Nightmare Video Thread


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I apologize. The posting of all winning matches was completely inadvertent. I usually try to mix in wins and loses but I believe my NM vids were too long that way. But I believe each video video should have some very close matches. I feel there should be something here worth noting.
I think you use 1A too much. Fair enough if the guy doesn't block it at all but against the Natsu, you were getting blocked and punished for it but kept throwing it out there. Against players who can consistently block it, you could potentially get hit for big damage.

Mid-longish range and whiff punishing is NMs strongest suit so try and play to it. You seemed to rushdown quite a lot. I'm not knocking it as a strategy to mix it up a bit but it looked like you were using it a bit too much imo.

Just my 2 cents on them. I didn't watch all of them as, to put it frankly, I couldn't be bothered after the first one lol. Overall you seem decent though


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I will agree that I use 1A a lot, sometimes too much. However depending on how they react all use all three version: 1A, 1[A], & 1aB. Most of my strategy revolves around getting them to wiff which is why I rush down. I can bait then back-step or QS for dmg. He wasn't punishing it well enough to make me stop doing it IMO.

Thank you for the input.


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There needs to be a better system for keeping up on when Thermidor is gonna be in the 8wayrun lobby on XBL. Because that would be awesome. It's like Enkindu's stream, but with Nightmare.


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Never said I took it seriously. Just wondered if there was a schedule because it's funny as shit to watch.


I don't know.
A'ight. So I'm looking for fucktons of critique on my scrubby Whiffmare. I'm more interested in what I'm doing wrong than what I'm doing right. Videos spoiler'd to not slow down the page for everyone uninterested in watching Scrubmare play evolving. The absolute last thing I want is compliments, I hate them and they're worthless to me :/

Mirror, 2-3. Week one of maining Nightmare. I'm really not using GS at this point, and I obviously used the non-RO flapjack knowing that the RO one would be broken against this individual(one of those rare good decisions I make :P)

Astaroth, 2-3. First match of the night(or that I recall at least). This is a better example of how I'm wanting to play Nightmare, I think. As you can see, I've been very flapjack-happy and in this case it obviously resulted in deserved punishment. Thankfully I've been slightly less predictable with them now, although I still love throwing them out! I also have absolutely no idea why I used 1B. I rarely use the move and in spite of playing on the Xbox 360 controller with the D-pad, it was not a messed up input.

Mirror, 3-2. Never played this individual before or since, as opposed to the others whom are more than privy to all my bad habits due to playing them repeatedly.

Siegfried, 2-3. Playing with this gentleman a lot recently, quite fun being forced to change my habits by someone that's learning them as fast as I'm developing them.

Cervantes, 3-2. I don't know why, I swear I seem to do fairly well against Cervantes compared to other characters. I have absolute no idea why I purposely did 2B+K either. I have no idea why I'm not crouching DC A ~ CE from Cervantes either o.O

Xiba, 0-3. I'll be honest here. I have no fucking clue how to fight Xiba. Not that I needed to state that alongside such a vid >.>

Zwei, 3-0. Here's the rare instance I really try my hand at spacing and just winning solely via lifelead rather than generic murder. I was so happy it worked, I felt obligated to taunt :D Oh, also one of those rare cases my head's working good enough to break throws on anticipation D:

Hilde, 3-2. I don't like playing so defensively, but knowing what Hildes charge loops can do I really didn't think I'd have many opportunities to get my offense going. Izzat bad?

Elysium, 0-3. Probably the most one-sided match I've ever had. This one I'd especially love to know where I went wrong. I keep trying to analyze it and drawing a blank.

Astaroth, 0-3. All I really took from this is that I'm free to Astaroth and I have no idea why D:



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Astaroth, 0-3. All I really took from this is that I'm free to Astaroth and I have no idea why D:

I'm going to bed in about 75 seconds so I only checked out this video, but the reason you were facefucked here is because every CH setup hit you. You can go back and watch that vid yourself and just check out what happened right before you ate CH and just remember that as a setup so you can react accordingly.

Also, you got hit by CH 6B after a 3(B). Frames say that shouldn't happen, IIRC. If Astaroth is going for interrupts on NSS transitions, NSS A+B that shit and it'll pretty much beat out anything other than BE bullrush.

Astaroth is wicked hard, though. Doesn't mind you being at range and he eats you in close. It's just guessing and really conservative play. That dude was being ballsy as fuck and it was working because you were pushing a lot of buttons.


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Whaaaaaaaaat ?! You can JG tech trap ?!!!
mmmm... I think it is a glitch. You can JG it when you are recovering from a Tech-roll. mmmm... interesting.

Edited: did Namco intent to do that? JG in recovery of Tech-roll? Can someone tell me about that? I haven't played SC5 for 4 months. I think I missed something important.


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Although there's been no official word, considering Project Soul's stance on execution = balance, it probably is intentional.

There are ways of working around it though. No opponent is going to consistently JG every tech trap, and even if they do you can do throw tech traps.


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For people who liked the Korean Mitsu v. Nightmare FT10, here's hyperaggro Siegfriend v. Nightmare:



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Am I the only one who thinks flapjacks are overrated?

Let's see here:

i19 with very little range.

-16 on block (punishable by everyone I think from FC)

Only 30 damage.

Breakable like all grabs.

Predictable at the ring edge.

Don't get my wrong, I still use them. It's just that I'm very conservative with this move. I mostly use it for the flapjack/WR B mix-up, that's about it.

@wandarian. Not sure how much you value my opinion, so here goes. I don't think I ever once saw you do 22A. It's a nice safe mid horizontal that's only -8. 22AA on the other hand isn't safe. I also don't think I saw you doing much 6K. It's a nice interupter, and on CH it leads to GS kBE. Not to mention this move is i14, safe, and has some pushback.

But basically in a nutshell, IMO you have to be at least somewhat aggressive with NM, by putting that "fear" into them, you can cause them to over-turtle. His unsafe mix-ups can be "safe" if you mix up your options. For example: Say my opponent punishes me for doing 66K to GS to FC. Well I can condition him to react this way after 2-3 times, then all of a sudden change it to 66K to GS A, which could catch them off guard and remind them that they have to guess on interupters. And if they chose not to guess, and just hold guard, you can always FC K or grabs.

His mix-ups aren't "safe" in the traditional sense. They only become "safe" if you condition them to react a certain way, and then switch it up. And then they start reacting to your new tactic, and then either go back to plan A or go to plan C. Always keep them guessing. Try as hard as you can to not form patterns. But this is more or less true for every character, characters like Sieg and NM are much more Yomi-centered than most of the cast. It's all about getting into their heads.

Also, one of NM's biggest strengths is his guard damage. I say this because he has several safe moves that deal crap loads of guard damage. Things like 66B, GS B, 4B (4BB isn't safe though), Aga, and 66A come to mind (although 66A can be ducked on reaction, it's still very decent on frames and guard damage). This fear of getting guard crushed from safe moves can drive a person to act spontaneously, and this is where you go for CH fishing.

NM is a beast in the right hands. Despite him being one of the most unsafe characters in the game, he has quite a few safe moves with enough variety to keep them guessing. He probably has the best spacing in the game, hands down.