Now Streaming Live from GVN Monday Night Gaming!

In case you didn't know, HuBBs (and the Gaming Vision Network) from PA has a biweekly "Monday Night Gaming" in which he invites players from around the tri-state area to play various fighting games, usually from Namco's catalog. Right now they streaming Soul Calibur IV and you should be watching! These "Monday Night Gaming" sessions usually have some of the more active players in Pennsylvania.

Also, has it's own official Justin.TV channel. JTV has a special feature called "guest hosting"; where with a guest key, anyone can stream as a guest to our channel. So if you have a stream coming up, and you would like to stream your event on the official JTV channel, just let me know in advance. You would stream it exactly the same, except instead of streaming to your channel, which may lack "reach", you would be streaming to ours, and gain all the benefits of our system. High defintion quality, producer status and unlimited international viewing!
Jason Axelrod