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Discussion in 'Nightmare' started by Tiamat, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. It doesn't have to be 4g. It works just the same for me with g alone.
  2. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    Yea I noticed that but seemed easier to time 4g for me. Whatever works for you best.
  3. KingAce


    33BG into 3B, I have already listed. It helps is you read the thread first. Are we just going to have people re-posting the same information that is already in the thread? Maybe we should just make one official combo/techtrap list.
  4. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    There is an official combo/techtrap list it just hasn't been updated in quite a while, which is admittedly my fault. I just need a list of the confirmed combos that aren't already in the stickied list.
  5. KingAce


    I can put in some hours to verify. I didn't even realize it was up there because it doesn't show up with updated posts.
  6. Engared

    Engared [10] Knight

    33B G 3B does not seem to work on Natsu if she techs left. Fml.

    Edit: needs more testing, seems like she is able to escape at certain distances.
  7. KingAce


    CH3A 3B (58)
    CH NSSK Delay 3B techtrap
    22K 2B+KBE combo/techtrap

    4KK is also a NCC(49)
    2AA is also a NCC (54)

    3(B) NSSB(57)
    NSS A+B 66B(64) not listed as a normal combo
    NSS A+B AGA(53)

    3AA Near wall/edge GSKBE
    3AA Near wall/edge 3B
    3AA Near wall/edge 1A Techtraps
    4KBE Near walls/edge 3B techtrap per DIME
  8. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    thank you. combo and tech trap listing is updated

    sadly if they tech right (away from the wall) when 3AA hits them near wall they can avoid both GS K BE and block 1A . 3B is guarnateed though and I think 1A is still a good option.

    4K BE to 3B techtrap I've got pyrrha teching it to both sides whether I do the BE or not so it seems pretty useless to me.
  9. Schneider-X

    Schneider-X [11] Champion

    Are you hitting the opponent backturned? If you hit the front anyone can tech to the sides.
  10. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    no I was trying front turned. I guess this is in a wall combo techtrap then
  11. Fame96

    Fame96 [02] Apprentice

    I miss using 66 B+K in wall combos. It feels like they increased the recovery frames not letting wr B combo.
  12. Actually, I just found out it works after 4A also. If you land 4a at any range except up close, 4kBE will hit the opponent backturned, which allows for the 3b trap.
  13. Fame96

    Fame96 [02] Apprentice

    I decided to get into the practice room and sart putting 33B to use in ukemi traps. So far this is all i could get.
    44B, NSS A+B, 33b, g, 2 A+B (I found this one to be the easiest. This will do at least 100 damage if you don't use 44B to start the combo)
    66A, 33B, g, 2A+B ( I found that this one is easier when you are at long range. It will do around 112 damge.)
    22k, 33B, g, 2A+B ( I e personally don't recommend this the timing is strict and you are better off using 2b+k be. If you want to look fancy use this.)
    44A 33B, g, 2A+B ( I will put this in the same category as 66A. The farther you are the better.)

    All of these are meant to catch all those pesky left techers that cause us so much trouble. Hopefully these will help you out.
  14. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    3(b) at tip range, empty GS throw catches f/l/r tech. 3(b) close range empty GS (slight delay) catches tech f/l/r for right side throw.
  15. Anyone else having trouble with NSS A+B not launching after iwrB during a wall combo in the forest stage?

    Man that sentence sounds like it goes on forever.

    Any way, found a wall gimmick.

    aga, w, 4kk, w, 66k6 grab =160-170 damage

    The grab will be a side throw if they hold G, back throw if they don't press anything. Useful for those people that just put the controller down while NM has them on the wall.

    If they do have the balls to duck your grab, you can wrB them back into the wall.

    Dunno, might be better to stick with guaranteed damage.
  16. SilentWall

    SilentWall [10] Knight

    There is a lot of tech-trap can't catch Maxi. =(...
    SC5 Nightmare's tech-trap is not as good as SC4.
  17. KingAce


    Note just to Note it. There is a huge difference between 3B GSKBE and 3(B)NSSGSKBE.
  18. SilentWall

    SilentWall [10] Knight

    What do you mean?
    I think 3B alone is crappy move in SC5.
  19. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    Sorry if already posted. iaga w! 4kk, 3b, 1a GSk BE w! 4kk,3b, 2a+b= death. The 1a catches all tech and hits grounded for same damage as other wall combos. So u still do same damage with no loss without tech.

    If u use 33b empty GS in wall combo and it doesn't launch, u can catch f/l/r tech with throw. Which is nice cause most will tech in fear of GS B. Not sure but think it's the same if 33b GS hits grounded. can't remember
  20. So it has to 4 pm before 3b 2a+b can connect? Seems rather situational to me.
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