Hilde pre-release discussion and video thread

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I'll make this quick and dirty. Here is a list of things I found. Added in my own thoughts so I have a place to reference for later purposes. Keep in mind that I am guessing since I do not for sure know the notations. Taken from this video.
38:20- Hilde vs Natsu matches start. Goes until end of the stream.

38:48- c1a

40:40- 44a agi? 44ab string looks like launches.

41:23- c1b abunch of times in a row. guard break. 2 hits on hit. [Edit- Nevermind that doesnt look like C1b. Just a guard break move, found what i think is c1b in another vid]

42:16- really fast poke? crumple on ch?

43:18 / 41:14- c3a? Doesn't look like it tech crouches or agi's from what I can tell. Probably gives advantage on block. also test

43:57- c2bb on block. Looks like disadvantage? both hits on block now.

44:40- FC C3AKB now a non charge string.

44:54- FC C3BBA. I am almost positive this is the new C3b. You can see many other instances of this move being used in the video, this just happens to be when it clicked in my mind that C3B = old FC C3BBA.

45:28ish- C4b

46:38- c4a

As I find more things I will add to the list. One thing I noticed was that Hilde seems to have FC charge moves still. I only noticed one that could be a fc c1a or something but I forgot exactly where. Charge animations confused me quite a bit because of the changes, the move I think is c1a looks like old c3a. Look forward to hearing what the french players have to say about her.

3:17 - C1b im pretty sure


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38:48 looked more like c3a but it put Natsu in spin instead of knocking her down. I may be wrong since it only took her a second to charge that attack up from the last carge attack she did.


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The biggest problem there was that his two opponents weren't blocking the second hit of c2aa. But play critique aside...

If my guess from before is correct that linear guard break move isn't a charge, so he must have had his B button open the entire time. It's probably like 33_99B+K or something along those lines. If that is the case only using A charges while keeping B off charge would still allow a decent long range poke which is nice. It look's pretty slow, I wonder if it gives frames on block since it is a guard break. On hit it hits twice and causes a crumple so maybe there is a way to get a combo after it. I'm too tired to analyze further, sometime tomorrow I'll see if I can get a general idea on the frames of that move. Nothing concrete, just knowing if its + on block is good enough.

Thanks for the vids KingAce.

[edit] I wonder if the second part of c2aa is immune to JG.


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Both C3 of Hilde can be JG.
C3B (old FC C3B, no FC charge now) you can block the first hit and JG the second in order to be able to punish.
Same With C3A (old C2A) the second hit can be JG.

Right now, no one is able to do it, but it is possible with some training.
So it's not possible to turtle only with these moves.

3A (you can charge 3[A] looks like to be her best move right now.
Probably + frame, AutoGi B mid, auto natural combo on counter and autoGi (old FC C3A K B), then you can combo to C3A (old C2A) and probably other moves.

Old 44K is now 6K. Not really usefull.

Old C3A is now C2A. It's still TC but looks like there is no autoGi, no + frame, and no garanted combo. It's not a luancher anymore but stun (shakable) on hit.

Old 6A+K is now 4A. 1KK still there. Old 2A+K is now 11A. 1A still there. Special B throw is now BraveEdge move.
3B A and 3B B still there. 3B BraveEdge is a huge launcher, probably some nice combo out of this move.

Her CE does plenty of damage on the first hit, and not so much on the lasts ones.

It's quite hard for now to judge which C is charged... Looks like 1sec to 2 sec is C1.
2 to 3 is C2.
3 to 20 is C3.
Over 20 is C4.

C2B G C3A combo - back RO.

Old C3B is gone.

More infos later.


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Wow thanks for all the information Malek! All of that makes sense except for one part. If old c2a is now c3a, how exactly in those youtube vids (like 15 seconds in or so) is the player able to get them out so fast? Is the move he is using there just another guard break and not a charge?

Also the move I listed as c3a, which charge is that? When it hits the opponent gets knocked back like the old c3a use to.


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Ceirnian, in these videos i wasn't able to charge A and B in the same time because we couldn't change the pad's config.

I was able to get the C3A so fast because the delay is faster than in SC4. C1 less than a second, C2 less than 2 seconds, and C3 between 2 and 3 secs.

C3A SC4 is C2A.

