Nightmare Video Thread


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Hum, where is the rape ?!
I just linked a random video from the series, (didnt have time to check haha). Watch the rest of the videos from that series, I think he won like 2 out of 8 and the losses were not pretty (like 3-0 to the Voldo).

I wrongly assumed you guys would be independent enough to go check out the rest of his channel.

Sorry, my bad.

Edit (for your viewing pleasure, OmegaDR's channel, assuming as well that he is playing Nightmare):

And here are the videos I was refering to:

Enjoy or cry... :(


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I'm new to this site.

You should've linked me to the appropriate thread seeing as how you know where what belongs to. :D


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After I saw the video, I checked his channel indeed but I watched 3 videos against voldo but omega won every matches lol.

Here some frenchies nightmare player too :
Derfel9 vs Malek

Keev vs GOLD ShaD (one of the best french alpha)
That's like winning the lottery haha. You should go out and buy a ticket now :P. Cause most of it was utter rape by the Voldo. I think he won two of the 8 if not mistaken.

Keev, amazing as usual. I just cringe at how stiff he has to play now. Everytime he moves, BAM! COUNTER HIT! Eat 80 damage for free. This game reminds me of Tekken so much now.

I have something to test though. Remembering Shen Yuan's theory of Siegfried, I'm wondering if it can be used with Nightmare too: Backstep while in Chief Hold auto-realigns to the target which makes moves such as CH B more difficult to step.

I was wondering if the same can be done to Nightmare in NSS stance and NSS B. In particular, long range NSS B sniping, mixing up with NSS A at tip and step forward NSS A+B or GS mix-ups. I also don't think NSS B is very punishable at tip range if blocked...


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Yea, he rarely does AA so I haven't got the reflexes to duck the second A on reaction yet. Or are you talking about something else, since I duck the second hit of 3BKK and 3AB fairly regularly.

Edit: This was just based off of rewatching the GF