Nightmare Video Thread


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I agree with this whole post.

Some help for my NM would be appreciated. I'm ok with him but against good players, I just get smacked around.
If it helps, you're pretty decent. Didn't see you do anything way wrong. That said, I've got three points here:

1) This is the biggest one, you need to work on your just frames. iagA is annoying shit to do, and will come to you with practice in due time. You need to focus on 3(B) NSS b:A. That just frame is hugely important to Nightmare's damage output. You were landing so much 3(B) in those fights but I don't think I ever saw a b:A just frame. You need to start making this happen just based on math. More than 1/3rd of their health gone (240 ÷ 75 = 3.2) from a two hit combo, in addition to CRAZY ringout distance and a wall splat on the easiest just frame in the game. It is literally the best thing about Nightmare.

2) vs. Pyrrha, she had a huge BB whiff right at the wall and you went for a throw. This is the only real "mistake" that jumped out at me. Need to get 3(B) into your muscle memory on whiffs.

3) More single 3As. It's unsafe by itself, but most people expect that second hit so they don't punish/take advantage. If they start reacting, the second hit of the string can't be interrupted. On CH from a single 3A, you get a hitconfirm into 3(B) NSS~GS into shenanigans. 3A mindgames = good spacing. Really helpful at keeping Greeks the fuck off you. Since if they're expecting a mid stepkiller with a reward on run counter, they'll have to think harder about tech crouching in through your spacing and that makes (i)agA a little easier to get away with.

You know, seriously, you're on your way with Nightmare. You were doing most things right... Your movement was pretty good. I'd say you handled yourself very well for him not being your main vs. a good opponent who threw 3 of Nightmare's 5 worst match-ups at you. If only he played Patsuka and Pyrrha Omega too. Goddamn.

Keep it up, get them JF slides down, mainly b:A. You'll be on the level very soon. I'll rewatch the video at some point today and see if I can be more helpful.


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Everything He said is 100% true. Although If I could add something to what he said:

I noticed that when you got a CH wrB you went for the B:A slide every time. This can be pretty tricky to get used to, because as you know on a non-CH it becomes a launcher which indeed leads to NSS B:A. It is hit confirmable, just takes some practice identifying. The easy way to do this is simply look to see if they get launched or not, and if they do, you know what to do, if they get smashed to the ground, go for NSS A+B 2A+B, or NSS A+B GS kBe, or you can go for NSS A+B 66B.

All three of these options have different purposes. The 2 A+B option is best for building up meter, but does less damage than the other 2 options. The GS kBe option is best for ring-outs and wall splat combos (usually starting with 4KK) and leads to the highest potential damage (if it's a wall splat) and if you're willing to spend the meter on one BE. The 66B options is best for raw meterless damage, but has the disadvantage of not building meter like 2 A+B does.

What I saw I liked. Keep it up man!


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Damn those matches were lame. Not your fault but it was painful to watch because NM's movement is quite terrible now and he was getting away with so much stupid shit its not even funny. I would suggest getting 33B6 punishes and 33B BE punishes down, you seem to use 3B all the time and the risk reward at certain ranges for that move is quite poor (i.e. tip range).

You need to learn how to attack as Nightmare too, you were too defensive imo. He was just walking up to you and doing whatever he wanted. Attack from wake-up more often, use WS B or WS K sometimes. Wake-up 9K is also effective sometimes. When he starts to use Oki on you, use your CE then or just stand up and block.

Use i would suggest throwing more against him as well. Maybe long range B+K can also be useful against the brawlers.


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not enough iAga or Aga, whiffing CH WR B > NSS A+B combos, that combo gives you so much options so dont miss the opportunity. Try to mix up after a GS move on a downed opponent, try throws/flapjack, WR Bs. GS B is good but it becomes predictable if used too often. bait your opponents with CE after they blocked a safe move ie: 6K, GS B, 66B..etc.


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You need to punish all the whiffed moves, it's an important part of Nightmare's game. You missed opportunities against the 3 players.
I suggest you to use more 6K and back dash after a block to make them whiff.
You don't have to backdash against Asta after a body contact, he can punish you (hardly) with his range during your escape (#@! patch).
I wish I could JF astaroth's moves like that, the MU would be easier, it's a pain for me.

Take care after a NSS bA, you use to rush against the player but he can wake up quickly and surprise you, make them whiff.

Try to be more aggressive with positives moves on block like agA and 66B. More throw and flapjack.
IMO, you can beat this guys.

We can do some matches on PSN, I live in France :)


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Thanks for the responses. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting many but I am pleasantly surprised. Sorry lkl, I play on Xbox


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Man.. XboxLive... PSN... it's pretty dumb that this day n age I can't play the same game with my friends just because they have a different console.

I'm on PSN myself, and I would pay double what XboxLive users pay if I could play with everyone.

And no more exclusive games please, no one likes it.
Well guys any tips on how to deal with uhh Natsu and Pat?
natsu's 66K is special mid.. so... FC WRB?
66K is only -15 I believe, so that won't work. Your best punish for that is 66K.

For most of all my anti-natsu strats, you should check

As for Pat, I don't have much to say at the moment. Don't go into NSS or GS versus him, and JG his 66A BE for a 4A punish.


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Yea. Natsu's 66K, WSK and iWSK beat most option of Nightmare after his 3(B), WS(B), NSS(A) and 4B(B) on block.
However, NSSK and a very stricted timing of NSSbA can beat 66K. XD Worth to try.
IMO, the best way to deal with Natsu is to limit these moves or plays them in tip range to space WSK & iWSK.

Pat's 236A beats every options after 3(B), WS(B), NSS(A) and 4B(B) on block. -_-
Never use them on pat.

44(B) and (A)->NSS are still fine. Just play paper, scissor, rock.
6(B)->NSS sucks.


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seems to work when I test it. unless we are trying to keep this secret.. then.. yeah it doesn't work at all
seems to work when I test it. unless we are trying to keep this secret.. then.. yeah it doesn't work at all
Huh, I didn't know her 66K was -16. I figured it was -15. Well, that's awesome. I wonder if you can block it standing, go to crouch, and still get wr b?


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New to here but been playing SC for awhile. Just wanted to share a video of me vsing my brother. Any comments and criticism are welcome. :)