour which was the colour of the side caps due to the material in them being wool and of course our fraülein has such a cap. The pants germans usually used in combination with the Oak Leaf was their regular field grey wool pants, hence the grey on her pants as well. But, since germans historically also made Oak Leaf camouflaged pants as well, I decided her to have them as a yet another attire option like this:






How about seeing her a little bit in action?






Be it winter or summer, our dominatrix commandant does her work with fierce german efficiency and enjoys it at the same time.

And that´s for this update. I most sincerely hope that you enjoyed viewing the results of my creation, Stay tuned for my future uploads and as usual, comments, thoughts, questions, constructive critisism and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

Let the tale of souls and swords be eternally told ;).



[09] Warrior
Those are all cool and fun creations, the patterns, the stern looks, they are ready to do battle. Keep up the good work!


[07] Duelist
Those are all cool and fun creations, the patterns, the stern looks, they are ready to do battle. Keep up the good work!
Oh thank you so much for such nice compliments :D! Not to mention the fact how quickly I got such positive feedback. And yes, I fully intend to keep it up my friend ;).


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That Stielhangranate 24 stielhs the show, perfect !
The olive camo looks nice on her, seems the ingame pics wasn't from latest build (grey pants vs camo pants, see i am the observant one XD
The chubby pirate is OK, but there is a lack of the little je ne sais quoi. Check out my thread and you'll get the idea, and don't leave any like if you like her, comments only, let's keep this board alive if we can :)


[07] Duelist
That Stielhangranate 24 stielhs the show, perfect !
The olive camo looks nice on her, seems the ingame pics wasn't from latest build (grey pants vs camo pants, see i am the observant one XD
The chubby pirate is OK, but there is a lack of the little je ne sais quoi. Check out my thread and you'll get the idea, and don't leave any like if you like her, comments only, let's keep this board alive if we can :)
Thank you for such nice complements ;)!

JAWOLH! Finaly got the Stielhandegranate 24 right XD.
Yeah, I kinda only had time back then to get some ingame pics of her grey pants version. Worry not, I shall upload incame pictures of her using camo pants in the very near future.
Oh yes, I saw your latest update on your thread and damn that was awesome to view :). Improved version of my pirate lady or maybe a new, more detailed pirate lady, coming up XD. And yes, I posted a comment. We have such nicely active here, it would be most shame to let it die down now :).


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Thx...if you think the board is active now, it's actually close to flatlinin', considering the booming activity back in the days of yore.
But so understandable...


[07] Duelist
Thx...if you think the board is active now, it's actually close to flatlinin', considering the booming activity back in the days of yore.
But so understandable...
Oh, is that so? Well, it would certainly be interesting to see how active the board was back then. Oh well, just need to keep fingers cross that it gets better. Hopefully...


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Greetings, my fellow CaS-artists, Soul Calibur fans and friends. This is Herr-Krieg writing.

It´s time for my new update with new uploads and creations. This update however, is going to be slightly different from my previous ones in couple of ways. As my other life activities have demanded more of my attention I haven´t been having much time for SC6 so much, not at least the way I want to use on it. I did however managed to have at least some little time playing with SC5 character creation.

So, in this update, I show you three of my creations from SC5 character creation. These creations are also not my original characters, but more of trying to create a character from another series or from earlier Soul Calibur games that didn´t get to more newer installations. Without further due, let´s get this upload underway.

First up, here is my attempt on trying to create Tia Halibel, one of my favorite anime/manga babes, in her normal form from Bleach manga and anime series:








And her Recurrecion form as well:







Next, I introduce you Dixie Clemets from Rumble Roses franchise:










And last but most definetily not least, one of my most favorite character in Soul Calibur 4, the extra character Shura:






It´s just so damn shame that they didn´t add her to SC5 or SC6. Her design just looked so cool and menacing. Would have been awesome if she had been the character coming in the newest DLC. Oh well, one can always dream XD....

And that´s it for this update. Hope you enjoy viewing my works. As always, comments, constructive critisism, opinions, ideas and conversations are always welcomed and appreciated. That and also,

Let the tale of souls and swords be eternally told ;).



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Greetings, my fellow CaS-artists, Soul Calibur fans and friends. This is Herr-Krieg writing :).

