Modding SoulCalibur 2

Today I've been able to not only transfer the VMX file into something more manageable like a .3ds file, but I've also been able to build the model with the textures and everything completely. It looks nice, but it's not really exporting the way I want it to. This means that I'll later be able to rip the entire stages from the game and into more modern 3D models like .obj or .fbx files. I currently have 2P Taki in the works right now, as shown in the linked image.


  • textures with speculars disappear in the export.PNG
    textures with speculars disappear in the export.PNG
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Another question that I have is: In Soulcalibur II, does a debug menu even exist for the game?
I currently still modding sc2 for the xbox what do you mean it has a debug menu? I have a discord all set up feel free to join it.

Hi, I wanted to share here that dcooper found someone named aksa who was able to port Heihachi and Spawn's move set into the GameCube version of SC2. I'll add the video here. (The person's aksa on Discord, and fdsa on YouTube.)

0:00 to 2:48 in that video is Heihachi vs. Heihachi.
2:48 to 4:56 is Spawn vs. Spawn.

I don't know much about how it works myself. To learn more about it, you can visit dcooper's Discord that he linked above. See the "gamecube-version-mod" channel in the "Soul Calibur 2 Mods" category. aksa also put a Google Drive link in the video's description. It has .pkg and .unk files, and also a .py script that does byte-swapping.