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    Thank you. I fixed it. Difficult though, it isn't as easy to see on my TV screen as it is in the screenshot. It gives Forgon a headache, something that should be inconsequential. However, the grievous error has been corrected; world order has been restored. It is difficult though having the proper color I need. If only I had some blood for some observations when it is splattered on a rock... Any volunteers? >:)

    The actual skirt and pants are my adaptation to the fact that we don't have any good robes. There were many options I would have preferred, if available (Why do we have a full skirt for females and only mini skirts for males?). I intended it to be similar to this.

    Now for another new creation of mine: Dr. Disme. The good doctor was one of many scientists who worked on researching a peculiar substance that Damnation wanted "grown" for himself. Dr. Disme studied the odd substance of neither flesh nor rock and began to hear "voices." These voices drove him to the brink of madness, a dementia buffered only by his undivided focus on his master's projects. He was the one who helped create the Karagga and is not even close to finished with his research.

    Dr. Disme
    My biggest complaint is the color of the blood staining the undershirt. While blood stains differently on different clothes, this one definitely needs some tweaking imo. I will see if I can make it better while playing with it.

    The bloody hands and the stained gauntlets are my favorite part of his outfit while his revealed brain serves as a fun discovery of mine. He uses Patroklos's style because of the shield making an excellent bloody tool to go with the sword, perhaps some makeshift surgical tools for the good doctor? I feel my next project, besides continuing to improve my works, will be another female as they have a lot more to work with imo.

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  2. LordDraco3

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    That brain is hilariously awesome! The blood splatters all look good as well, A++
  3. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    There's nothing to forgive!

    Remember though that not ALL the colours need to be gritty. If you want a more cartoonish style, then perhaps less detailed clothing might be something to look at? Argueably the more the detail, the edgier the design. There are enough simple pieces to come up with some unique styles.

    And that's something you do perfectly. Le Bello dares to say that your character cards are your niche, your speciality, your strongpoint.

    Again, you're getting it spot on here. Le Bello had never thought about CCs in this way, usually he finds a matching background and slaps that on, so your depth has certainly inspired me, genius!

    Le Bello could not agree more with this profound statement. Le Bello has nothing to add here.

    A 2P design is something Le Bello would relish the chance to see. And Charade was certainly interesting, but other then the eye he was mostly forgettable. Regrettable really.

    Provided it still looks sturdy. Otherwise it won't be believable. But Le Bello agrees that culture is important, otherwise things get too dull too fast.
    Le Bello himself is studying culture at the moment, in order to begin his next big CaS project.

    Have you considered using the helmet adornments in the extras section to create horns and other protrusions? Le Bello is tempted to experiment with demonic and fantasy races to better practice these aspects, and fully believes that those, plus a unique skin effect, will greatly increase the variety of races designable, and enrich their basic designs, even before adding clothing.

    Le Bello would love to see some of your drawn concepts sometime. Perhaps you could even challenge the CaS community to realise one of your ideas, in that they might take an approach you hadn't considered? Maybe offer a CaS art-trade, so to speak?

    Le Bello believes the engine is ridiculous at times, with it's oddly warped armour and floating belts. Sometimes it's a shame that a great design is ruined by an uncontrollable mechanic. Le Bello's own iteration of Bangoo is plagued by a significant clipping issue.

    Gatsu makes Le Bello doubt himself, which spurs Le Bello on.

    I'd like to say, however, that I absolutely adore the Shade character more than I care to admit. It's almost perfectly done! The bright blood is a bit distracting, but that's been pointed out.

    Le Bello likes the untextured trouser/skirt, it makes them seem more basic and less materialistic, which is great if it's a representation of a species and not a character!
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  4. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Forgive Le Bello's double post, Lord Forgon the Uberliterate, but Le Bello MUST compliment the good doctor. The scars, the blood, the use of colour, it's PERFECT.

    And that brain? GENIUS!

    A tiny suggestion, and nothing needed at all, but if you use aPat, and recolour his weapon just so, you can make it look like a test tube, which, when combined with aPat's poses and the right angles, means you can have a character card that looks like he's measuring something into a tube.