Time for my new update to show you what I came up with my yesterdays SC6 playing and character creation time. Now admitedly I only managed to create one CaS completely and started to work on another ( which I will show you in my next update ). The reason for coming up with just one CaS-creation was the long time I spent on it as I wanted it to look good, cool and having a clear concept and theme behind it. I do sincerely hope that you can kind of see the effort I put behind it.

With that out of the way, on to the CaS itself. Couple of updates back my good fellow CaS-artist Vilarcane suggested that I could improve one my more simpler attire version for Hilda Braum By making it look more like her having a mechanic/engineer attire. While I really didn´t see it fit for our gorgeous dominatrix commandant to get dirty and changing career to that of a mechanic, the idea about a german ww2 mechanic did however sounded like an interesting and intrigueing idea to execute later. And so yesterday, I decided to make that idea into reality. Of course, credits for the idea and theme about mechanic goes to Vilarcane, execution done By me of course.

One of the most iconic sights in the battlefields of World War 2 was Germanys infamous panzers rolling forward on the countryside in large numbers. However, such masterpieces of german engineering required constant maintanance, fixing and upgrading in order to keep on fighting, especially when even more complex panzers designs were introduced later in the war. For such an important job, highly skilled and capable mechanics were needed.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, CaS-artists and Soul Calibur fans, I introduce you a german master mechanic, Erika Grupp:






For her style I went with the 2B as the rusty looking weapons kind of suits her mechanic theme, not to mention that the axe could also work as a more "heavy fixing equipment" when small tools just doesn´t cut it when fixing vehicles. You know, when one needs to apply a little bit "violence" to get some electric mechanical thing co-operating again XD.



To make her look like she has really been working and repairing the panzers and other combat vehicles I put dirt stickers on her face, hands and chest, the dirt on her chest ideally looking like some oil or other dirt from vehicles etc. Same kind of a treatment to her pants,boots and leather gloves as well. To get the same kind of feeling to her googles as well, I used different camouflage patterns.



Using my experience from Hildas Stielhandegranate 24 I equiped Erika with a metal wrench as an extra maintaning equipment for vehicle fixing.


A good mechanic always appreciates a good sidekick and helper :).



Be it a light five ton halftrack or a 60 ton weighting Tiger tank, there is no such vehicle in Germanys arsenal that our lovely Grupp wouldn´t be able to fix or know inside out.

And that´s it for this update. Hope you enjoy viewing Erika. As always, comments, constructive critisism, opinions, ideas and conversations are always welcomed and appreciated. That and also,

Let the tale of souls and swords be eternally told ;).



[14] Master
Panzeremarkable job ! Good name design choices and execution. Camo pattern on goggles is hard to read, i'd keep it simple usig same color than snmith belt. Also why not pick a less cute face and shorter haircut to match the manly bodybuild ? The wrench is cool but tool head should be bigger and think metally pattern n color. Go Tiger !


[07] Duelist
Oh vielen danke so much my friend :D! As usual, your concstructive critisism is spot on ;). Yeah, I actually first thought about keeping it simple, but then tried to over do it XD. With her face I wanted to try something a little bit different than to have my every creation have that stern looking face or that my creations just recycle the same faces all over again, but then again, I could try to pick up a face style that kind of fits in the middle of these two ends. As for the wrench, that and all the things you mentioned will be fixed. So, stay tuned for an improved version ;).

Befehl verstanden. Tiger zu angriff XD!


[06] Combatant
Loving Erika... i really like a sexy mechanic girl :) But like VC said, i think that cute face doesn't quite go well with the muscular body. Maybe if you want to try a cute face you can try a slimmer body... like you know, sometimes a slim and perfectly toned body can make females look much hotter than a big muscular body... so i think that body type would fit Erika better. But that's just my opinion though.


[07] Duelist
Loving Erika... i really like a sexy mechanic girl :) But like VC said, i think that cute face doesn't quite go well with the muscular body. Maybe if you want to try a cute face you can try a slimmer body... like you know, sometimes a slim and perfectly toned body can make females look much hotter than a big muscular body... so i think that body type would fit Erika better. But that's just my opinion though.
Thank you so much for such a compliment :)! Yeah, after taking a second look myself her cute face really doesn´t fit well. But worry not, I made some improvments to her look yesterday, including her face and I shall upload the improved version in the very near future. So stay tuned ;).


