New Samurai Shodown Game In Development!


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From the DLC characters i instantly though that Basara looks pretty dope, and then i did research to see what kind of weapon he uses and i like him even more after.

Bro i don't know about the gameplay of this series but for real tho they have a lot of dope AF characters in SamSho god damn O.O


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Yeah SamSho has always been known for it's incredible character designs and we're not even halfway through the character pool yet with this new game. There are some duds like with all fighting games but thankfully there aren't many of them.


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Season pass is free for anyone who buys the game before June 30.

This is pretty tempting to get if I get the season pass free. Though is anyone here familiar with this game's mechanics? Like is it similar to Soul Calibur's 8wayrun to move around easily? If not than I don't care how neat this deal is I won't get it.


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After someone did this I can no longer unsee.

To the left is the original design, to the right is the edited version.


Now to see what the issue is look at this picture for reference.


The main cast in Samsho are midgets. Here's some other examples.