    THAT BRAIN. Le Bello is inspired for an Astaroth Frankenstienian 3P design!
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  5. LordDraco3

    LordDraco3 [08] Mercenary

    This idea is so good that I may have to steal it. 3P Astaroth always stumps me, but I've wanted one for so long!
  6. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Likewise good fellow! I'm interested in hearing which direction you take! I was originally going for a tortured cyborg style, however I've currently got a rusted looking menace. (But discovered a new way of making rust that outstrips the previous one - Modern Pattern 15 on max size)
  7. Forgon

    Forgon [07] Duelist

    I have a feeling that title is going to somehow stick. Alas, I did in fact try Alpha Pat but his poses and position cannot be moved in a way to make a good camera angle. An unfortunate circumstance that I must hesitantly inform Le Bello of.

    Forgon does bring good tidings, friend.He has poured within your idea the water of fulfillment. I present to you Voiiarraka, Deity of Sorrow and Emptiness, in her 2p costume, one that I believe may even outdo her 1p. Per Le Bello's glorious idea, I have created it with focus on the eye so I, Forgon, do hope I fail to disappoint.

    I also believe I have this more aligned with the style I aim for, being simple with brighter colors but having detail and realism along with it (at least I do hope). Her character card was the most fun to make, for when I finished, I queried what to do with it. Would I use her orb to distort her face? It is already distorted, the painted, messy smile from one who knows not what happiness truly is, only sorrow and who's hood contains a void reflecting what she is truly like inside.

    And so a totem pose was chosen, straight up and forward. The climbing eyes, the layered armor, the pasted face, it all went straight and so straight I did make it. However it can be improved, especially from waist down, and so I await what can be said of my most recent work.

    Edit: And now so many other ideas, Le Bello most ingeniously germinates! Do the ladies not all flock to hear Le Bello? Take my ideas, make them your own! Let us steal from one another until we will not recognize what was stolen from us. I shall schedule a test with special equipment and record my findings. I shall make sure your thread is but the first to know any novel discoveries I uncover.

    But most importantly. Le Bello, provides me with an interesting idea. A trade of drawings for CAS? Why yes, I am giddy at the thought and rampant at the typing. An idea worth having, perhaps once I am better satisfied with these excuses for "my creations." Nothing I create should be so shoddy. So many improvements I still must make. 'Tis truest when true, but even truer be my improvement (one I do already recognize).

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    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Admittedly Le Bello borrowed the idea from, I believe, Gatsu. If Le Bello can find the image, I shall share it.

    This! This is! A perfect blend of realism and cartoonish playfulness. On top of being an extremely clever design, it seems to fit your original stylistic intentions without looking out of place, and on top of that, doesn't remind Le Bello of Charade! The purple and red offset the green even more, so it all works to compliment the focal point of the design. Well done!

    One day Le Bello hopes to acquire the means to photograph his CaSs and share them with the world. When it comes to Rustoroth, Le Bello will eagerly point out that he stole the brain idea from the clever gentleman to which Le Bello is currently addressing.

    For Le Bello feels that there ought to be no secrets, unless the ideasman asks his secrets not be replicated or revealed, as secrets only hold others back. Well, secrets of this nature.

    You could even offer to draw other people's CaSs.... Once you're satisfied with your own work! And believe Le Bello, you should never fully be satisfied until you know there's nothing more you can do.

    You've grown a lot in such a short time, Le Bello wonders if you will ever stop? Certainly, I hope not.
  9. Forgon

    Forgon [07] Duelist

    Neither do I. Am I correct in assuming you own an X-Box Le Bello?

  10. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Le Bello prefers to think of it as a box of 360 kisses, but yes, the very same.
  11. Forgon

    Forgon [07] Duelist

    As far as I am aware, there are no simple processes to take screenshots on the 360 and then transfer it to a usb. If so, how troubling. Has Le Bello considered plugging his X-Box to his computer and then trying to use the print screen button on his keyboard from there?

    Also, I would be glad if there was an apparent way to record videos on the PS3 for casual offline matches. I have yet to find a way and yet so many have such nice, high quality sound and vids to show.

  12. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Of... Of COURSE Le Bello has... He was just, uh, distracted. By your beauty. Yes.

    Perhaps there should be a YT channel, created by someone who can record footage, designed on showing off CaS characters, with the channel operator playing other CaS artists to showcase THEIR designs. Hmm.
  13. I believe the reason why you can't record offline matches is because the replays save online on SCV's servers, not on the console. I do wish they ran at the game's native display though...
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  14. Forgon

    Forgon [07] Duelist

    A curious idea. It would be an intriguing idea.

    Harsh reality. Do you know of any methods of recording footage (besides a third-party camera) for the games themselves. I thought for PS3 there was an add-on that would record directly what was on screen (akin to FRAPS or similar programs for computers) but have not seen or heard of it. I assume I was mistaken.