[07] Duelist
Greetings, my fellow CAS-artists, Soul Calibur fans and friends. This is Herr-Krieg writing :).

After one week of pause and creating new CaS-creation as well as upgrading the older ones, I´m most pleased to post this new update. And boy oh boy am I excited to show you what I have come up with during this week long gap. With my hobbies occupying most of my time I haven´t had that much of time with Soul Calibur 6, but with last nights playing session as well as the couple of sessions a week ago I´m proud to present you the fruits of my hard work from all of these sessions, wrap up in this update. There will also be something a little bit special I´d like to show you, which I´m not quite sure whether it should be on this or some other thread, but nevertheless. I do most sincerely hope that you will enjoy what you will see here. So, without further adjå, let´s get this show on the road, shall we :)?

Up first, while my latest creation, the gorgeous german mechanic Erika Grupp proved to be an overall success, I did receive most constructive critisism as to how to improve her to make her look even better. In last weeks playing session, I did just that.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, CaS-artists and Soul Calibur fans, meet Erika Grupp Ausf. B ( ausf, german, meaning version ) :





The first improvement concerns her face. Both fellow CaS-artists, Vilarcane and TopGun87 minded that her face was too cute considering her muscular build. After considering it myself, that was indeed the case, so I changed her facial expression to that of being more serious and mature looking, to better fit her bodybuild ( not to mention her german origins XD ).

The other improvement considers her googles which camo colour patterns were hard to read ( credits for critisism to Vilarcane as well as the solution he suggested ) so I coloured them to have the same kind of colour as her leather belt.




The third improvement is the wrench. Vilarcane wrote me its head to be too small as well as needing a colouring expressing more of it being metal. So I made the head bigger ( now looks just about the equal or same size proportions as the hammer on her back ) as well as tried to colour it to look a little bit more metal, or to at least have some metal shading to it.

Up next we have my very first alternative costume desing for a regular character from Soul Calibur franchise. Way back when I uploaded my dominatrix commandant Hilda Braum and received most thorough review and opinion considering it from Vilarcane, he mentioned the term "Nazivy" as a suggestion name for her style using the style of Ivy. This term planted an idea to my head of Ivy having the nazi commandant outfit as well as an alternative costume. I mean, her personality is already quite spot on, considering the concept of the outfit XD.

At this point, I kinda want to refresh my old statement considering the ideas and ideological side behind these costumes, just to be sure and make it clear. I DO NOT support nazism, neo-nazisim, fascisism or any other such racist ideas and ideologies. I merely find that people back then wore the most badass and cool looking uniforms and gear.

And here she is, as the sexy dominatrix commandant of the Third Reich:







I wanted her uniform to have some small details different compared to Hildas uniform, so I replaced the symbols on the "armbands" to hearts instead of stars, as well as the "eagle" sign on her hat. To be honest, the heart symbols actually became more clear compared to star symbols on Hildas outfit and I was very pleased with that.





Her certain flexibility is legendary XD.

The next one, is something truly special and different. As the concept of my sexy nazi commandant Hilda Braum truly started to grow and kept on growing with her alternative attires for different situations while still fitting on her "historical" concept, I really started to love the creation. I mean, I´d like to think that she was kind of the creation that really put me up on the map here among CaS-artists and being my first truly successfull creation. Like her creation opened up the doors to get me more easily accuinted to community and gave me inspiration to keep on going creating more CaS-works.

Because of this, I decided to go as far as to order an art comission of her from an artist. After about a week of searching for the right artist, providing her with the comission details, and her making the comission a reality one week ago, she provided me what I consider a most successful art work that was well worth the money I spent on it. The specific artist providing me this art work is Frostbite07 and you can view more of her gorgeous works at her Devianart website: ( https://www.deviantart.com/frostbite07 ) Her site also has the more...."politically correct" version of the artwork to be presented in DA in the following site : ( https://www.deviantart.com/frostbite07/art/Hilda-Braum-788162566 ). Needless to say that the credit for this artwork goes to her and her talented skills, the comission idea being mine.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, fellow CaS-artists and friends, I´m proud to present you, our sexy, strong, dominatrix nazi kommandant, hailing from Berlin in 1942, Hilda Braum:


With that bombshell out of the way, back to the CaS-creations in game itself. I got the base of the idea behind this next CaS-creation back in February as I introduced my samurai CaS Kagimira. Back then TopGun87 suggested the idea about "a sexy buff amazonian lady" as he wrote that it would fit to my style of favouring buff women. While I didn´t get the inspiration right away, the idea however remained at the back of my head. And about couple of weeks back, I decided to give it a shot. And oh how happy I am that I did :).