Malek said:
C3B (old FC C3B, no FC charge now) you can block the first hit and JG the second in order to be able to punish

There is a mistake. Yes you can JG le second hit of C3A (or auto gi A+B from Pyrrah for exemple), that's why the opponents were surprised by the second hit and didn't the G button pushed. But we tested it with the C3BB and we didn't managed to JG the second hit, like in SC4.

The B Guard break move isn't a charge. It's 22B.



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That is an amazingly fast charge time, that change will take time to get use to but I am looking forward to it. So if I have this right

c1a - Launches sort of like how c3a did in sc4
c2a - Old c3a animation, tech crouches and causes a shakeable stun on hit.
c3a - Old c2aa, second hit comes out on block as well. No agi properties. Can be JG and punished.

c1b - Same as before (I think). Maybe it causes slide on air hit like in BD, will have to test that.
c2b- Same as before but launches behind. Second hit comes out on block.
c3b- Has the animation of FC c3bba. Second hit cannot be JG during string, so safe push out on block. [Edit-Maybe safe, we'll see]

Thanks a lot Malek and Dina for posting here. Had a really fun time watching the stream, especially the ending matches with Kayane. Being able to see that many matches in a row made all the lack of Hilde play before hand not so bad.

[edit] From what I hear buffering attacks is more like sc3 than sc4. If that is true then that may be just one more reason charges come out so damn fast. Did you two notice if buffering was reverted? That is one of the things I disliked about sc4.


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I didn't thought about it but yes the buffering time seems to have returned to his normal state in the olders SC. we'll have to test that.
Also i don't think it had a great consequence in the charge buffering.

I don't know if C3B is really safe. I mean, it looks like it is but in SC4 Cassandra was able to punish it with 6B so maybe some character will do.

Oh and C2B push back well but doesn't seem to be blockstun.


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From my brief play testing -
Her move list for the TGS build is surprisingly Limited.
Almost all of her launchers put her in a Back Turned state so its difficult to tell if she can combo off of them outside of BT B+K
Her Command throw is now a BE move performed by doing A+G.A+B+K
It Rings out and on wall splat combos into back throw for 90-100 damage.
The massive yellow flash on it is a dead giveaway though.
She has a bunch of 'Chargable normals' that will guard break -
[A+B], 22, 3[A] are three I've found.
66A+B is another GB move that I believe will possibly be her stable OTG but it might not since she can jump over her opponent easily.
Will post more later.


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C3A connect after some launcher.
Just G, then C3A. Sometimes works, sometimes not depending on the range.


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The biggest thing i'm worried about is new c3a being punished with a JG. Seems like c1a/c2a will be better to poke with since it's a single attack, but I suppose time will tell.

How much time do you have to react to the BE throws? I know it flashes yellow but can you really react that with the correct throw break in time?

Oh and if any of you get a chance try testing the aerial properties of C1b.


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BE throw is enough of a delay that after getting hit by it and explained once, it was broken every single time.

A+B has run counter properties, and [A+B] is a NCC which leads into some nice damage. I'm unsure if its shakable or not though. If not, that's another spot you can land a CE/C2BB.

Haven't tested stuff enough but I'd say that she'll have high damage combo's using stuns into her BE attacks.
A lot of her attacks cause stun of some kind, but since they kinda halved her move list, its not really that impressive.

I've already contacted the Namco rep and given them my opinions on this build of the game however, so we'll see what Namco has to say about it.


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She can't ring you out using lows from what I found.
Her old 2A+K is now 11_77A it seems a bit slower (It might not be, it might just be in comparison to how fast the game feels now) and causes a crumple stun instead of a knock over.
Her 1KK is only so-so, but its never been amazing.
She's lost her 2B+K and her 2A+B(K)
She still has her 1B retreat poke, but 33B got replaced with a Mid that is BE'able.
It seems her game play is focused more on playing at range and breaking your guard.


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I haven't seen any new Hilde play or information for a long time now. It feels like no matter how good she ends up she will stay an underused character.


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New Hilde play from the japanese stream. Only one match though

Starts at 53:33

56:36 - Combo 22B C2B C3A
Second hit of C2A misses but from what people have said before C2B C3A works fine, probably had to do it a bit later.

56:50 - CE for those of you who haven't seen it
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