    Let us move onto my latest creations though.

    I present the Training Artificial Intelligence-Alpha 037 (TAID-A037). TAID-A is an advanced AI placed in a humanoid body and programmed to help provide training simulations. It has a built in generator core that releases massive amounts of energy that can be then manipulated by her electro-magnetic servo motors to become manifestations of data that can physically harm opponents (although kept at minimal energy output to avoid serious or fatal injuries).

    Next is an old work I never posted. Damnation's agent: an assassin born from the genetic experiments of Damnation through Dr. Disme. The female breeds of Karagga were found to be stronger, faster, and more agile than the male breeds in both anatomy and thought processes. These polar separations between genders encouraged a segregation in purpose and so some were made part of the espionage and reconnaissance division of Damnation's military.

    Damnation Agent
    Now for Gorganflek! A member of the Grand Ten and a powerful warrior, the rafven Gorganflek is both calm and cunning in his attacks. Using illusion and misdirection to supplement his power, he has proven his success and will to serve the mercenaries of Kisare. His proverbs aside, there is one unique trait noted by this warrior. His sword is locked in a wooden sheath and is never removed. Many have questioned why this is so, but few wish to be the ones to see what lay locked inside.


    D. Agent and Gorganflek were old, unposted creations of mine. In fact, Gorganflek is probably the only creation of mine from SCIV that could be completely replicated. I added a bit of subtle details to his clothes and design but he is fundamentally the same. I have also updated and reorganized my opening post and will keep it updated with notes. I will add the changes to this post once I am finished compiling them.


    Edit: added updated notes.

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  15. Norik

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    Dark Khill
    If the best CaS makers in the forums were writers, Gatsu would be Shakespeare; Pocky Yoshi would be Mark Twain, Gabedamien would be Henry David Thoreau, and you would be Edgar Allan Poe.
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  16. Forgon

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    I am assuming that is a huge compliment, thank you. :) Wait didn't he die alone, drinking, and is said to be haunting his own grave because its the only thing that loves him? Sounds just like me!

    However, while we are talking about the dark, the heartstopping, and the wrenching, I provide my latest tinkering with CAS.

    An echo within teetered out. The hand reached for its own head hesitantly. "What..." he murmured, the voice drowned by its own muddled mind. He tried to focus but a sudden sharp pain in the center of his skull caused him to arch his back and collapse past his night stand, the arm dragging down what it could with it. The flame within the lamp flickered then dissipated, the glass did shatter and leak wine between its fragments. The door to his chamber tore open, his elite guard leaping at the sound. "My Lord!" She cried, seeing him curled over, one arm barely supporting him off the ground and the other arm wholly enfolded across his gut. She saw his teeth grind together as he wheezed with each breath, the throat clenched like the teeth and unable to scream.

    "The shard..." he screeched out in a breathless voice, barely heard. His eyes, scrambled with red, darted before finally finding the culprit. The fragment of neither flesh nor metal did pulsate and twist into a smile. He heard the voices come again: Lostoru... Lostoru... Lostoru... He at last gave in and gave out a fierce roar as he snapped back on his knees and felt himself writhe in agony. Burst: the skin split and tore; snap, the bones twisted and curled. The flesh became beast and turned on its brood, twisting along its home and burrowing deep withing. What was bone was now flesh, what was flesh was now bone. Weaved in brutal agony, Damnation's voice coughed blood as he felt himself turn within. The enemy of all became the enemy of himself. The elite's eyes did watch as she witnessed helplessly at the heartless irony.

    Damnation (Afflicted)
    The last one is a clean version to show the the character card and outfit before he goes on a brutal rampage. I am actually glad that the skull DLC motif made such an excellent blood stain. I never would have guessed for using that on the face if I didn't think of experimenting with it.

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  17. chobek

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    I love the mad doctor!
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    rdmunhoz [13] Hero

    your gallery is amazing!!!!
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  19. Forgon

    Forgon [07] Duelist

    Why Thank you.

    You make me blush; thank you.

    I am working on a few more and experimenting with bat wings a lot (like I have in my last few new creations). I can't wait for more DLC to come out, there is a lot I would like to play with. However, if there are any critiques and/or feedback you can give in specifics for my works, I will gladly take it. There are a few works I won't be releasing for months until new DLC comes out or I reevaluate their designs properly. There is so much to learn and so much talent in the community. How exciting.

  20. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Le Bello loves the robot core, and the lines that look like energy channels is especially well done! Le Bello is too ill to comment further, but excellent work!

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