While the starting concept at first was about an amazonian lady, it however changed along the way to that of an african warrior woman. I got inspired By my will of wanting to utilize the tribunal primitive equipment sets, which I thought that would fit more to an african origin warrior lady. The style options and proper weapons for her concept were also a fact that gave me inspiration as many styles, like Knightmare, Groh and Astaroth have a weapon option of primitive, ancient weapon. Once I got the concept and the idea as to how to make it happen lined, I truly got excited as to how she would turn out.

I´m most pleased to present you, the formidable warrior lady hailing from the wild life and hunting grounds of the African savannahs, Aziza:








"The brute queen of the savannahs showing off her strenght"



Now while her brute looking rhino head gear and shoulder boulders make her look intimidating, what lies beneath them is the beaty of the african wild life, showing off her confidence gained through many years of hunting, fighting and surviving experience in the deserts and wild life of african savannahs:






The rough and unforgiving conditions in the deserts and savannahs of Africa have driven our mighty warrior to utilize and master all sorts of different primitive and tribe weapons in order to survive, fight and stay on top physical condition. Be it her main weapon, the large axe, or versatile twin boulder swords....




.....a single large boulder/wood sword....



....or an ancient tribal spear....



...her wild and tough life in African savannahs has taught her well and made her a formidable surivor.

Quick quiz: What african symbolic name her name resembles and what does it mean :)?

How about seeing her on the field?




Would make quite a pairing, don´t you think? Material for some fanfiction even? Okay, maybe not XD.





Aziza giving Voldo some ass kicking

And as for my last, but definetily not the least CaS-creation from last weekends playing session, I decided to take a little bit of a gothic approach. As I was thinking about a new concept and idea for my next new CaS-creation, I decided that it was time to go gothic and try to create a cool looking gothic vampire lady with power and determination.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, SC fans and CaS-artists, I give you the most blood sucking, gorgeous, stunning and gothic vampire warrior lady, Ravienna:








Considering her little "pet" behind her I wanted to try out character having a companion like that made out of extra equipment. And since she is a vampire, what could be more better for her than a bat? Well, quite a fat and scary looking face I admit, but I just tought that Emils mask was just creepy enough to fit to her concept of horror and vampire theme XD.


As for her Groh fighting style, I actually first considered her having the fighting style of Raphael. After all, Raphael is practically a vampire in Soul Calibur 4. I did however find that Grohs style is more suitable for her warrior like acrabatic supernatural moves, the weapon option she has looking so gothic, not to mention the styles soul release which in her case look like she fully unleashes her vampire powers to her disposal.



"She´s smelling the blood and there will be lots of it."


"Want to test how sharp my blade is?"


How about seeing her little in gameplay?





Quick quiz: Can you spot a small detail in her body considering her vampire theme?

Phew, and that´s it for this rather large and versatile update showing the results of my several SC6 playing session from the time of about a week and a half. I do most sincerely hope that you have enjoyed viewing these creations and that you can see the work and time put behind them. As always, comments, constructive critisism, opinions, ideas and conversations are always welcomed and appreciated.

And most naturally, as always,

Let the tale of souls and swords be eternally told :D!


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[14] Master
Now that's a massive update. First off, being an amateur artist myself, i really love that you went the whole nine yards to bring your CAS to life by commissioning a deviantartist to do this spectacular rendition of her. The passion shows. Back in the days, i created and published 2 different minibooks with my CAS, i still have them in my bookshelf, along my all my other artbooks.
you know i got a deviantart page with my stuff as well, do you ? :)
Nazivy rocks of course, and the heart symbol are just perfect to replace the dreaded cross.

