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By Xeph on Aug 24, 2016 at 7:15 AM
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    It's coming to that time of the year again. The time of hype, glory, competition, and most importantly, saltiness. NECXVII is over 3months away, being hosted on 12/16/2016-12/18/2016, via King of Prussia, PA.

    I encourage anyone and everyone to try and attempt to make this trip. As of recently, there has been some discussion about foreign competition attending. One in particular competitor, GOLD Shad, has shown interest in attending. GOLD Shad is one of the best players in EU, and has proven his mettle and skills on US soil. With the placing of 4th at NEC2014 and 2nd at NEC2015.

    On top of all this, I have offered a donation towards EU/JP players. I'm donating 100$ towards the attendance of EU/JAP players. Alongside my donation, Bruno (a member of the FR Soul Calibur community) has also promised a donation of 100$.

    Anyone is welcomed to follow suit in hopes to sparking, and assisting foreign competition on attending NECXVII. I encourage more people donate to the cause for foreign competiton via NECXVII.

    If donation is impossible, then I encourage attendance from the USA community as a whole. Here's to NECXVII and the greatness that is involved in this tournament. Also, obligatory shout outs to the legend,
    @eric , for hosting this amazing tournament every year. I'll see you all there!

    As of right now, we have had other contributions from other members of our community. The listing goes as...
    Xephukai: 100$
    Bruno: 100$
    Big E: 100$
    Jimbonator: 50$
    TOTAL (8/31/16): 350$
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Xeph, Aug 24, 2016.

    1. linkorz
      NEC will be held in King of Prussia this year, not Essington.

      But this is pretty awesome. I'm glad you are doing this, having more foreign competitors at NEC would be awesome. I'll see if I can scramble up some money and help donate.
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    2. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Good idea!

      I can let the JP playas know, what SC gamez are slated to be there?
      The timing is before winter vacation so it may be difficult.

      You may want to expand it to the whole Asian area, up to you.
      I'd use the abbreviation JP but maybe that's just cause I'm old school.

      I'll also donate if I can get some spare money.
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    3. linkorz
      Just SCV officially, but Oofmatic is going to run side tourneys for the rest of the games.
    4. linkorz
    5. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Thanks, got it!
    6. Xeph
      Post updated.
    7. TxA
      Hey, I'd really like to come to NEC from the UK! A donation for this poor university student would be greatly appreciated.
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    8. Sp1d3r
      How do I donate?
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    9. AVNjonnitti
      i just moved to GA last month but i will be coming back home for this. as some of you guys know i haven't had a setup for sc5 for years but im still playing SC2 and i will def be trying to play as many people as I can seeing as there are likely to be setups for a tournament that oofmatic is planning to run and there usually is a cabinet for SC2 in the arcade room. looking forward to seeing everyone :)
    10. Xeph
      For now, this is just rallying. However, my idea is to have @GolD ShaD set up a paypal, or use his own (like he did two years back) and he can handle the donations within the EU community.

      No word on any Japanese representatives interested in showing up, though.
    11. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      I put the word out but didn't get any answers.
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    12. Xeph
      Thank you. Appreciate the effort. Hopefully we'll hear word.
    13. GolD ShaD
      GolD ShaD
      No problem, thank you !!
    14. JJJ
      would it be possible to get an estimate in the future as to how much will be needed to get whomever overseas that wants to come to nec to do so? Kind of like a kickstarter with a goal? If that's possible, I can at least attempt to prepare a donation that will match whatever is necessary.
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    15. Xeph
      We are still a bit of a ways from NEC. I do think this is a helpful idea, though. I don't want to preemptively count out Japanese competition being present, but as of now, it seems like France is the only foreign body that has spoken in interest to attending.

      @GolD ShaD : Any way you can promote and rally up some competitors over in EU to see who's interested in making NEC? And then we can see how much would be a suitable donation goal.
    16. GolD ShaD
      GolD ShaD
      The Japanese will not come : /

      Txa an English player will be present as well as French players: Deus, Axl , veda , maxou (as donations) , and me.

      For the time being.
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    17. linkorz
    18. Xeph
      Sounds good to me. Can't wait to catch up with old friends again.
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    19. Himura Kenshin
      Himura Kenshin
      Should be interesting, can't wait.

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