Official Soulcalibur V Post-EVO 2012 Rule Changes!

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EVO has just passed... Usually, we wait till after EVO before we start making sweeping changes to the community ruleset, as EVO usually marks the end of the tournament season. Well its that time again and here we go. These changes have been in discussion for several months and these are the final decisions I have come up with based on advice from various community leaders.

Set Construction:
  • 3 out of 5 matches in ALL SETS (even finals)
With the speed of Soulcalibur V and how quickly matches can end, it was determined that 2 of 3 in preliminary sets was a bit too quick. MLG has adopted a 3 of 5 in all sets system and the community has appreciated the lengthier battles. Because of this, the community has decided to adopt the MLG set construction. Naturally, we will not be adopting MLG's "extended-series" system.

  • All infinites, unless specifically identified are LEGAL until further notice. Most infinites are extremely situational, and thus should be treated as a "ring out". Ring outs are not "broken", if you put yourself in a situation where you could potentially get rung out, that's your fault and you've already done something wrong.

    Most infinites are the same; if you put yourself in a situation where you could potentially get infinited, that's your fault and you've already done something wrong. The only real difference is the "ring out" from an infinite is not guaranteed, and the player can mess it up, giving you another chance.
  • Viola Back-Throw Infinite is BANNED!

    As you can see in the above video, a single back throw can lead into an easy infinite with repeated back throws. For this rule to be enforced, we have decided that only ONE back-throw will be permitted in sequence.

    In addition to this, we will not be permitting Viola back-throw resets! This becomes a "dicey" situation which would be impossible to enforce, so we are simply banning the reset. If a Viola player does a back-throw, waits for a reset, and then does a back-throw reset immediately after, it will be treated the same as the back-throw infinite.

    So to sum it up:
    • back-throw > back-throw = BANNED
    • back-throw > reset > back-throw = BANNED
Should a player do a banned infinite, they will surrender the round to the opponent and continue the match. Should the infinite end the round, they will surrender the match to the opponent and continue the set. The reason for this is that it is extremely difficult to "return" to the previous situation with a penalty, so rather than delay the tournament, the offending player will simply receive a harsher penalty.

The Official Tournament Ruleset wiki page has been updated to reflect these changes:
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

Owner and Operator of 8WAYRUN
Okay, so I've admitted that I may have jumped the gun on the Hilde "infinite". People have shown me that it too is situational and there are legitimate uses of multiple C2Bs in a combo. So I have decided to back off and remove it from the ban list.

Several Viola players have also pointed out that Viola does have legit uses for back throw > combo > back throw and that unless the back throws are repeated in sequence, it can not lead to an infinite. So to adjust for this, I have updated to rules to allow back throw > combo > back throw.

Clearly I was over-complicating these bans... and Ramon was trying to tell me this, but I didn't listen.
This may sound silly, but why don't we try this method :
1 - Give the community the list of moves/combos that pose a problem balance-wise.
2 - Discuss the problem.
3 - Propose solutions (ie : only one Back-Throw reset for Viola)
4 - Ask gamers to find ways of breaking the solutions proposed.
5 - If no loophole or exploit is found, the solution is accepted.

What do you think ?
Well I said before that I don't play SC5 anymore (no Talim is boring)... So with a lot of this stuff I refer to people who know better than me. But history has shown us that if we leave things up to the community, nothing will change. As well, councils don't work as they tend to not have the best interest of the community at heart (and we are left with things like Nats 2009).

Things work better as a dictatorship, it's a thankless job, one that no one in the community wants. You can delegate power, but you can't delegate responsibility... and that responsibility has fallen to me.
"Tips hat"

EDIT: i made a post yesterday about why c2b loop should not be banned. Shortly after posting it the whole thread was erased and the post was lost. If in someway what i wrote affected the out come of c2b loop being legal i appreciate it.
That viola player should've been kicked out of the tourney for using that, thats no better than cheating
Wait wtf am I saying? IT IS CHEATING

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