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I know that people were able to mod SC2 a few years back and replace textures and do other funky stuff. Does anyone know where it would be possible to download those mod tools? I'm specifically looking for any tools which replaces textures and changes the stage.
Soul Calibur 2 mod tools

I used to be really into all that stuff. I worked on a modified version of the game that I called "SoulCalibur 2: Extreme". You can view a trailer here:
I never ended up finishing it, because eventually my Xbox broke, so I never got a chance to released it online..

The mod contained over 160 modified costumes, modified stages, all the game music replaced with my own. And even some sound effect changes (for example when you GI, instead of the clash sound, you hear "C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!" from Killer Instinct), and I even had Link and Heihachi's movesets ported over.

Here are some of the tools that I still have. Some are missing, but the main ones are here:

If you need any tips or advice don't hesitate to ask and I'll see if I remember (it's been about 5 years since I've worked on modding SC2).
Soul Calibur 2 mod tools

LOL LizardTalim Foe the Mufuckin WIN!!!!!

edit how do u work it? i downloaded the mod tools now i dnt kno wat to do....
Soul Calibur 2 mod tools

Here's a tutorial I made a while back, that shows you how to replace the music in SoulCalibur 2 (for Xbox), with your own.

What you will need:
ADX Converter
AFS Explorer
Modified Xbox (with software that allows you to play games from the harddrive)
Ability to FTP to your Xbox

Google AFS Explorer and ADX Converter.

1: Make sure that your music file is a .wav (go to
if you need to convert to .wav or edit the song).

2: Convert the .wav file to adx with ADX Converter. Check all the boxes, put 44100 hz and stereo.

3: Open AFS Explorer and go into bgm.afs.

4: Select the music file you wish to replace and import your adx file. If a box pops up click YES. If not close adx explorer (it automatically saves once you close) and go to step 10.

5: If you clicked on yes then click on Advanced then "Modify Reserved Space..." (or on the hammer icon).

6: A new window should pop up. Click on "Regenerate AFS!", and save bgm.afs in a DIFFERENT folder or rename it to something else. (remember to rename it bgm.afs before u send it to your xbox).

7: Close everything then open AFS Explorer again and load the newly saved bgm.afs.

8: Find the file that you wanted to replace again.

9: Do step 4 again.

10: Transfer the bgm.afs back to your xbox and you're done.

BGM.AFS contents:

gbgm002.adx - Character Select Menu
gbgm003.adx - Collection History

gbgm006_9.adx - After "You Win!!"
gbgm009.adx - "A New Challenger Comes!!"

gbgm017.adx - Demo Theatre > Ending (arcade version)

sbgm001.adx - Cassandra Stage
sbgm002.adx - Talim Windmill Stage
sbgm003.adx - Underground Astaroth Stage
sbgm004.adx - Spawn (Cathedral) Stage
sbgm005.adx - Taki Stage
sbgm006.adx - Necrid Desolate Egyptian Thunder Stage
sbgm007.adx - Yungsung Stage
sbgm008.adx - Library
sbgm009.adx - Cervantes (ship) Stage
sbgm010_05.afx - Kilik labrynth Stages

sbgm00b_1.adx - Arcade Mode Infernos Level (1)
sbgm00b_2.adx - Arcade Mode Infernos Level (2)
sbgm00b_3.adx - Arcade Mode Infernos Level (3)

sbgm00c.adx - Ying/Yang Stages
sbgm00d.adx - Weaponmaster Proving Grounds (bars/no bars)
sbgm00e.adx - Voldo Stages

sbgm011.adx - Destined Battle music (1)
sbgm013.adx - Destined Battle music (2)
sbgm014.adx - Destined Battle music (3)

sbgm00f_06.adx - Sand/Fire/Ice Stages

gbgm031 - Raphs Exibition music
Shit, Oof, that was you working on that? Back in the day, I was watching and waiting desperately for a version with every character in it. I had a little private heartbreak moment when I realized it had been so long since I saw a progress update on it, that it would probably never be finished. I had no idea anyone got so close.
hi im new to the forums but i have successfully modded sc2 this clip is of stage texture edits and also sung minas moset hack -
can't add the complete character?

Iv succesfully modded sc2 for the xbox and no you cannot transfer heihachi or link's character model because of the 3 consoles use different formats in their ROOT.OLK files. Only the movsets of the other guest characters are compatible with all 3 consoles.
If I'm understanding all of this correctly (this modding business is very new to me), then it's not impossible, it's just nowhere near as easy as unpacking some files, rearranging them, and repacking them.
Iv got the official demo of sc2 but you can only play as cassandra and nightmare. I looked if heihachis moveset was on it but no luck only his exerbition moves were on it :(
IV got heihachis now but im wondering how do you edit the announcers voice so insted of "vs yoshimitsu" he says "heihachi" ? ino its an mmx file but how do how do you edit it?
Right I hope we can help everyone out with sc2 modding because alot of people are sending me messages about how to edit the files and stuff.

But anyway I found out somthing new, I found that inside the character PKG's are 2 mmx audio files. The 1st mmx file (File3.mmx) is the announcer saying that characters name, and the other file (File13.mmx) is that characters voice.
And another thing I found was that the characters subtitle dialog for when they speak is also multi-platform! because they are UNK, I located every characters diolog files and they are in File5.olk, the files range from File9.PKG (Mitsurugi) to File38.PKG (Spawn) and also I noticed that inside the PS2 root.olk that it has 2 more diolog files from the two other guest characters (Link and Heihachi). I guess Namco got lazy again and didnt deleate link's diolog PKG file on the ps2 version ;D great for us though because it saves us extracting the diolog from the GC root.olk :p and I was successful in putting Heihachi's diolog on Mitsurugi.

Yesterday I nearly converted heihachis VMP file to VMX using a hexeditor, it loaded in greedxplorer but it didnt show the textures (probably because the ps2 doesn't use dds texture) and it loaded it invisible, but it did show that there was 3 layers and that there was 33 OBJ files inside it.

Lastly though I hope you guys could help me with the mmx files, How do you decoe the wav inside it?
is there a tutorial I can follow to do this? I have experience in modding textures within games and i've always wanted to do one for Soul Calibur 2
Hi, erm no there was never a tuto on how to edit the textures, but I will make one =D

But you need these 1st:

1st you need a program called Greed Xplorer
2nd you need a modded original xbox
3rd you need a program to ftp to your xbox
4th you need to link up your xbox and pc using a crossover cable, or just a wired connection