[Mar 19, 2011] Return of the Jaxel-Dome! First Blood: Part Deux (Edison, NJ)

Which game should we have at the tournament?

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Event has passed...

  • SATURDAY 2:00 PM - Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • SATURDAY 6:00 PM - Soulcalibur 4
  • $15 Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • $15 Soulcalibur 4 Singles
  • Unmodified Official Shoryuken.Com National Rules
    • I will not be supplying Wireless PS3 Controllers
    • I will not be supplying PS3 USB Sync Cables
    • I will not be supplying PSX -> PS3 converters
  • Squatting during casual play is strictly prohibited
  • You must take a shower before the tournament
  • No smoking is permitted inside of the house
  • Be clean and courteous, and clean up after yourself
  • Please don't walk in front of TVs durings matches
  • Absolutely don't vandalize the supplied equipment
  • We reserve the right to search anyone suspicious


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Why not swap Super with Marvel for one tournament? People are going to be up on that since it will be new and until AE comes out on the console for SSF4. Plus it will be more entertaining.

Regardless, I'm there.


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MUFF CABBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Shit! Is that jr's old ass pre-registering for this? Where you been at?


[09] Warrior
Hey Anthony,

I've moved to a new place and I've started a new job. Between training for the new position and getting settled, it has been a struggle but I'm very anxious to get back with y'all. I'll be making a trip down to you guys as soon as the Jets get eliminated from the playoffs. I really miss all of you guys.


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We miss yo old ass too. It sucks you weren't here for NEC, but we ain't going nowhere. Do come down once you are all situated.


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I know right ?! :p Hell, I'm surprised Kit hasn't posted yet. You'd think he'd be excited about this tourney, especially since Sam and Baraka might be coming down. >:) One things for sure, he's definitlly gonna get drunk. XD

BTW, I agree with Malice. Definitlly a good idea to add MVC3 to the tourney if enough hype is built. Would also love to see the return of the Random tournement as well (Depending if we have enough time. It's really long overdue. :p.) ^_^


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i will try to be there even though i havent played SC in almost a year it would be cool too see everyone again also is there going to be a tourny for all SC games


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i will try to be there even though i havent played SC in almost a year it would be cool too see everyone again also is there going to be a tourny for all SC games

I'm sure if people brought setups that they would play other versions of SC, but most likely that SC4 will be the only tournament because by the time it ends, if it actually starts on time, people will be too drunk, hungry, or sleepy to compete in anything else.

But do come down anyway. Jaxel's tournaments are not to be missed.


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Now Now people, i havent been on the site for a bit so i posted.. if you wanna see l33t play by everyone else other then me, you should roll down.. to all the people who missed the first one, I will personally kill you if you miss it again.. Jk, no really im kidding.. Maybe not....


Hey guys... quick question... Which would you rather have? MVC3 or SSF4?

Remember we can only have ONE. I have added a POLL to the top of this thread.


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I placed my vote for Marvel because everybody and their momma is going to play that game until EVO. Plus there's already plenty of tournaments for Super. Plus I would like to see something different since the Jaxeldome is not a monthly thing. You can bring back Street Fighter when they release the AE changes to console, which will probably be the next time that you host a tournament.


i won't be there but from a stream viewer's perspective, i'd rather watch MvC3 by about ten thousand fold.

The Landslide

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Please tell Maxx not to come, I don't want to have to face him in the first round AGAIN.

Seriously though, I can't wait to see cool people.


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Come on guys... 400ish views and no Hype? What the hell is wrong with everyone? Did i scare you all by threating to kill you all? I said i was joking... man people these days....


Like Gin and Tonic
See you bitches there, I may be bringing some beverages and if I'm lucky enough other New England players.