How did you come up with your username?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Lounge' started by Norik, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Leshain

    Leshain [10] Knight

    Forgot it
    Leshain is actually an Acronym of my in-game self in all games i play as of 2010 and onward, so without realizing it til' now it's sort of like what Z.W.E.I has going on.

    I earned the title when my men followed me to fabulous hell and back in not only one but two ARPG games that look like SoulCalibur's universe (White Knight Chronicles 2 (PS3) (Still playing) and Vindictus (PC) (Retired, kinda) )

    It's L.E.S.H.A.I.N but i don't think the website let me put any dots at all.

    I won't say what it is, but we kinda ripped off Captain Motochika's quote's of Sengoku Basara 3: Samurai Hero's fame, whenever we did something epic or won.
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  2. TrannyMagic

    TrannyMagic [04] Fighter

    always been rather fond of Trannies and Magic (used to joke about trannies a lot growing up since in my area there was already about 3 (one of whom people would ask 'OH WHO'S THAT? and we would reply aMANduh play off Amanda har har) ~ watched my first Tranny pRon about a year ago and it was quite the treat... it was almost as magical as Zatanna's incantations since I had no idea what was in store when everything came off... that... on a woMAN?! 0___o ~ (all of that) = birth of TRANNYMAGIC
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  3. Alpha

    Alpha [12] Conqueror

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  4. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Um.....are you a tranny or just a gay man? Out of most newbies I've seen about, you're very flamboyant and quirky. I mean, I remember typing in color just like you due to me being too fascinated with Pocky. However, you take it to another level. I'm not trying to offend you, just kinda cringing but wondering what you're about.
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  5. KiraxSummers

    KiraxSummers [13] Hero

    Such a delicate way of putting it XD I remember him saying he was neither tranny nor magical sooo, ???
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  6. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    I guess we'll leave it at he just has an obsessive fetish: with how trannys can fool a horny man and make them mad once their identity is figured out. And it's like magic. Pocky Yoshi can picture himself getting fooled....*cringes*
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  7. TrannyMagic

    TrannyMagic [04] Fighter

    I actually didn't type in Pink in any other forum but my love for Nicki Minaj since 2008 has grown and ever since PINK FRIDAY dropped I've been feelin' like a pink font kind of gay ~
    I used to have pre-conceived notions that people into Trannys were hiding their homosexuality at all costs, as long as it looks like a lady than they good... no, I don't have a Tranny fetish even though I do love when xbox'ers send me messages talkin' about how hot Trannies are, I get that WHOOP DI DOO feeling ( ~___~) aaaaaaaand? lmASSO
    S/O to Kinky bitches
  8. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Never been fooled! Even in Thailand! LOL I saved many a drunk military friend from losing their dignity by saving them from the arms of a thirsty tranny....
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  9. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Well, I now know why you type in pink. However, that isn't the answer I seek. I'm not interested on how you analyze people who have a thing for trannys or so. I'm interested in why you call yourself "TrannyMagic". Is it a screen name meant to irritate people more into hating the fact they lost to you?
    Lulz. I actually had my dad(who was ex-navy) telling me of stories of how to avoid traps. He told me something like: Son, beware of bewildered ladies in France if you question their gender.
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  10. TrannyMagic

    TrannyMagic [04] Fighter

    as I said before I've rather been fond of magic and trannies... actually every game I've played be it online or offline rpg I've mainly tried to be the magic user aka mage ~ I have this thing where if I see something 'cool' or something of the sort I say 'oh, that's cute' or 'oh, that's magical' ~ when watching the tranny pRon in my mind I was sayin' oh, that's magical ~ tranny magical..... looked @ my old gamertag later when I logged onto xbox live which was RainbowStix n' said to myself ~ oh, it's time to switch it up... PandaGazzum ~ RainbowStix ~ and now it's TrannyMagic... I have a thing for two worded usernames..... no big reason.... just thought it sounded cute
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  11. Kevin

    Kevin [12] Conqueror

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  12. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Dab_Of_Oppo Gentlemen of the Road


    Where my name came from
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  13. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    A Subaru Impreza WRX rally car? I like.
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  14. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    My username is actually mrkloux (Mr. Kloux). It just randomly came to me one day when I was pretty young and I have no idea why. I say it like Mr. Clue, which, in all reality, is probably wrong.

    When I was signing up for 8wr I can't remember why (or if this actually was the case, I was a few drinks deep and it was real fucking late) but it had me make an account name and a main name or something of the sort. I thought that the main name for the site was just some nickname shit so I mashed the first few letters of my username without paying attention. This is how MKL came out and now I have to live with it. Now I join the ranks of all the other three letter usernames.
  15. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Dab_Of_Oppo Gentlemen of the Road

    Go Petter Solberg!!
  16. g0ofus

    g0ofus acts PRESIDENTIAL

  17. Yamagishi

    Yamagishi █████] 99%

    My last name begins with a "Y".
    A username I like to use is Kero.
    And I love drinking tea.
  18. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    Need. To. KNOW!
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  19. Solo

    Solo [14] Master

    Solo Wing Pixy from Ace Combat Zero
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  20. TheNoirEffect

    TheNoirEffect [09] Warrior

    Noir means black in French. I take French class at school.
    I wear alot of black, browns, dark browns, reds, basically dark colors and when I draw I prefer it be black and white.

    Music notes are black, I was born around 1 meaning imma night baby lmao. I prefer it to be dark most of the time.
    I'm an aspiring musician and my stage name will be "Norio". My favorite thing to do is sleep!! I aint no lazy nigga but I have "The Noir Effect"

    Also at the time of making this my GamerTag was The Noir Effect lol.

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