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SOUL CALIBUR VI Ring Out Event + Exhibition Recap
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Namco Bandai held a special event for SOUL CALIBUR VI this passing Thursday in San Francisco, California. Fortunately for me, I was invited to attend and compete in the exhibition portion of the event. Though there was no announcements, or any sort of reveal, we did get to experience more coverage on gameplay.

Live Streaming Update and More Protocol Changes!

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By now, you should be seeing that the "Upcoming Events" block on the right side of this page is a bit different. Previously, the block would display upcoming scheduled streams; now this block works more as it's namesake and simply displays upcoming events, whether they have a stream or not.

In fact, it should be "not", since the streaming system built into the event calendar has been completely wiped out, and put out to pasture. In it's place, I have just unveiled a system built specifically around streaming, which is far more powerful and easier to maintain; easier for the moderation staff here, and at the same time, easier for you streamers out there.

Jaxel on Jace Hall's 1337LoungeLive this Wednesday

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This Wednesday at 5PM PST (8PM EST), I (and hopefully KDZ) will be making an appearing during the "Game Vloggers Live" segment of Jace Hall's 1337LoungeLive show. I'm not exactly sure how the show works, but I imagine we'll be talking 8WAYRUN, Soulcalibur and video games in general. And of course, there will be audience interaction with the chatroom.

So if you tune in, you can join in on the discussions, and of course ask questions about Soulcalibur and the future of 8WAYRUN. Yes, I know, this is a forum and you could essentially already do this; but now you have video! The stream will be broadcasted live on TinyChat (which is a thing?).

MLG Summer Championship Broadcast Info - Aug 24-26

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As always, the basic broadcast for each game will be free in standard definition. The streams will be found at
Critical Edge: XSplit Panel Writer 2 Released!
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Well its been several months since my last update to my XSplit Panel Writer program. There have been quite a few feature requests since then as well, and I can tell you that none of them have been implemented in this update! Instead, this update is a full complete rewrite of all the internal code for the program.

Why the rewrite? Because this program was actually the first offline application I've ever written for public release; most of my work involves online programming and web-scripting languages. As time went on, and each update to this program was released, the code became more and more "hacky" and it was starting to produce errors. That being said, while no requests have been added, there are some interesting new features.

Summer Fighter Arena August 10th

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This Friday, August 10 from 4pm ET to 12am ET, will host the Summer Fighter Arena. The Top 8 Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players from the MLG Spring Championship will go head-to-head for $3,400 in each game! Join us live for a full eight hours of intense fighting games action.

The broadcast will feature two streams: the gameplay stream and the Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, showcasing coverage and interviews all weekend long. The standard definition broadcast of both streams is free.

EVO Update: Top 8

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With the rest of the mods enjoying the nice, cool Vegas casino weather, I felt it was appropriate to update everyone with how yesterday's matches went if for whatever reason you're having trouble (like I initially was) finding the results/brackets, or maybe you're just new to the scene and not quite sure where to go for information.

With a full day off today (Saturday) before they finish out top 8 (Sunday), you gotta keep yourself occupied somehow, right? If you haven't been paying attention to the biggest and hypest tournament in the world, you'll be in for some surprises