How to be jolly in Jolly


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Well yeah. It works when it works and doesn't when it doesn't. Like I said, if the other guy is wound up or otherwise in a mental state where taunting or unblockable cancels will mess with their head then it's going to be a worthwhile tactic. Deception is powerful. I'm sure mixing it up with things like G cancel to bait throws(providing an appearance that you're trying to JG) or something would be useful too.

And the fun thing about mindfuckery? I know that you know that I know. Remember that, it's the basis of decent levels of competition. They expect you to be buffering an attack during a taunt and you know it, so try JG or GI out the taunt instead. And if they're smart they'll consider that, which if you're smart you'll consider their consideration of...When it gets to these levels of mindfuckery, the guy that loses the edge in that particular moment is he who looks one too many layers into it or is having a hard time dealing with the pressure. If you can string along rapid analyses of your foe with that kind of mindfuckery you're probably going to do well. It worked for Decopwn :P


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You guys forget that Tira players were around before EVO 2012. The taunt strategies have been around since SC4. Tira's taunt is special but all characters can use that strat. A lot of this isn't new but only known now because Decopon gave her exposure. The best way to be jolly in Jolly is realize that it's decent at poking and being annoying and gives you sexy reward with transition combos.