Erika looks like a real mechanic right now, perfect face (although you could have picked one of the ugly ones to reinforce the nazi/manly looks but just a minor gripe (those faces are hard to use, but this would have been the perfect opportunity to make use of them ugly faces.

Aziza is a well executed CAS based on a clear concept. I love the breast implants and the scars and facepaint and color set (and of course weapon), reminds me of my Sabertooth Mina, only fatter and with a different approach. The Rhino (or Triceratops) head build is intriguing, but i think the added shoulder horns are in the way of clarity and hide the face too much in motion.
Remember you can use a camo pattern to add blood to the horns and make her head look even more wild and brutal.

Ravienna is not overly original, but there are a few highlights like the bat (missing some bat ears though and i don't see where the third exeq has gone) and the blood on the lips and neck bites are nicely done (you could add another layer of CAS on the bites to create a depth effect, using pocket stickers in rotation mode and black or another darker pink tone to make the wounds look more natural for instance)
The face paint you picked is nice and more original than the usual white and black scheme i used for my set of vampires.

Consider throwing a glance at my latest CAS in my thread for more ideas you could use for this one.
If it can help, i also made a familiar for an inferno CAS i didn't keep, but look how my bat looks like, using all 3 ExEq slots :

This is a great batch my friend, it shows how quickly you progress in your technique and how much you listen to advice as well (and thanks for crediting TG and me for every single thing, appreciated).

Keep it up ! I am sure you are not finnished to impress us. Please consider returning comments in others' threads to keep the board alive of course !


[07] Duelist
First off, so absolutely many thanks for such nice compliments my friend :D! I´m most delighted to see that my dedication, planning and work on my designs are so well recognized :). Really gives me indication that this is well worth my time and effort.

With other activities taking my time and taking their toll on my will to post new stuff in smaller updates, I decided that it was best to wait and publish all of these creations in this one large update, hence the massivness of the update. And since it got so much good feedback from you, I´d like to think that the wait paid off eh :)?

Yeah, the comission work sure was something that I wouldn´t have even imagined asking for several years back when I started playing SC4. It´s just that I have the same kind of a problem like you of not being much of a drawing artist and SC6 with it´s high quality Graphics and options really gives me the chance to give my ideas a real "physical" form. And when they really succeed and appeal to me, exactly like in the case of Hilda Braum, with a DA account myself with connections to several other much more talented DA-artists and some extra money to spent, just why not to ask for a comission :)? As it proved so succesful concept, I might as well ask for another comission from a different artist. As to which creation I would like the artist to give a rendition of.....well, heh, you just have to wait and see ;).

Oh, I didn´t know you had DA-site to be frank XD. Well, I just added you to the watchlist ;). Maybe some chat there later :)?

With Ivy, heh, it´s not that difficult to make her look good. Ivy has always been such a spectacular and.....well, show off figure in SC franchise XD. I too was very pleased with the heart symbols for how they give out that kind of contradicting feeling while representing something much darker concept.

With Erika, I seriously did consider giving her an ugly face just for the purpose of trying out something new, but it just contradicted my own likings and original concept so much that I eventually decided to drop it out. Oh well, that idea is still in store for something else now.

I find Aziza as one of my most succesfull creations so far. When I finaly finished her, I was so pleased how everything in her, the concept, the colours, her beatyness and roughness combined so well to create this hole working CAS concept and a character. With the shoulder boards horns I tried to get a little bit something similiar to that of Astaroths horn boulders and armor and I really was wondering wether to leave them be or remove them. So, considering your camo pattern blood suggestion as well, improved version coming up XD.

Raviennas design was truly at first a bit hard to come up with, you know, wether to make her more delicate vampire lady with a hat and a dress or making her more of a fighter type. The third Eq spot went to the pistol on her leg/belt, and I was kind of thinking wether I could have used the spot for something more fitting. But with your suggestions considering the use of more layers and other stickers on her bitemarks as well as an example picture, well, stay tuned for an updated version :).

Oh rest assured my friend, I will most definetily keep coming up with more ideas and works how to impress you people ;). Especially now that I know that I´m in the right track as to how to do it :). And sure, I shall put my effort to comment others as well. After all, now that this has become such a nice and worthwhile thing for me, it would be most shame to let it die now, wouldn´t it?