Mortal Kombat 11


Angelica's Swordsmith

Coming April 23, 2019 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.








As for the trailer that awful rap song that ruins the atmosphere. It's good to see that the game is on it's way but what I'm really curious about are the combat animations. Are they going to be fluid or the crap that's been in previous games.
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Still torn between this and DOA6...

MK looks sooooooooooooo pretty but its gameplay has never been up my alley; it's even more fireball-spammy than SF.
Already pre-ordered it. I just hope the rap was ONLY for the trailer. There was nothing wrong with mk's music, and honestly, rap just doesn't fit its style. If they do use rap as bgm, I'll turn the music off in the options; it doesn't feel right to beat someone to a pulp with magic and weapons while listening to gang-ass music.
Anyone know if MK11 will have gear like injustice 2? I think that would be pretty cool, though I'd prefer if it wasn't completely random this time around.
I find it really funny how both SC and MK have a spunky girl named Cassandra related to a blonde mom with similar names. And even MK’s Cassie seems to share a voice with Sophitia...
NRS is making the most unappealing character designs I've ever seen in a fighting game. Even though Jacqui was kinda meh compared to the other cast in MKX at least she had the larger than life presence. In this she looks more generic than a space marine soldier. The days of a campy B movie Big Trouble in Little China fighting game are long gone.

I have seen many negative comments about her on twitter.
:6:Pretty sure Jacqui was considered one of the worst additions to the last game. I don't really mind her, but most people dislike her.
:6:Replace her with a more interesting character, please and thank you
:6:nobody asked for her tho, we want smoke, rain, and Takeda
:6:"Fan favorite" roster my a$$.
I've never played with her, so I'm impartial.
Jacqui's biggest problem is that she wasn't fleshed out in MKX and that's kinda bad for a brand new character so nobody has any real attachment to her. Now that her MK11 design is unappealing plus her forgettable roll in MKX it's understandable the frustration people have because she looks a bad character over fan favorites that will be missing on release date.
Yeah Jacqui is wack tbh, they should've give her something ala Sombra or M.Raven kind of Hack cyberpunk girl look and vibe, also there are already a bunch of military characters in this game and she's just another one but without charisma. I don't actually understand this choice of brining her over Kung Jin or Ferra/Torr that were way more unique compare to her as MKX newcomers.

Anyway who care, my Erron Black looks neat, and Skarlet and Johnny looking super great, now just waiting for Mileena and Noob reveals. Sindel may be cool too if she's in. (rumors says she's DLC)