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Greetings my friends :D! Here is Herr-Krieg writing again :).

Sorry for taking this time for answering to all of your comments, but my recent days have been rather hectic activity WISE, and I haven't really found any proper time to reply to your comments. Now, I will fix that with this one answer text ;).

It's nice to see one of your updates again. Isamu Akiyama looks alright but seems a bit basic in terms of patterning and stickers. Your Poison looks pretty good. I like how you made the leather wrist bands using the Serpent armbands and the leather patterns. The way you used stickers to make her crop top is pretty clever as well. Aziza looks amazing as ever and I like how you draw inspiration from African animals for her recolors. I feel like you still need to work on cutting down on your long introductions but since you have been gone awhile it is understandable. All in all this is a pretty good batch.
Thanks for all your nice compliments and constructive critisism on this batch of mine my friend ;). Yeah, I do admit that my creations in this batch are rather Basic looking, compared to my previous ones and particulary to my Alien CAS, which has received more attention that I could have ever hoped for. As I may have said this already, I have been bus re-organizing my life and I think it and the overall hurry played their parts of these creations being a bit more simple looking than my usual ones.

Still, I'm glad that you liked my Poison ;). After one of my PS4 Network friends showed me how I could change the stickers via altering their vertical and horizontal angles I wanted to try it out on Poisons top crop, which worked out rather well. Sure I had to improvise some of her gears, like her wrist bands like you wrote, but overall it turned out well :). For Azizas crocodile theme I got pleasant help from my friends in PS, which kinda contributed to her overall good look, with me off course realizing it, having my own touch to it and adding all the details.

Now that I have taken several looks on this update, I also realize I should just cut off the long introductions and just go straight to the point like I kinda used to do at the beginning of my career here. I will see what I can do about it on my next batch ;).

Hum, this will probably ruin my chances for reviews but i need to be honest here : with such a flamboyant intro, i was expecting you to up the game after your xenomorph, now i am left with crocodile reskins, sticker placement tweaks and a good RC of a weakly designed fighter from another game, even with goog technique.
I was expecting much more from this batch, so i am kinda disappointed sorry.

Now with the good bits.
Of course the drawings are fun and bring life to your iconiCAS, and i am extremely happy for you that the CAS which swept me off me chair won 2nd place in this contest of rob cram you probably spotted on reddit. I dropped reddit completely and the xbox sc creation nation cuz i had enough love and glory, ´stead been spamming the ccc Twitter contest with my best stuff, i don’t care if i am in the credits and it’ll probably be biased results as always plus what a lame in-game prize btw :(

Wyldsmash was the one who impressed me with his latest batch and drawing, so can you up your game, HK ? :)

Enjoy your new friends and online gaming, i al really happy for you, have fun creating and come back with something really new and cool, and i’ll be there. I have taken 10 / 15 min to type this on my bloody iphone, just for you ystava
Mon ami, thank you for such an honest opinion on my stuff on my latest creation batch :). As I already explained to Wyldwarrior, my overall tight schedule and different things to attend to and think about kinda affected my inspiration to come up with something unique and spectacular like my Alien OC which you liked so much. I shall fix this in my next creation batch, together with my bad habbit of overblown entrances XD. Still, thanks for the positive feedback ;) and no, your chances of getting reviews are not ruined.....yet XD.

Merci for liking the artworks as well, I too enjoy greatly when my Aziza comes to life in such a way through such fine artworks :). Nice to know you feel glad for my success in the contest as well. Admitedly it wasn't any huge, official contest, but it sure gave me good publicity and a way to get my Alien CAS really well seen and viewed By people :). Not to mention all the nice comments on my Alien in the videos comment section which really made me happy too :). Yeah, my friend mentioned about the competition in Reddit.

I too saw Wysmash creations in his latest batch and they certainly look most impressive indeed. And yes, I WILL improve my game on my next batch, mark my words ;). Gotta review Wysmashs creations at some point as well. That's just yet another addition to my long list of reviews in need of being written XD....

I will most definetily enjoy my new group of friends, whenever I have time for them that is XD. I will try to arrange time for all of these activities equally, altough now my situation in PS4 Network has kinda eased down to the point of giving more time to this community and creating CASs ;). And I appreciate you giving such a long time typing your answer viva iphone, mon ami XD.

Yeah, gotta agree with VC and Wyld here. After a long break i was expecting a new and improved CAS... but what you have here don’t look that impressive. Tho i like what you did with poison ivy... she looks pretty hot and i’d Wysmash that ass. lol sorry Wyld, had to do it.

Well, i’m not saying my recent CAS are that impressive either... but i tried something a bit different. So you should try something unique like you did with your previous ones like the alien that stands out in the crowd.
Indeed, I do admit my latest batch isn't that fancy compared to my older stuff, but I hope you understand my reasons for this as I explained to VC and Wyld. Heh, still thanks for liking Poison, I kinda thought that you would like her XD.

Yeah, I have seen your latest creations and they sure look very fabulous and great ;). I will write a proper review of them at some point, I swear to Gott in himmel XD. I will also come up with something more fancy in my next batch for sure ;).

I enjoy the simplicity of these designs, especially the Nazi-themed characters. I also greatly respect your confidence in your work, perhaps even a dash of cockiness. You must be quite the charmer off the forums. Also How did you recolor the border on Isamu's collar?
Oh I feel so happy to see that you appreciate my way of taking a bit simpler approach on my creations on this batch as well as with the slight improvements to my older creations :D. Considering my confidence in my works, well, heh, as VC kinda put it, sure I do have confidence for them, but in the end I kinda want to take the more respectful and humble approach towards the subject. As for my manners, I'd like to think I have been raised in such an environment that appreciates such manners and that it has left it's mark on my ways of writing on the Internet as well :).

About Isamu's collar colouring, I did it By adding different shaped stickers which I naturally coloured white. The trick with fitting the stickers on to the borders of the collar was to adjust the stickers horizontal and vertical angles just right to make them fill the collar but not to extend to outside of it. It sure took it's own time to finaly get it right though XD. I learned trying out these different angles with the stickers from one of my PS4 friends, so I wanted to try them out on Isamu :).

Hi ! hmmm… i know you like cocky, but you are mistaken, i can vouch for HK here and say he isn't cocky at all, quite the contrary, extremely respectful, even under criticism, he just gets carried away by his passions and discovers the world of online friendship and gaming, meaning he has less time to devote to SC6 and the community...
And he has the most extravagant intros to his posts ever seen on 8wayrun, or in the hole world (wink to HK) :)
So maybe he is finnished posting here regularly, and that's cool, or he'll come back eventually with a bang.
And you, how are you now ? PM if you want...cheers, mate
Merci beacoup mon ami for vouching me with such positive traits :). As I wrote earlier, my overall activity there has recently calmed enough so that I can give more time for both SC6 and the community as well. I sincerely hope and try to make this process happens during this week ;). And of course, in my next batch, drop out the too extravagant intros as well, as I think I have already established my passion for creating these characters rather well XD. You are just not gonna leave me alone about that "hole" pun are you VC XD?

And no, I'm not finnished posting here regulary XD. Not just necessarily that actively as I used to, other stuff have simply just taken their part of my time currently XD. I will PM you later, as I now just want to get to bed after writing all of this through out the night, close to 9 a'clock at Morning here XD.....cheers to you as well mon ami ;).
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That's what i call answerin', HK rocks :)
No i am not dropping the hole pun, being the joke artist i am, unless you write a whole batch of reviews haha.